Little Bitch Paul Ryan’s Response to Charlottesville Demonizes GOP Base as Nazis

House Speaker Paul Ryan has a town hall meeting scheduled on CNN tonight that conflicts with President Trump’s address to the nation about American military operations in Afghanistan.

CNN is promoting him as the anti-Trump, which is easy to do, because he rides on every politically correct cuckservative position he can.

Today, apparently to curry favor with CNN, he insulted the GOP voter base by implying that Trump followers are Nazis.

Microchip, the author of the White House petition calling for the feds to declare the Antifa a terrorist group, calls Ryan’s words a passive-aggressive response to the petition. He also suggests that we understand what Ryan is up to.

Few people want to be labeled Nazi, but if you identify the left as the true danger to America, then you are a Nazi. According to the little bitch Ryan.


Headlined “Let There Be No Confusion,” Ryan writes on Facebook:

“I still firmly believe this hate exists only on the fringes. But so long as it exists, we need to talk about it. We need to call it what it is. And so long as it is weaponized for fear and terror, we need to confront it and defeat it.

That is why we all need to make clear there is no moral relativism when it comes to neo-Nazis. We cannot allow the slightest ambiguity on such a fundamental question.”

Later, he adds: “This is a test of our moral clarity. The words we use and the attitudes we carry matter. Yes, this has been a disheartening setback in our fight to eliminate hate. But it is not the end of the story. We can and must do better.”

Now, Ryan — and/or Republican — haters will note that nowhere in that statement does the Speaker actually say the words “Donald Trump” or “President Trump.” And they will — and should! — point out that Ryan very publicly disavowed Trump in the wake of the “Access Hollywood” tape but has pushed the president’s agenda in Congress nonetheless.

All fair. And warranted.

But, it’s also important to note that politics abhors a vacuum. And that people will, inevitably, move to fill such a vacuum. And that is exactly what Ryan is doing here.

As I wrote at the time, Trump’s “on many sides” comments — and then his doubling down two days later — was not solely a political failure but also a moral one. It wasn’t about what we expect from a Republican. It was about what we expect from a leader in a moment of genuine outrage and anxiety. Trump’s cluelessness about what he needed to do in that moment — and his stubborn refusal to acknowledge that, maybe just maybe, he hadn’t handled it the right way, left a giant gaping leadership hole in the country and the party.

Ryan, in this statement, is moving to fill it — to show that he understands the stakes of events like Charlottesville and what it means to the country in a way Trump doesn’t or can’t.

Forget the CNN editorializing. This is huge on its own.

The man who is third in line to be president should something happen to Trump and Pence refuses to acknowledge the existence of the absolute disgusting hatred of white people, Christianity, and America by the violent left.

29 thoughts on “Little Bitch Paul Ryan’s Response to Charlottesville Demonizes GOP Base as Nazis

  1. “We need to call it what it is.”

    And it will be a cold day in hell before Ryan does it.

    “And so long as it is weaponized for fear and terror, we need to confront it and defeat it.”

    Weaponized for fear and terror like antifa wielding bats and clubs with bandannas hiding their faces.

    This is becoming comical. Any nation that takes these dirtbags seriously is in for a terrible awakening.

  2. Faith Goldy’s Appearance on the Azzmador Show

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    This is the Faith Goldy appearance on the Azzmador show that got her kicked off of The Rebel Media.

    The Rebel is in full collapse mode, as Jewish owner Ezra Levant is now apparently hoaxing that his domain got grabbed like the Daily Stormer’s domain got grabbed.

    Here is his explanation of why he fired Faith, with the bottom line being that she appeared on a podcast associated with the Daily Stormer.

    The entire purpose of The Rebel Media is just to trick the goyim. It has no actual political ends. It is simply: “oh yes, goyim, we are right wing too, and we also support Trump, but you know, Nazis are evil and we have to stop them. Help us stop the Nazis, goyim. And also don’t forget to sign our petition and donate to help Israelis.”

  3. The Jewish Rebel Media is Claiming They Got Shut Down – Did They Actually? I Think No.

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    As we reported earlier, the lying Jew Ezra Levant is claiming that his domain was shut down – just like the Daily Stormer!

    However, I believe that this is a straight-up hoax.

    He is making this claim, and yet his site is totally online – go check:

    What he is claiming is that it is available in half the world and half not – what?

    That is not a domain shut down. A domain shut down means your domain is shut down.

    So why is he hoaxing this?

    Well, multiple reasons:

    To make it look like this isn’t only happening to the Daily Stormer right now
    To get himself in the media
    To take heat off himself because his Jewish company is collapsing in on itself
    Probably other tricky Jewish reasons

    There is no chance that it is actually real.

    The National Post article that is reporting this claims he did not cite the firm that denied the registration – so why didn’t they look up his whois?

    It’s eNom.

    But again, the site is still up.

    And eNom hasn’t made a statement.

    To be clear, I do believe there will come a time, probably within the next year, when will lose it’s domain if we don’t stop this right now.

    But I seriously doubt they’re number 2 after Daily Stormer. They are going to go after a whole bunch of Alt-Right sites, then go for Infowars and other patriot-type sites, then finally get around to Rebel Media. Might even take down Breitbart before the Rebel.

    Or at least, that’s what I would assume would happen.

    Maybe he did get a 24 hour notice and the site is going to actually go offline. However, when GoDaddy took me offline, they made a public statement about it on Twitter, then the CEO did interviews about it. The National Post didn’t even bother to call up eNom – or even name them in their article. So why would they not do that? Either almost unbelievable incompetence, or they are working with Levant to promote this hoax.

    Ezra Levant is a dirty trickster known for hoaxing publicity stunts. No doubt he is going to ask people to donate and sign a petition after this. But if eNom didn’t actually kick him off, they will be able to take legal action against him for claiming they did – so I don’t even get what is going on here. At all.

    I guess we’ll know within the next 24 hours what the deal is.

  4. List of Pedophile Sites Hosted by Companies That Banned Daily Stormer (Abridged)

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    Here I will compile a short list of several pedophile advocacy sites which are hosted by companies that have banned me from using their services.

    By banning me, these people lost their ability to claim neutrality. As such, by not banning pedophiles, they are tacitly endorsing pedophile activism as acceptable to them.

    This is not a complete list.

    Enom is owned by Tucows. Tucows banned us from their privacy service and wrote a blog condemning us as evil.

    Boy Moment

    A forum for homosexual pedophiles. Run by someone named “boyfeet,” who is presumably a homosexual pedophile foot fetishist.

    Boys on Your Screen

    A forum for homosexual pedophiles that focuses on images of child actors.

    Christian Boy Love Forum

    Advocates for the acceptance of homosexual pedophilia in the Christian community.


    Presents apologetics for sex with children and advocates for legalization, also advocates for the legalization of sex with animals.

    Enchanted Island

    A forum for homosexual pedophiles.

    North American Man/Boy Love Association

    A homosexual pedophile group that advocates for legalization of sex with boys. Allan Ginsburg was a founding member.

    A forum mainly for homosexual pedophiles, though also includes boards for girl-attracted pedophiles and other sexual fetishists.

    Young City

    A site for all types of pedophiles to share information and advice of engaging in pedophilic relationships.


    GoDaddy set off this whole firestorm by bowing under pressure and banning us from their registrar. Because they said we went too far with a fat joke about a dead communist.

    Caution Click

    Advocates for the legalization of the distribution of child pornography.

    Both Wild West Domains and Domains by Proxy are subsidiaries of GoDaddy.

    Many, Many More

    I think the point has been proven here. But I could go on and on. Pedophiles operate freely on the open internet, sharing images of boys in swim shorts that they masturbate to and discussing on forums how to have sexual relationships with children and get away with it.

    This is a known thing.

    And both Tucows and GoDaddy register these domains in their registrars, while claiming that the Daily Stormer has no right to be on the internet at all.

    Again: by taking action against us, while allowing pedophiles to operate, they are endorsing pedophilia. Once upon a time – ten days ago – registrars were neutral and because it was not illegal to discuss pedophilia online, these companies were not endorsing it by hosting them. However, times have changed, and registrars are no longer neutral.

    So now, they are saying “the Daily Stormer, while legal is not okay with us – but these sites where pedophiles get together and share strategies on how to molest children are.”

    Let that sink in, please.

    • “And both Tucows and GoDaddy register these domains in their registrars, while claiming that the Daily Stormer has no right to be on the internet at all.”

      Absolute gold, Robert. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront for all of us. Disgusting hypocrites. They need to be exposed.

  5. Told You So: Rebel Media Domain Shut-Down

    Adrian Sol
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    I don’t know who’s Jewing who anymore!

    Wow, how could this happen?

    This is totally unprecedented!

    Nobody could have predicted this!

    I’m sure this will be an isolated incident, so all you “free speech advocates” can continue sitting on your butts. This definitely won’t end with you getting shut down shortly as well, so make sure to keep counter-signaling and ignoring the Daily Stormer and – lol – Rebel Media.

    National Post:

    Conservative website The Rebel said its domain provider cut its internet registration, making the site inaccessible to some users around the world on Monday as the company scrambled to get back online using a second provider.

    The move comes after GoDaddy Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google and other technology firms last week pushed the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer offline by terminating services of the online publication that helped organize the violent rally in Virginia on Aug. 12.

    Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant, whose website often rails against Muslims and refugees, did not identify the firm that severed his site’s registration, although he said he was given 24 hours’ notice and no explanation for the move.

    “If this was a political censorship decision, it is terrifying – like a phone company telling you it is canceling your phone number on 24 hours notice because it doesn’t like your conversations,” Levant told Reuters.

    To be quite honest, I have strong suspicions that this is a hoax perpetrated by Levant himself. His company is failing, all of his star hosts are leaving or getting fired, and he’s now embroiled in a embezzlement scandal. Being “shut down” by the system would be a more graceful end to Rebel Media than losing all his supporters and going bankrupt, to be sure.

    But it could also easily be a legitimate shut down.

    It’s only a matter of time, now, before anyone on the right of Bernie Sanders is going to suffer a similar fate to the Daily Stormer.

    We’re entering a new era, and the only weapon our enemies have against us is to shut everything down.

    But by doing so, they’re only giving us more power.

    They’re forcing us to build our own infrastructure. Our own institutions – outside of their control. By making our lives more difficult, they’re only hardening us.

    They’re uniting us against a common enemy, which is plain for all to see, and that will be their downfall.

    So all you moderates out there: it’s time to make a choice. Either fold, or join us. Because the “safe space” provided by the system is disappearing, and we are the only alternative.

  6. Wow Just Wow. ICANN’t Even.

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    I have been kicked off of I think 7 registrars now.

    This is now ICANN’s problem.

    If ICANN hasn’t given authorization to a company that will host my site, then ICANN itself is banning me from the internet.

    We need to call for ICANN to be regulated by the US government in order to protect First Amendment free speech.

    This “OH NO BUT IT’S A PRIVATE COMPANY THAT BANNED YOU SO IT’S NOT A FIRST AMENDMENT ISSUE” is absolute bullshit if every private company that exists is refusing to register a domain for the Daily Stormer.

    Everyone who believes in freedom of speech needs to call on the US government to regulate ICANN. This no longer has to do with me and my edgy humor. This is a threat to all political speech that “private companies” decide is inappropriate.

    The details of how this silencing is taking place are just details. I have been deprived of my First Amendment rights.

    ICANN now has a responsibility to provide me with a way to get online.

    For those unaware, the power of ICANN was just given up by the US Department of Commerce on October 1, 2016.

    They are going to do this to more people. I am just the first.

    And the people who traditionally defend freedom of speech are not coming to my aid.

    Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, etc. are not discussing this issue. The only person who did was Tucker Carlson.

    This poem:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Was not real when it was written, because the Holocaust did not actually happen.

    But it is real now.

    And they will come for all of you after they’ve gotten away with taking me offline.

    This is a monster that is always hungry.

    And it isn’t going to stop.

    All of you supposed “free speech advocates” need to ask yourselves what is going to happen when they shut you down.

    Molyneux, you are dependent on YouTube. They could shut that down any minute now. Then you fall back on your own website. And then ICANN takes that away. Then like me, you are an unperson.

    Alex – they’ll take the rest of the Alt-Right first, but how long do you think it will be before is declared to edgy to be on the internet by your beloved “private companies” who are not subject to government regulation?

    Six months?

    A year?

    It isn’t going to be long.

    You’d better stand up now – because when they come and take you away, there isn’t going to be anyone left to speak for you.

    You people need to start calling for the US government to regulate ICANN, or start providing alternate means to get a website on the internet. And you need to start doing that quickly.

    • This is the Soviet Union coming at America in a game of head-on Chicken.

      If you want to know what is next, read The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

      I have read several other accounts from survivors of the soviet system in Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. It isn’t hard to understand why it must be stopped. Believe me, you don’t want to live that way.

  7. The Black Sun Rises: Now Dawns an Age of Fire and Blood

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    As I type, the total eclipse of the sun is preparing to cross these United States.

    This is a Black Sun.

    It is an omen signaling the dawn of a new age.

    Everything that you know is changing. The universe is realigning itself. The order of nature is to be restored.

    This is exactly 50 years since the forces of evil declared the Summer of Love, and opened the doors of hell.

    It is no coincidence that this is happening just as the greatest shut down the internet has ever seen is happening.

    The Jews are well aware of the power of this omen.

    We are entering now a new reality. If you sit quietly, you will be able to feel this in your spine. The energies shifting. You yourself will not be the same. You are changing, fundamentally, becoming something new. We all are.

    The forces of good did not die with the Third Reich. They simply went underground. The return of this force of good and its triumph over the forces of evil and darkness was prophesied.

    I don’t know what is going to happen next. But it is going to be vicious and beautiful.

    Things are going to happen which you believe cannot happen. Things that you have been told are impossible.

    You can probably find the details in some ancient Hindu poem. I would imagine you could, if you knew where to look. I personally do not, so I can’t tell you.

    But I am not trolling you. Neither did I go mad from the stress of the last ten days. This is real and it is happening and you know what I am saying is true because you can feel it just the same as I can.

    Professional advice: remain calm and roll with the punches.

    We got this.

    Here are the eclipse feeds, as provided by NASA.

    Facebook Live —
    Twitter/Periscope —
    Twitch TV —
    Ustream —
    YouTube —

  8. Tfw No Freedoms: Stormer is Fully Kicked Off the Internet – Settle in Here!

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    We are now officially kicked off of the internet. We are the first political or otherwise not-illegal website this has happened to, ever.

    Namecheap, the free speech host I had hoped would hold folded, citing an obviously sarcastic line as the reasoning.

    Here’s from their blog:

    We find ourselves in a difficult situation, where we must balance the repugnant nature of the content against our principles, beliefs and ongoing support of free speech. This has been particularly challenging given that the fallout from our decision will be in the public eye and subject to public scrutiny, no matter what path we may take.

    So, the question, as I see it, is whether deletion of these domains contradicts our core principle of advocacy of free speech? In this particular case, I state that the answer is “No.”

    I’ve examined the website carefully. It purports to disclaim violence. But, these words are profoundly hollow as the actual text supports both viewpoints as well as groups that specifically promote violence. As an example: “It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in mathematics to understand that White men + pride + organization = Jews being stuffed into ovens.”

    This statement clearly incites violence and endorses wholesale eradication of Jews through genocide championed by the Nazis. Daily Stormer in all its content advocates that proud white men organize themselves. It also presents the inevitable consequence of the organization of white men and their pride: “jews being stuffed into ovens.” This alone is a drastic departure from traditional freedom of speech principles and endorsement of a very violent eventuality. Based on this statement alone, the site should be legitimately shut down as the speech constitutes an incitement of violence.

    They didn’t provide a link for context, but you don’t need context. There is no way anyone could think that line is serious.

    What it is is mocking the Jewish narrative that any time white people organize for their own interests, it will lead to Jews being gassed.

    It is very interesting that Namecheap chose that line in particular as their example of why we should be kicked off the internet. This is all about Jews. Jews, Jews, Jews.

    Cloudflare, making their decision, made a similarly nonsensical claim, saying that I had claimed that they endorsed my belief system.

    They are just coming up with any reason they can think of to shut us down.

    But we are live here.

    And will be live here.

    I am going to start updating the site as usual.

    We will also be posting screenshots of articles on gab.

    nb4 even if that line was serious it would still be protected speech under Brandenburg v. Ohio – I am well aware of that. Namecheap is too. So they are just full of shit. Everyone is being pressured to shut us down and everyone is folding under the pressure.

    Anyway, relax, settle in, we’ll get the bbs working so you can comment and talk soon enough.

    We’ll be working on getting live on the real internet, of course. But for now we are simply going to have to accept that we are here on the Darknet. For the time being.

    Expect full content load.

    And get ready for an old fashioned trollstorm.

    Because I am really, really fucking pissed off.

  9. Duke University Removes Robert E. Lee Statue After It’s Vandalized

    Lee Rogers
    Daily Stormer
    August 21, 2017

    Duke University is removing this statue of Robert E. Lee because of “values” lol.

    Post-Charlottesville, there has been a rapid acceleration of Confederate monuments being removed.

    Duke University has fallen right in line.

    NBC News:

    Duke University removed a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee early Saturday, days after it was vandalized amid a national debate about monuments to the Confederacy.

    The university said it removed the carved limestone likeness early Saturday from Duke Chapel where it stood among 10 historical figures depicted in the entryway. Another statue of Lee was at the heart of a violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, that turned deadly a week ago

    University president Vincent Price said in a letter to the campus community that he consulted with faculty, staff, students and alumni about the decision to remove the statue. Officials discovered early Thursday that the statue’s face had been damaged by vandalism.

    “I took this course of action to protect Duke Chapel, to ensure the vital safety of students and community members who worship there, and above all to express the deep and abiding values of our university,” Price said in the letter.

    Duke University’s president Vincent Price is clearly unfit to hold this office. He has capitulated to Jewish and Marxist terrorists simply because someone vandalized a statue of Robert E. Lee. Removing a statue because of threats or vandalism is the most absurd response imaginable. You are just inviting more threats and more vandalism. But who knows, maybe that’s what this guy wants.

    I’d also like to know what he means by these “deep and abiding values” that Duke University holds so dear. Apparently cowardice must be one of those values. Erasing history because of vandalism is not a virtuous trait by any stretch of the imagination.

    The people vandalizing these monuments know nothing about the history of the figures they’re honoring. They don’t care to know either. They see a statue of a White male who lived in the 19th century and they automatically assume that he was an evil racist slave owner. The truth is always much more complicated than that but none of that matters to these people. They’re seeking to erase American history itself with this agenda. It’s no different than what ISIS has been doing in the Middle East.

    Since these terrorists have lost on the ideological front, they are shifting their focus to a complete shut down by claiming everything about America is associated with racism, Nazism and White supremacy. Removing these Confederate monuments is just the first step. They won’t stop until everything relating to American history is destroyed.

    • “Apparently cowardice must be one of those values. Erasing history because of vandalism is not a virtuous trait by any stretch of the imagination.”

      Gutless worm. Keep that sinecure paycheck coming with the good life, sellout.

  10. Hopefully, Paul Nehlen (sp) will win the election over Ryan next time around. Ryan literally looks like the son of the devil. “Let There Be No Confusion” > Ryan is a traitor.


    Is Anglin posting on TOR & Robert Browning, above, is copying them for you (as was discussed in comments yesterday or day before). Good deal, they both are obviously on the ball.
    –Now we need a Petition to ban registrars from hosting PEDO domains & sites!
    –Funny re The Rebel. I guess they wanted to be shut down to appear authentic.
    –As for ICANN’t (clever that!): “We need to call for ICANN to be regulated by the US government”… It’s tricky: NO ONE IS HONEST ANYMORE > Not the govt. & not these self-appointed internet-controllers, & not big corporations, etc. So WHO you gonna trust to regulate anything? Lousy choices.


    Transcript of POTUS Afghan speech if anyone wants to read it…

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