Asian Female Doctor Offended Because White Nationalists Refuse to be Treated by Her

A free market medical care system would work very simply: You want to see a doctor, you pick whomever you want.

It would be perfectly rational for any white person to prefer a white doctor, just as it would be rational for an Asian to pick an Asian, a black a black, and so forth.

But for many in our current system, you’re assigned a particular doctor. For example, I’m assigned to a Mexican female doctor. There’s no way I’m seeing her. I ignore messages from her office to come in for a checkup, blah, blah, blah. It’s my little way of sabotaging the System.


Dr. Esther Choo is an Asian-American emergency room physician who has practiced medicine for more than a decade. Yet, she says, a few times a year, a patient will refuse to let her treat them. Solely because of her race.

Choo, who works in Oregon, first shared her experience of dealing with racist patients who shun her care in a viral Twitter thread last Sunday.

“The conversation usually goes like this. Me: ‘I understand your viewpoint. I trained at elite institutions & have been practicing for 15 years. You are welcome to refuse care under my hands, but I feel confident that I am the most qualified to care for you. Especially since the alternative is an intern.’ And they invariably pick the intern, as long as they are white. Or they leave,” she wrote in successive tweets.

“I used to cycle through disbelief, shame, anger. Now I just show compassion and move on,” she added.

Choo’s tweets, in which she noted that there were “a lot of white nationalists in Oregon,” came a day after a counterprotester was killed following a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And Choo’s experience of intolerance is not unique in the medical community, she told CNN’s Christi Paul on Saturday.

“What I’m hearing from my colleagues is that this is a daily occurrence for many of them, at least experiences of prejudice. The patient who outright refuses care is less common, but I definitely heard from a lot of people this week that they have also had that exact same experience,” she said.

Patient prejudice towards doctors is now so common that many medical professionals “consider it a routine part of our jobs,” Choo emphasized.

“Maybe it’s that they’re from another country or because of their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation or their gender. But I’m hearing it from a lot of physicians that this is not unusual,” she described.

Asked by Paul whether she had ever been able to change a patient’s mind after they initially refused treatment from her, Choo said that it was rare.

“A few times I’ve been able to talk patients into receiving care from me. Or we can negotiate some sort of compromise where they will be seen by maybe a resident physician who is white, and I’m still guiding care, but I don’t actually enter the room,” she said.

“Usually you cannot. I’ve found in my experience that you cannot talk people out of their ideology,” she added.

This piece basically says that if you’re not willing to set aside your natural preferences, which harm no one, then you’re a racist.

Don’t buy it. It just means you’re normal. Just like women will usually prefer a woman doctor and men a male doctor. Normal.

19 thoughts on “Asian Female Doctor Offended Because White Nationalists Refuse to be Treated by Her

  1. I think she’s full of it to say that it happens daily. Leftists love to tell stories to garner attention and sympathy. A woman got on our neighborhood FB page with a story about her witnessing a white woman paying a black man for some lawn work and admonishing him to buy something good to eat and not to go buy booze. “We’ve got to address the bigotry that still exists in our neighborhood, blah, blah, blah” I knew it was bullshit immediately and my wife began tactfully asking questions and put her on the spot about her little tale until the woman stopped replying and it was clear to all that she was full of shit. But, until she got called out, there were numerous suckers agreeing with her. That’s how easily the myth of white racism gets pushed. I’ve told people that if they want to end racism, turn off their god damned tv.

  2. In a Multi-Racially already failed “US-paradise”, to trust aliens of Felarca-alike gooks is a plain self-destructive risk. Is there any guaranty that this doctor isn’t a well-disguised Crypto Anti-Racist … which of course means deadly Anti-White?

    In the country where even half of Whites are Anti-White, elevated cautiousness is an imperative

      • Was it you that posted the vid of a white woman in Canada demanding to see a doctor for her son that could speak intelligible English and was videoed and harassed for it? She never even asked for a White doctor, yet she was called a racist by everyone there in the waiting room. That’s why I’m not buying the chinks story. Most whites have been cowed into accepting having to deal with the lower races. I avoid it at all costs. NEVER eat at a restaurant where blacks prepare or even handle your food.

    • I have multiple life threatening conditions and am 70 years old. During the past 7-10 years I have seen almost all white medical staff in the Boston clinic I go to and the hospitals I have been treated at replaced by Indians, Chinese, African and Muslims; many of which speak hardly intelligible English, plus their treatments lf me in worse condition then when I entered.

      I had 2 major spine surgeries in the past 3+ years which left me almost a paraplegic the surgical team was made up of Chinese, Indian, Muslim and Africans.

      In one case a 300 pound Nigerian sheboon nurse assistant came into my room grabbed by my arm and blurted “it time for yo shit, gibs me yo ahm” I asked her what the shot was and she said “it insulin for you diabetes” I refused to give her my arm and asked to speak with a senior nurse since I have never been diabetic. A white nurse came in, checked my chart and mumbled OMG, good catch on your part. I could have gone into insulin shock. I asked if I could have a Western nurse who spoke clear English….an Hour later I was told everything was fine and I was being discharged. Strange since I was allegedly in for a few days if tests.

      I’ve got over 100 pages of true stories from just what I have seen and been through.

      I seem to be liked by white nurses and techs, what few remain, who all concur with my observations and concerns. A lot of the best and brightest medical people I have dealt with are leaving or being driven out/displaced by 3rd world mud people, plus what white doctors there are left have to deal with triple to quadruple booking to save money

      And these are WORLD CLASS Boston teaching hospitals, God help us all

      • I hope you don’t mind, at first occasion I would pass your horrifying story to my local forums, as we are DEFINITELY at the beginning of the same shit … where unelected gangsters from Brussels Commissariat keep telling us how all these Negroid and Muslim “IMMIGRANTS” they are hastily IMPORTING, are our potential “scientists”, “inventors” and of course “doctors”.

        After all what is happening to us, I think that we can come to conclusion that Adolf and his team were quite sloppy in their cleaning business … it would be much better they never started it … because REAL (((winners))) of WW2 were surviving (((remnants))), those that now have their revenge.

      • I know a nurse. He HATES the immigrant nurses. They are lazy, stupid, dirty, and almost useless.

  3. The Indian accents are too thick.
    I cannot understand what you’re trying to tell me.
    Discussion is pointless because it appears I am also not understood.

    When pertaining to my health, I don’t need misunderstanding.

    I’m paying for this, too.

    What is it? Are white children being told they can’t be doctors? Am I suffering only because of demographics? I live in the wrong damn place even though I’ve been here all my life?

    I’m not even given any options.
    They’re all Indian now.

  4. Don’t kid yourself for a minute. They are just as “racist” as we are. It is natural for people of all races to want to be with their own kind. Multiculturalism is a joke, and it is going to fail miserably with a lot of blood before it is all over.

    • They are much more racist. E.g. Koreans took over a Sydney suburb. A white woman went to her same butcher, now run by a Korean. He said “I serve you today, but don’t come back. If I serve you, no Korean will enter my shop”. So Koreans think that whites are trash and devils – even though white US soldiers guard their DMZ with their lives.

      Whites are much too stupid to think like Koreans and all other races, who will only spend money with their own race at all times if possible.


    The liberals supported affirmative action in medical school for that exact same reason, by showing studies that people prefer a doctor of their own race and gender.

    So they told the public that more blacks, even with low MCAT scores, need to be made doctors as black patients would feel comfortable with them.

    Now, when whites are proving them right by choosing white doctors, they call them racists!

    What a scam! The whole day, the liberals are lying, lying, lying.

    • Which is why they are Liberals, of course retarded in a particular way, that also makes them FEEL free to lie … lie until they die … or much better – we make them die … preferably by FEELING a lot of pain

  6. What I did to find a white doctor was go to a small General Practice with two white names on the sign outside. Guaranteed whiteness. If one ended up replaced by diversity then I’d move to a different medical center until I was back in the white zone again.

  7. I wouldn’t turn down this doctor in an emergency room. I’m not sure what country she’s from…but I know it’s not India, Pakistan, African, Middle Eastern, or Mexico. Maybe, she’s Korean, Vietnamese, even Japanese. We are at the mercy of emergency room physicians if what we have is serious. We can’t walk out and go somewhere else.

    Residents who just got out of medical school 1, 2. 3, years ago have little experience and are under the supervision of the attending physician you might have refused because he or she is not White. In other words, they sign off on everything residents do, so they are treating you whether you like it or not.

    Most ER’s have more than one attending physician working every day and night. Ask who else is working.

  8. The complaint that so many want to be treated by their own kind should a clue that the system is gamed by someone who wants to force race mixing. These are the true racists.

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