Nazis march through Berlin waving flag of Hitler’s Third Reich


There seems to be an affection for the Third Reich growing worldwide. Or is it LARPing in order to shock people? Western culture is so degenerate–or as we might say–Jewed–that it takes a lot to shock normies. After all, now we have three year old trans boys who think they’re girls and even furries who think they’re dogs or cats or whatever animal.

If we’re not allowed to judge those three year old trans toddlers, then why the hell is the left allowed to judge Nazis?

Hundreds of neo-Nazis took to the streets of Berlin to mark 30 years since the death of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess.

Around 250 white supremacists marched from the Spandau suburb’s station to the former Spandau Prison – where Hess, an early ally of Adolf Hitler, served out the life sentence he was given at the post-war Nuremberg trials for war crimes.

Far-right marchers held up banners reading ‘I regret nothing’, and hoisted the red, white and black flag of Hitler’s Third Reich as around 1,000 police officers looked on.

Neo-Nazis commemorate the 1987 prison suicide of Hitler’s one-time deputy every year.

However, this year’s rally has garnered more attention as it was held in the wake of the atrocity in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which 32-year-old anti-racist counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed.

Anti-fascists gathered at the location of the Berlin vigil to protest, saying the Nazi rally should have been banned.

‘It’s appalling that in the year 2017, Nazis can openly go on the streets for this deputy of Hitler,’ Gerhard Sattler, a protester, said.

‘This is impossible. The whole of German society must stand up against this.’

Photos also show police officers in riot gear violently detaining a counter-protester.

Symbols of the Nazi regime – such as the swastika flag – are already strictly banned in Germany.

But Berlin’s senator for interior affairs said that banning the rally would have been impossible to reconcile with the political freedoms of a democracy.

‘I would have been delighted with a ban,’ interior affairs senator Andreas Geisel said.

‘But we looked very closely at the matter and concluded that, unfortunately, arseholes also get to benefit from democratic freedoms.’

Hess was the last war criminal in Spandau Prison when he killed himself at the age of 93.

He was appointed Hitler’s deputy when the Nazis came to power in 1933, a position he retained until 1941, when he flew to Britain alone because he believed Hitler wanted him to negotiate a peace deal between the two warring countries.

Hess spent the rest of the war in prison in Britain before he was convicted of crimes against the peace at Nuremberg.

The injustice done to Rudolf Hess, assuming he was the real deal, is appalling. I would be willing to protest his mistreatment by the wartime allies and I’m not a Nazi.

Henry Makow has a number of pieces on Rudolf Hess, including this post that Hess was tortured by the British for trying to end the war. Somebody wanted the war to continue and it wasn’t Germany.

12 thoughts on “Nazis march through Berlin waving flag of Hitler’s Third Reich

  1. They cannot ban that flag because it was used by Hitler for only two years, 1933-1935, but also by many previous German Governments – even the (((Weimar Republic))) in 1918-19.

    From (((turdpedia)))….

    “Flag of the North German Confederation (1866–71) and the German Empire (1871–1918). In use at the beginning of the Weimar Republic (1918–1919), by the foreign services (1922–33), and by the Nazi regime from March 1933 until August 1935.”

    It is notable that the Jews running the degenerate Weimar years ditched the flag of Germany as did Hitler later on. Maybe it is time to bring back this flag, for ever, and ditch the multicult (((Weimar))) flag? This red/white/black flag does not carry the Hitler stain for most people. Whereas the swastika is a damaged product.

    The British and French flags are both over 200 years old. The Germans by chopping and changing show themselves to be a nation of spontaneous changelings who cannot make up their minds. Whether to be a Commie or a Nazi, such a hard choice for a German of the 20th century. Whereas almost no British people would touch either extremist party with a barge pole even in the Great Depression years. A lot of Frogs liked the Commie idea – get money and do nothing to earn it.

    • The reason the British would touch neither extreme? not at all, all British are either Zionists, note the NF/BNP use of the Ulster Freemasonic flag or they are Communists, note local councils in the Zionist Thatcher era flying Communist flags and they went to war WITH Communism not against it in the last world war that ensconced Israel and all the genocidal tyranny they now hate…Balfour signed that infamous declaration in world war one and even now the morons of UKIP think the Marxist EU is a secret Iv reich and have no conscience whatsoever about The Boer or German or any other genocide of fellow European let alone of the Irish under that other criminal Shabbos goy, Cromwell…they even elected a Jew to prime minister in the 19 century…The British flag is the host of Marxism and Zionism worldwide.

  2. This article CRIES for CLARIFICATION

    First Alarming Issue is that author is Ashitha Nagesh, an “autochthones” dothead “Britt”, who has no clue what exactly she is scratching about “flag of Hitler’s Third Reich”. That particular flag is NOT NAZI flag but National and merchant flag (National und Handelsflagge) from 1867–1871. The same flag with Iron Cross was Marine jack (Kriegsschiffgösch) from 1867–1871.

    NEW ilk of Non-British “Britts” and other Non-European “Europeans” are lately appearing in News, Activism and Commenting scene across Europe. One of the most disgusting from this vermin is Mo Ansar for instance, who arrogantly and pretentiously presents himself as an “autochthone” Brit and European, often babbling how “WE Europeans” should do this and that, of course in the benefit of TW “immigration”

    Where I live (Slovenia), currently we have no “autochthonous” Non-Europeans on such positions, although Crypto-Communist Left governments are annoying constant. However, in that central part of EU, Slovenia is the ONLY moronic state with an African Negroid as a mayor of a small coastal town, for more than a decade now. No need to elaborate about my “excitement” on that “glorious” subject.

    Why I mentioned this, because it falls in the same pattern that plagues on a much greater scale UK for instance, where “autochthonous” TW ALIENS are grabbing bridles on social scene in preaching, promoting and advocating Diversity, Multi-Racial “enrichment” and all kind of nonsense that goes with it. And what is the most DISTURBING; these ALIENS are also PILLARS of criticism over EVERYTHING TRADITIONAL in Europe

    I have been “blessed” with cognizance that exactly the same horror goes in the US, of course on incomparably higher rate of INFILTRATED TW ALIENS, acting and pretending to be Americans, which plainly they are not, because most of them act against interests of REAL Traditional White America. Dinesh D’Souza for instance is the BRIGHT STAR that does not falls in this vile pattern.

    You guys here now better than me what I am talking about. This also explains why Trump is so important to me/us and to the survival of America and Europe in general. If Trump, PRIMARILY his MOVEMENT would fail, we ALL are toast.

    Due to all above, I hope MORE New Nazis will come out of our nations, because as it appears, only this kind of people, as first responders, are capable of turning decaying tides against our enemies.

    • Canada’s minister of defense grew up in the Punjab and their minister of immigration is A Somali refugee. What’s going on?

      • Canadas GG Head of State (reporting direct to QEII) was a Black Woman recent immigrant from Haiti – a refugee I think. That is scraping the bottom of the barrel – to select a foreign Coon female to command the armed forces of a once mighty nation.

  3. “If we’re not allowed to judge those three year old trans toddlers, then why the hell is the left allowed to judge Nazis?”

    The answer to your rhetorical question is of course, that Nazis threaten to undo all of the damage the cultural Marxists have worked so hard to do, and put them all into labor camps for crimes against our race.

    I cannot think of one “Nazi” who wouldn’t love to see known criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton and many others like them being forced to do hard physical labor until they dropped dead of exhaustion. The very notion gives the antifa left night sweats. They know if and when their little equality charade falls apart, a lot more people will hate them along with us. That is why they are so quick to resort to violence.

    That is the reason for all of the outrage over Trump’s election victory. It isn’t that they hate Trump so much as they hate all of the people who voted for him. A victory for Hillary would have given them validation and they didn’t get it. As always, more (((wrecking))) needs to be done.

    It’s funny to listen to leftist hypocrites preach against hate, intolerance, and racism. They are racist toward any wholesome white culture and are only surpassed by the jews in their hatred and intolerance for the heterosexual white man.

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