Daily Stormer Taken Down Again

Webhost Namecheap has taken down the Stormer, claiming that the site incites violence. That’s not true. The Stormer incites white people to think for themselves and understand that white genocide is real.

The reaction of tech to ban free speech is despicable. The tech titans need to be taken down a notch. In the short term, they must be declared to be public utilities, forced to serve all comers. In the long term, a new Aryan Internet must be developed.

The Verge

Neo-nazi news site Daily Stormer will need to find another host after Namecheap announced on Sunday that it will not host the site. The hate site was registered with the company on Friday after being kicked off of GoDaddy, Google Domains, and a Russian registrar earlier this week before being shut down by each.

On Friday, the company’s Twitter account began replying to users about the registration, saying its legal and abuse department was “already looking into it.”

In a blog post, Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said that he examined the content of the website, and found that “paired with the support for violent groups and causes [it] passes from protected free speech into incitement.”

The site was criticized for accepting the registration, with some users saying that they were moving their websites to a new host. Kirkendall has been addressing replies on Twitter, where he said that he and his company “don’t make rash decisions around freedom of speech.”

For the moment, while the Daily Stormer can be accessed through the anonymous Tor network, it is offline for most internet users.

I’ve explained why I can’t install TOR on my computer. However, I’m willing to republish selected posts by Andrew Anglin here if someone uses TOR and can get them to me via posting them in a comment.

10 thoughts on “Daily Stormer Taken Down Again

  1. I hope so maybe you could contact him ? Saboteur365 and Ambrose Kane are daily parts of my life and let us know whats really going on… Thank you so much !

  2. “The hate site was registered with the company on Friday”

    “Hate site”.

    Objective journalism is now a “hate site” and the goyim must not be allowed to read it.

    Freedom in America? Don’t make me laugh.

  3. Man oh man, it’s really bad out there, or I should say out here!

    It’s amazing how fast the truth has been completely turned upside down 100% now. All the crowd-copying corporate & Hollyweird bozos & their MSM all sing the SAME disgusting song, right down the ladder to their thugs on the street.

    And now the DOMAIN WORLD has joined them in their spinelessness.

    David Letterman also called for Trump to resign (Roger Stone retweeted).

    Of course Rosie is still at it (also a Stone retweet).

    Jeffrey Kaztenberg is horrified at Trump (FOTM has a brief post on that).

    You have the dwarf Rubio’s pathetic comments.

    There’s been so many from people who have “public voices” that I can’t remember them all. And they are like parrots reading a script.

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