Comedian Joseph Levitch Has Died

In general, I’ve stopped doing celebrity obituaries. However, who could not feel a little of his or her childhood melt away today when it was announced that Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Levitch) had died at age 91.

NBC News has run a photo essay tribute to the man who acted like a child.

Here’s four more from the 26 photo tribute.

Insofar as I am aware Jerry never went into the dirty type of so-called humor that characterizes comedy today. The last I heard a couple of months ago I think he was defending President Trump in an interview. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I never heard any animosity toward white people from him.

Here are a few selected quotes from Jerry:

Link to Wikipedia page on Jerry Lewis

12 thoughts on “Comedian Joseph Levitch Has Died

  1. Great choice of quotes! I got a laugh out of those.

    Lewis/Levitch was never a favorite of mine, too goofy, too emotional, too silly. But if he was for Trump, then he was sane & could see what’s really going on in this country & the world. So that’s a good thing.

    He certainly lived to a ripe old age!

  2. For me, a man highly unfunny. Irritating.
    Americans need some (((guy))) to make stupid faces and scream a lot to laugh? (((The Three Stooges))) are thus the high point of American intelligentsia, art and creativity. The Citizen Kane of comedy.
    Lewis must have been a big influence of Jim Carrey. I prefer the straight funny man – sometimes no clown is needed at all with one or two funny straight men. In real life this Jew spied on people close to him and was a total control freak. His quote about loyalty for life is false.

    “Claims he was thrown out of high school for punching out his principal who had offended him with an anti-Semitic remark”.
    If this was true he would have been jailed. Who would have thought a Jew might lie in their CV?

  3. While my father was serving in the Coast Guard during the Korean War, he got the opportunity to see Martin and Lewis’ cabaret act several times when his ship made port in NYC. Later on in the ’50’s at university one of his frat brothers came across a real find. It was a vinyl record, presumably a 78 that contained outtakes from a radio promo Martin and Lewis had done for one of their movies. I think this guy had connections in the entertainment business, you know, some friend of his dad or his brother, something like that. Anyway, during this recording session Dean kept flubbing his lines and this made Jerry grow increasingly frustrated. By the end of it he was threatening and cursing Dean in a psychotic fury- calling him a “f***ing guinea c***sucker’ and a ‘stupid wop’ and probably worse. Of course, all of this just made Dean laugh that much harder.

  4. There is an English “funny” man even more painful to watch than Jerry Lewis. Look up clips of this show to see what I mean. Actually it is funny if you like pain and agony, where an idiot harms innocent people non stop. I watched some of Ep 1 Series 1 just now and laughed even though I tried not to.

    “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em” 1973

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