Breaking! White House Petition to Have Antifa Declared a Terrorist Group Hits Required Threshold

Kudos to Microchip, who created the petition urging the government to declare the Antifa a terrorist organization. With the required 100,000 signatures, the government MUST respond.

Mitt Romney, John McCain, et. al. will be taken down when they defend the Antifa as social justice warriors.

The (((Deep State))) has wanted the Antifa to thrive to shut us down. We just called them on it. And don’t forget that it was Obama who started the White House petitions. This is going to come back and haunt him.

The Antifa were established to hurry along the campaign of white extermination in America. As Microchip advises, keep signing the petition. Make it so big that they MUST declare the Antifa a terrorist group.

20 thoughts on “Breaking! White House Petition to Have Antifa Declared a Terrorist Group Hits Required Threshold

  1. That’s great news! It seemed just a few days ago it only had around 8k.

    But do these petitions REALLY do any good? Who REALLY in Congess cares?

    The commies are already breaking the law; there’s plenty of laws on the books vs. violence, thuggery, assault, etc. But what is anybody really doing about it?

    When was Trump’s original Chicago rally? “They” have had plenty of time to round up all these creeps en masse (bring out the paddy wagons) but they don’t.

      • Just saw this retweeted by your MicroChip guy. This is hilarious & just what I was saying earlier, that the lib/dems will EXHAUST themselves with all their tantrums. The good guys want to help them along with that, lol:



        Maybe they won’t have to rename the USS John McCain if it sinks…

        MicroMeatSnacks™‏ @MicroChunkyChip 5 hours ago
        Rename the USS John McCain, since @SenJohnMcCain has done absolutely nothing but murder people his whole life

        Then I just saw this BREAKING NEWS from last evening Associated Press @AP:

        BREAKING: U.S. Navy says 10 sailors are missing, five injured after USS John S. McCain collided with merchant ship.
        6:22 PM – 20 Aug 2017


    POTUS heads to Arizona in a day or two for a “campaign style rally.”

    Whether there will be violent protesters or not, there is an ad at Craigslist/Phoenix for CRISIS ACTORS to be flown to PHOENIX from the Midwest for the WEEK AFTER POTUS is in town (27th-30th):

    They want PARENTS & CHILDREN.

    Whether that is a fake ad or whether they plan to create a fake gruesome “family massacre” “false flag”-in-reaction-to-POTUS-having-been-in-Phoenix-the-week-before remains to be seen.

      • Evidently there’s also another group, RENT-A-MOB, looking for hired protestors to be AT the POTUS rally in Phoenix.

        This blurry photo was tweeted two hours ago by Charlie Kirk‏ @charliekirk11:

      • If they have to pay protesters to show up against Trump, they’re trying to exaggerate the significance of the opposition to him. That’s logical. Microchip claims that many of the anti-Trump Tweets are from Democrat paid bots.

      • Absolutely & a great point re exaggerating the extent of the opposition to Trump. Soros & Son have limitless funds to hire GOBS of people endlessly, & twitter bots, too. His funds should be frozen by any sane country left standing.

        1.5-min. OAN video clip, but only the first few seconds are protesters chanting in unison, ‘SOROS, SOROS, WHERE’S OUR MONEY” – lol (the Right could dress up like the Left & do this at every opportunity on street corners everywhere, giving the Left a bad name & exposing them for the hired hands they are):


    It also proves that the “silent majority” is not falling for the Jewish media’s scam of promoting these animals as SJW’s.

    Antifa is very certainly a terrorist organization. The govt. must ban them, shut them down, arrest these criminals, especially their main financer, the international Jewish criminal George Schwartz (aka George Soros).

    These Antifia animals do not belong in a civilized society.

    Somebody can make a meme AN TI F A = AN I MALS.

  4. Haha, I love the one re John McShame!

    And, Ouch, re the one of Ivanka. I wonder how true that is? (laying her head on Dad’s desk & crying. Hopefully she’s more mature than that.)

    But if she is the one who booted out Bannon, & previously Lewandowski, etc., then maybe that IS why POTUS is sounding too soft.

    • Why are women and children inside the Ovum Orifice (sic) telling the POTUS what to do? Why is the POTUS not charged with the crime of Nepotism for installing so many family members in his inner sanctum?

  5. BLM should also be declared as a domestic terror organization; that would really get the nogs burning down cities

    Remember when Barry Butt Pirate Obunghole stated in his first term he wanted an independent civilian army just as powerful, well funded as the military. I wonder if antifa and blm are part of his legacy

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