Carload of Nogs Intimidate City Cucks into Taking Down Confederate Flag


They didn’t even need a demonstration. Wow! What a level of cuckery by the woman mayor.


To make a long story short, a carload of Kansas City naggers showed up at our city hall this a.m. We are 70 miles from KC. Demanded that Confederate flag be taken down, and that they expected our bronze, full size statue of General Jo Shelby mounted on his warhorse be removed soon. Sadly, the pussified faggots running the “city” took down the Stars and Bars at about 2:30 p.m. today. I am waiting to see what the response of the locals is. We also have a cemetery whose entire western segment is filled with Civil War era graves and markers. The Daughters of the American Revolution decorate the graves every Memorial Day with a Confederate flag for each soldiers gravesite. They also decorate the Union graves with an American flag. Shit just real. If this can happen out in Redneck City, you can bet your ass that this country is finished. Will post updates as necessary. A sad day in our little corner of Dixie.

Commenters figured out the name of the town: Waverly, Kansas. The story below in the local press may have prompted the Naggers to go to Waverly and make their demands.

Kansas City

Waverly’s statue memorializing one-time resident Confederate Gen. Joseph O. Shelby lacks what some other sites have in history, place or graves.

It was erected in 2008 inside a city park bearing Shelby’s name. The Dixie flag waves from a flagpole alongside a U.S. flag.

Arriving in Waverly at age 22, Shelby ran a hemp plantation and led a company of Border Ruffians who muscled their way into Kansas territory and voted illegally to elect pro-slavery legislators.

Shelby is buried in Kansas City.

On Thursday, a couple walking by the Waverly statue expressed reservations about it. But they knew too many neighbors and relatives who like it to be quoted by name.

Neither detractors nor supporters approached by The Star cared to go on the record, except for Mayor Barbara Schreiman.


“We’re very proud,” she said. “I haven’t had anybody complain to me … and that’s going back to the dedication.

“Actually, a lot of people here probably don’t know who he (Shelby) is. Just some guy on a horse.”

Waverly, population about 850, arose in a part of Missouri that became known as Little Dixie. Lafayette County in the Civil War was strongly pro-Confederate, with slaves making up 25 percent of the population, though Missouri never seceded.

In the 2010 census, the county of 33,000 posted a black population of less than half a percent.

16 thoughts on “Carload of Nogs Intimidate City Cucks into Taking Down Confederate Flag

    How come USA peop;e elect so many Joos. Is there a law against not voting for Joos, it is anti semenism or hate?

  2. In contrast to Europe, Americans can legally possess weapons, and as it seems to me Americans are PROUD owners. Hence, how the hell can carload of Niggers freely enter absolutely White city without being noticed, stopped and forced back to where they came from … huh -??? It’s beyond of comprehension to me.

    Couldn’t someone shot at least some warning rounds … against trespassing … couldn’t someone set few dogs at these vermin … and finally, what the hell is Jewess doing as a mayor in such place. According to statistics, there should be some 3% of Jews in US demographics … something must be wrong with statistics … these (((poisonous snakes))) are every … under, behind or on top of almost every corner, even in a remote rural US.

  3. Missouri did in fact leave the Union. The entire State Guard, of which Shelby was second in command eventually and always cavalry commander, joined the Confederate Army. Trouble is as we are seeing even today the victors write the history books and the Union troops out of St. Louis marched down to Jefferson City and ran the legally elected legislature out. The Legislature took up residence in Neosho and in an emergency session voted to leave the Union and petition to be admitted into the Confederacy which was accepted.

    Union forces claim there was not a quorum for the vote or to make the session legal but in an emergency session at the time there was no such stipulation in the Missouri Constitution for a full quorum only a majority, which they had easily. At any rate it’s pretty easy to see where Missouri’s sentiments were with most of it’s man power going to the Confederacy and 90% of Union troops raised under the Missouri designation were actually filled with Men from Illinois and Iowa. The one area of Missouri that was heavily pro-Union was along the Missouri river between St. Louis and Jefferson City where many Germans had settled. There was some fierce in fighting between the newer German families and the older families that had come up from Tennessee with Daniel Boone in the very early 1800’s. The county I live in, named after Boone’s grandson actually declared neutrality during the civil war and amazingly was left alone for the most part by both sides. The kingdom as the county was called then never officially rejoined the state or the union actually. The Kingdom Militia fought one skirmish with Union troops to keep them out and after that were left alone.

    Shelby on the other hand was a damned fine cavalry officer but was either celebrated or hated depending on where one’s loyalties were.

    • One of the things I read about Shelby was that he was a crook, thief, murderer, etc. I tend to think these things are untrue when a man has a statue in his honor. Anyway, thanks for the truth about Missouri history.

  4. Many of the names that people think are Jewish are actually German, Russian or Polish; although Jews stole this one, too. We have a lot of Germans in this country. This lady looks to me to be a good example of an older, overweight, German female. Not that they are all overweight.

  5. Mayors and governors take it upon themselves to remove property that might have been placed during a Republican’s admin. They’re doing this without a resident vote.

    I suggest someone make statues, however big or small, for those wanting to put them in their front yards just to constantly annoy these traitors. Put electrified fences around them.

  6. James Edwards of TPC sent a representative to Charlottesville, Ed Miller. He was in the midst of it. He said, the president of the League of the South told everyone, “No violence and if you do you will answer to me.” He’s 6′ 6″. Ed said even though Antifa was throwing urine, beating them, spraying mace and acid, he said all of them were very well behaved and didn’t fight back except the 5% who were neo-Nazis.

      • Instead of announcing rallies publicly, maybe, they need to go underground. How to get many people to go..good question. Letters, but someone would squeal and obtaining permits would be leaked.

        Today in Boston, police said there were about 40,000 protesters there…only 50-100 pro-Whites for free speech (Google). Unbelievable!

        Police had to provide protection for our guys by scurrying them into police cars to get away. There were only 500 police for a 40,000 angry mob . They never expected that many. The rally was cut short by 2 hours because so many protesters showed up. It had become too dangerous.

        Why only 50-100 and 40,000 of the enemy is definitely something to seriously think about. It’s getting very scary.

  7. Apart from this Jew or not Jew issue, most of nowadays Germans are DISGRACE to their ancestors. Recently RT at random interviewed some Germans on subject of immigration and on the possibility of Merkel’s re-election … and answers were disastrous … no one was specific, and some even said they are too busy to be familiar with “situation”

    Than an “expert” explained how Germans are very CONSERVATIVE actually, they are not prone to experiment with new parties which are CRITICIZED by MSM

    This explains why Germans never asked how it could have happened that ex-STASI-KGB Communist Merkel took over Christian party CDU and became Chancellor

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