What Does Ben Shapiro Know that We Don’t?

Ben Shapiro is a conservative Jewish author and the editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire news website.

And for that matter, what does Trump’s friend Sean Hannity know that we don’t?

Seth Rich? Hillary Clinton? Obama? Pizzagate? 9/11 truth? Kennedy assassination truth? UFO truth? Charlottesville truth? North Korea?

11 thoughts on “What Does Ben Shapiro Know that We Don’t?

  1. It would be great if Trump would start at 911, so many heads could roll foreign and domestic..but would he? It’s amazing what it seems everyone knows …yet nothing happens. Our government wants to give us 30 years for participating in BDS yet our politicians fund and arm terrorists, grow heroin and profit from and help distribute it, pardon those who crash our economy time after time,allow multinational corporations to systematically poison citizens ….how many of our bribed and blackmailed politicians are Israel firsters……just imagine we probably only know a percentage of their crimes and yet the filthy rich keep on living their lavish lives on our backs!

  2. Why are most posts here by and about Jews? They are 2% of the US population. How about some wisdom from some white folks of the Anglo Saxon variety – they are probably only 2% of the USA also, but get almost nil coverage on this site, and the MSM.

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