US House Set to ‘Censure’ President Trump for Attacking Alt-Left Terrorists


I’m hoping that there will be white people still existing in the not too distant future who will write the history books and record modern America as an example of history’s greatest mania. From Trump is a Russian agent to Trump is a Nazi and so are all other white people, this day and week has been one of the most insane in my lifetime.

A history of presidential censures can be read at Wikipedia

Seen at the Gateway Pundit.

When you were in school and read about tulip mania in your history books, you may have thought to yourself, “How could people be so stupid?” That’s what they’ll be saying about today’s America in the future.

6 thoughts on “US House Set to ‘Censure’ President Trump for Attacking Alt-Left Terrorists

  1. Is (((Nadler))) wearing a colostomy bag, or is he 8 months pregnant with some space reptile alien species? He does not look good at all. He has a body to be seen only sitting behind a desk.

    Look at his hands. He is 70 years old but his hands look like an 80 year old. A Jew outdoor worker, surely not?

    “Jerrold Nadler is a Jewish American politician who currently serves in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Nadler represents New York’s Eighth Congressional district, which includes parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. During his tenure, he has proven himself a leading advocate on transportation issues, a vigorous fighter for maintaining the Social Security system, and one of Congress’s most insistent champions of federal support for the arts and humanities. During the impeachment process, Rep. Nadler was an outspoken defender of the constitution and opponent of the President’s impeachment.”

    Note irony of the last sentence.

    • …and by ‘a leading advocate on transportation issues’ they mean he’s always agitating for billions of federal dollars for the NYC mass transit system. Oh, and his support of the ‘arts’ means he’s partially responsible for Mappelthorpe’s ‘Bullwhip up the Ass’ photo and “Piss Christ” by…..some spic whose name escapes me at the moment.

  2. You know. It is actually a bit sad, that term alt-left is used this way now. Basically a fancy way to put ‘equals’ between antifa and alt-right. It reads similar, you know.

    Just an excerpt of what alt-left meant 2 years ago.

    Quote from article about alt-left from 2015:
    “I would say that the majority are white people who hold a lot of typically leftist views on economics, the environment and some social issues, yet at some point realized the new left had become hostile to any white person even slightly reluctant to act as a scapegoat for everybody else’s problems. No self respecting white person would want to be associated with a movement that trashes their heroes, their culture, their history, denies their achievements…a movement which seeks to destroy their civilization and erases their identity. Hell, besides all that, a lot of “cultural marxism” (or whatever) has become so freaky that most normal white feminists and gays are probably weirded out by it.”

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