Soft White Genocide: Swedish Politicians Order Viking Era Museum Artifacts DESTROYED

Sweden has plenty of money to spend on “refugee” parasites but none to spend on museums and storage to preserve ancient artifacts found by archaeologists. Warning: The translation is rough. via Google translate

Samtidigt that the debate about the burning of books is raging in the media throws Swedish archaeologists amulettringar and other ancient antiquities. It feels wrong and sad to destroy thousands of years of ritual arts and crafts, and I’m not alone in feeling so.

“What you do is to waste our story! Says Johan Runer, archaeologist at Stockholm County Museum.

Amulet rings from the Iron Age, like Viking weights and coins, belong to the kind of bargain that, as far as Runer knows, was previously always saved.

He tried to make an alarm in a debate article in the journal Popular Archeology (No. 4/2016), showing how arbitrary thinning occurred. Especially in archeological studies before construction and road projects, the focus is on quickly and cheaply removing the heritage so that the machine tools can handle.

He works for himself in this kind of excavations. Nobody in the exposed archeology industry wants to get a reputation as an uncomfortable “bargain” but now he can not be quiet anymore.

“It’s quite crazy, but this industry has had a marketplace. We are playing business, says Runer.

Often, especially in the case of minor excavations, it is a standing order from the county administrative boards that as few discoveries as possible should be taken.

If you think it seems unlikely, I recommend reading the National Archives Office’s open archive, such as report 2016: 38. An archaeological preamble of settlement of bronze and iron age before rebuilt by Flädie on the E6 outside Lund.

In the bargain table, coins, knives, ornamental ink, a ring and a weight from the Viking Age or early Middle Ages have been placed in the column “Gallrade”.

Just about the weights and weights, research is going on, “says Lena Holmquist, archaeologist at Stockholm University, focusing on the Viking era.

But that puzzle piece is gone.

At another digging in the millennial cultural village Molnby in Vallentuna, several amulet rings were dropped from the Iron Age. Amulet rings were ritual items used during the Vendel and Viking times.

Johan Anund, Regional Director of the Company Archaeologists at the State Historical Museums who made the thinning, say archaeologists at all times have to make priorities for not drowning in objects.

It is the county boards that make procurement of archaeological companies to carry out archaeological investigations. An easy way to lower the cost is to reduce the number of items to be preserved.

Ceramics require no preservation and are usually saved. However, iron and metal must be treated after perhaps a thousand years in the field. So if the company puts in its bid funds for conserving two metal objects but finding twelve then they have to throw ten. In metal recycling.

This story is nicely covered by the Daily Westerner, which notes:

t also follows recent claims from Leftists that ancient marble statues made thousands of years ago are actually racist and were specifically used to “whitewash history”. Other examples where History is targeted include the Left using violence and threats in order to get Southern generals statues removed from various locations in the United States.

Lately, the BBC used an incompetent feminist professor’s views to create an “educational cartoon” where, among other things, Roman centurions in Britain are black. This is one episode of a series where some Picts and Norman Barons are also black.

14 thoughts on “Soft White Genocide: Swedish Politicians Order Viking Era Museum Artifacts DESTROYED

  1. Started seeing this trend when the British left Africa. Statues of great men who actually had a dream and carved cities out of the virgin African bush, those visionary men who built rail lines ,fantastic bridges across wild rivers and hydroelectric dams,those who,in other words dragged the natives kicking and screaming into the modern world,their Statues were defaced and pulled down. Towns that were painstakingly built to remind the settlers of their native lands,with beautiful tree lined avenues,parks and stunning public buildings were all destroyed,and in all cases ,those that remained were renamed after some ignorant savage who was considered a heroes of the struggle,because all he had claim to was bashing some white settlers baby’s head against the wall ,and raping and mutilating it’s mother. Big bloody hero. All the foundations of Black man’s Africa was laid by the blood and sweat of the white colonists. All the Native has done is pillage,plunder,loot and drag all what’s beautiful back into squalor and filth. Could they not name some great project after their own so called great men and leave what the white man built named after him,simply acknowledge his contribution? NO. Because they have built very little since,and certainly not enough for all the so called illustrious leaders to all put their names on….. The Black man HATES the white man because he well know his failings. It gives him a feeling of accomplishment to destroy the evil white man’s heritage. The same now goes for the once great USA. You have just seen the tip of the iceberg. Have fun….

      • Communists…Yes, but one needs to look deeper and you will indeed the very same agitators as back in the Communist days stirring up trouble in western lands today. The dumbing down of the education system, the Arab spring ,the migrant crisis,the constant anti Russian diatribe,the creation of ISIS,the nuclear enabling of rogue nations,race baiting with the SPLC,BLM etc,the shut down of manufacturing capacity, the inner city rot ,the downsizing and political polarisation of the police,the perverting of the Christian religion,the fracturing and demonisation of the white identitarian movement,the perversion of the entertainment industry ,the genetic pollution of our foodstuffs and poisoning of our water and indeed the very appointment of B.O. as a Muslim Black president? Who stands to benefit from this decay of western civilisation? No sane person surely? Well,follow the money trail,take a note of who the financiers are,who contributes to political agitation and selected campaigns,who controls our entertainment industry and media ,who controls and regulates the Internet. Every single aspect of our day to day lives are somehow controlled or regulated by whom? One race,one nation….and you all know who they are!

    • Almost everyone hates whites atm because they’re jealous of our accomplishments, especially bringing the modern age. It’s one more reason why they keep saying we’re all one race. So that they won’t recognize that it’s because of us this happened. Meanwhile, if every other race does something, every liberal is like oh look at what that black guy did! If a white european did something, we’re all one race!

      • My whole family are so called ex colonials. People don’t seem to realise that just 100 years ago ,Black Africa was an EMPTY continent. The natives lived Stone age lives ,literally ,they did not even have the wheel.There was nothing there….. Arab Africa was way more advanced though. That these people should somehow feel superior to our race is nothing short of laughable!

  2. Easiest way to conquer a people is to destroy their identity. This is just on par for the course. You always hear lefties say that oh, whites have no culture. More like, they don’t want us to have a culture so that we can easily be brainwashed by them.

  3. Also sab, could i ask you to make a post about genetic diversity in european whites and stuff like that? Went of facebook a bit the other day and saw on a liberal account blacks and other things saying that oh we whites need diversity otherwise we’d die of incest and from the sun… and that’s putting it mildly. My head hurt so bad because of the sheer amount of stupidity. Afaik, you only need a pop of 5000 or something so that it won’t be a problem, while there are millions of whites.

      • Well, i don’t really mind if we’re less genetically diverse. I was mostly referring to what they keep eating shit about, for ex that europe needs “diversity”(aka muds) because otherwise we don’t have enough genetic variance to sustain the population/it will turn to incest. Which is a bunch of bollocks.

      • Oh or that we need to get browned otherwise we’ll die from the sun… stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.

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