Barcelona (Graphic Video)

More on the Barcelona terrorist attack later. This is what the Republican and Democrat establishment in America defend. In fact, every globalist would put every Euro and Euro-descended person dead or bleeding on the ground.

13 thoughts on “Barcelona (Graphic Video)

    • I have been told this area is very popular with Jews. Barcelona is popular with Israelis on holiday. Israel was abuzz with this attack news within 30 minutes, and worried.
      If Jews did create ISIS it reminds me of the adage “Once you start to ride the tiger, you cannot get off”.

  1. About an hour into its coverage of this attack, Fox News had on a former analyst from Dubya’s DHS who offered his theory that this could very well be the work of ETA, the Basque separatist group. Yes, he wanted us to entertain the notion that ETA could or would have perpetrated an attack far more vicious than any they’d ever carried out before, and on top of that, in a region of Spain, Catalan, that also has separatist aspirations rather than in, say, Madrid, the seat of the national government. Would it at all surprise you if i told you his name was…….Mustafa?

  2. The west lost the war against ragheads when Dubya said after 911 that Is-slime was a religion of peace. What he should have said is Is-slime is a Piece of Shit and not a religion. He then went to a mosque and later invited moooslums to the white house. What a chump.

    A few years later dumb white women, mostly, elected a nigger muuzlime from Kenya as prez. Guards at Gitmo had to kiss the asses of muzzie terrorists and show utmost respect for the terrorist field manual, the koran.

    What Bush the Stupid should have done was nuke that shitty place where ragheads worship a rock out in a sand box.

    Trump made a half-attempt to band ragheads but a pedophile federal thug in black robes in the heart of libtard Seattle stopped that. Congress should have impeached that judge, but what can you say, RepubliCONs are big cowards.

    • Muslims did not do 911, in terms of collapsing three buildings, killing 3000, and collecting $4 billion in insurance. Maybe Arabs were on those 4 planes. None of them had the skill to steer those planes in to the buildings. Experts say civilian airliners could not have flown at those high speeds at low level, and the sharp turns, without breaking in to pieces in mid air. Maybe the bad publicity all Muslims got by being wrongly blamed has made them angry at the USA.
      Right wingers are angry at being blamed for antifa violence.

      • George Bush and Dick Chaney were flying those planes that hit the towers. They bailed out at the last minute after putting the airliners on auto. Bush then quickly ordered a cruise missile into the pentagon before he boarded a fighter jet and downed the airliner over Penn. That was a body double of Bush we saw at the Florida school the morning of the attack on the 911.

        Seriously though, I agree with your suspicion of the events, just not your particulars. For one, I always will believe that sex criminal Bill Clinton had Obama Bin Laden offered to him by the Saudis but took a serious bribe, perhaps millions, in exchange for letting him go.

        It wasn’t Obama Bin Laden allegedly killed in Pakistan. That story is full of holes. Good evidence indicates that Bin Laden was close to capture by Special Farces in Afghanistan but he was let go. Probably because he was a CIA agent of some sort.

        The 911 commission was the biggest farce since the Warren Commission.

  3. Spain did it in 1492, a great year.
    All Muslims and Jews were evicted.
    It is time for Spain to do this again.
    These days the title is “Ethnic cleansing”.

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