Vdare Conference Terminated by Colorado Resort, Site Paypal Cancelled


The more they f*ck us over, the more determined I become. We are like iron being forged in the fire, becoming steel in the process. That steel shall be used to make many swords.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. One day they will regret their short-sited un-American actions.

The Denver Channel

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A conference of white supremacists and their sympathizers scheduled for April 2018 at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort has been canceled, the organization and resort confirmed Wednesday.

The cancelation came a day after Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers denounced white supremacy and said the city wouldn’t “provide any support or resources” to the event.

“The city remains steadfast in its commitment to the enforcement of Colorado law, which protects all individuals regardless of race, religion, color, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation to be secure and protected from fear, intimidation, harassment and physical harm,” Suthers said further in a Tuesday statement.

He added that the city “does not have the authority to restrict freedom of speech” or to tell private businesses which events they are allowed to host.

“That said,” he added, “I would encourage local businesses to be attentive to the types of events they accept and the groups they invite to our great city.”

By Wednesday morning, the conference had been canceled altogether.

“Unfortunately, the conference has been cancelled. Registered attendees will receive a refund,” a message on the organization’s conference page read.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort issued a statement saying it “will not be hosting the VDARE Foundation in April of next year.”

“We remain committed to respecting the privacy of guests at the resort,” said spokeswoman Guadalupe Hirt.

When reached by phone, VDARE.com’s editor, Peter Brimelow, said he would be issuing a statement later Wednesday. He describes his website and group as one focused on “patriotic immigration reform.”

Also notable Wednesday on VDARE’s website was a large notice on its front page saying PayPal had cut ties with VDARE.com.

“We were given no reasons, so are left to speculate why we’ve been suddenly purged,” Brimelow wrote. “Best guess: the Charlottesville debacle – in which VDARE.com played no part, either in planning, promoting, or appearing – is being used as an excuse for the authoritarian Communist Left to punish anyone who disagrees with their anti-American violence against patriotic people.”

Jason Kessler, the man who organized the rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville over the weekend, is a contributing writer on the website, and on June 19, published an article on the website titled “Yes, Virginia, There Is Such A Thing As White Genocide.”

Also scheduled to appear had been former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, who most recently failed in quests for Colorado’s governorship and the U.S. presidency.

Brimelow went on to say in the post about PayPal: “It is impossible to predict on what level we will be attacked next. We must have the resources to defend ourselves and our people.”


It’s obvious that the Mayor threatened the resort with all sorts of health code and safety violations. Don’t blame them. Blame the POS mayor.

18 thoughts on “Vdare Conference Terminated by Colorado Resort, Site Paypal Cancelled

  1. “A conference of white supremacists and their sympathizers”
    Is anyone else tired of this slogan reporting in the (((MSM)))?
    Are any of these groups actual “white supremacists”? The marchers banners never ever say these two words, which are Jew Spew.

    If a political party opposes all Immigration – then they are “white supremacists and their sympathizers” even though this platform is obviously not racist or supremacist. It is anti “growth at any cost”, which is the worldwide ((((economic model))) now in place. Such a genuine non Nazi party will always have members who are not white, so how is the party white supremacist? Why not use such dark skinned or Asian members as spokespeople to demolish the (((media))) lie about “white supremacy”.

    Opposing all net immigration – or all immigration – is thus anti-Semitic because Jews want to make more money. At any cost to the world.

    A growing population makes every person poorer, except the One Percenters. The resources of each country are finite. Half of all Americans live in poverty or low income, while boasting about being a great and rich country. Bringing in millions of Africans will make everybody poorer except the lazy bum darky blow ins.

    • Finite resources. That’s the Inspirational Quote I’m putting up in a little while. Vdare sent out similar messages to what you’ve written. The firestorm of hate toward white people is still raging tonight. A significant percent directed at Trump.

      • Cantwell did a selfie video of himself fucking CRYING because he apparently has warrants for his arrest. It’s one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen. I have no doubt that he, Anglin, Kessler, Spencer et al are all plants. This movement has been subverted in a big way.

      • Finite resources in a world of infinite Jew greed. Some resources are declining like fresh water, when more and more is needed. Probably oxygen is being depleted also due to deforestation, and CO2 rising. Oxygen and water are not really free. The world has to be nurtured to provide us with these “free” things essential for human survival. E.g. man made deserts get almost no rain at all. A lot of invisible life forms are also essential but almost nobody cares about them – only animals with big round eyes. Without the microscopic creatures all life on earth will end.

  2. “The cancelation came a day after Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers denounced white supremacy and said the city wouldn’t “provide any support or resources” to the event.”

    Another coward. We are keeping a list of every spineless worm that permits, tolerates, and promotes the destruction of our folk. No pity, no sorrow on the Day of Judgement.


    Vdare must sue the resort and paypal for civil rights violations.

    Businesses are not allowed to discriminate based on race, religion or if a party chooses to exercise civil rights (freedom of speech).

    This is clearly anti-white discrimination. The negative publicity from such a suit would hit them in the pocketbook, for sure.

    Time to regulate internet companies and payment processors, like paypal.

  4. Paladin.. I’m maybe of my head here, if I say, that I see America up to their ankles in gas & some bastards is playing with matches ??
    The bastard ?

    With his Sturm Abteilung goyim, cannon fodders ?

  5. I had a hunch that some Coons were always in the KKK so I looked it up. I was right. Even modern Black Panthers worked with the KKK for their agreed joint goal – separation of the races. The (((media))) will never mention this black cooperation with the KKK, and especially black members of the KKK.
    No wonder hoods were necessary – some blackface under there and it was not boot polish.

    Lots of good blacks have always wanted to prevent the uppity criminal niggers from getting the upper hand within their communities. This has occurred and good blacks are now a tiny, scorned minority by their own race.

    Even the KKK were not white supremacists. They were white purists, which is not the same thing at all.

    Nobody call animal breeders haters for trying to improve the race of dogs, cats, cows, racehorses and so on. Almost the whole human population thinks this is an intelligent thing to do. But with humans, this law of nature is reversed. Mixing white genes with the darkest, stupidest and weakest will get the best future humans. So they say, and it is Canonical Law amongst the Jew Supremacists and their running dog goy lackeys.

  6. Since the battle of Charlottesville 2 MAIN THINGS are happening:

    1. Everyone, who is proud and defensive of their European origin is being labeled as WHITE SUPREMACIST.

    Before Charlottesville, the jews used to reserve the terms “white supremacist” for only the rarest cases like the rare news stories about Aryan brotherhood prison killings and such. That way, whenever the term came up, the public, the average white American imagined (thanks to the jew media) something absolutely awful, horrible behind it.

    After Charlottesville you are hearing about white supremacists non-stop and we are at the point where EVERYONE to the right of Bill Clinton is being labeled white supremacist. The term is losing its magic jew powers, just like the nazi term (also invented by jews).


    As Bannon said yesterday in a rather strange interview to an obscure leftie jewish publication:

    “The Democrats,” he said, “the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”


    2. After Daily Stormer shutdown and the labeling of almost every proud white American male as white supremacist, the Jewish-wall-street-owned-silicon Valley is completely ignoring the constitution and the laws and in a soviet jew style silencing the “opposition” and thus silencing millions of proud white American males.

    (BTW: Silicon valley got its name from the computer chip (which contained silicon) manufacturing facilities they used to feature in the 70s. Then came the jew and relocated all chip manufacturing to Taiwan first, then China. Now the valley should be renamed as Jewish Supremacy Valley)

    The gay jew Drudge features the story about that shutting down:

    The Post talks about new crowdfunding site, Hatreon, which markets itself as a company that does NOT police speech. (Except they are down :), ,as of now https://hatreon.us/)

    (REAL SUPREMACY: Jews NEVER shut down any other Jew who is to the right of Bill Clinton like Drudge or Michael Savage. In fact, Israeli Jews are PROUDLY featured in jew papers calling for white genocide as Daily Stormer has documented many many times!)




  7. Don’t know how to post a link here. There’s a video on pjmedia.com of a jew named Andrew Klavan openly calling for the replacement of Whites with jews. Would be good if you can post it.

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