Obama Responds to Charlottesville with Tweet Quoting Nelson Mandela

The word “hate” may only be four letters, but it’s not so simple as the former president would have us to believe.

Righteous hate and anger are healthy. Does anyone doubt that Jesus hated the moneychangers when he went after them in the temple. Everyone knows that story and approves. If Jesus did that today, the press would “crucify” him, so the Jews wouldn’t have to.

Hate can also be easily confused with disgust. The alt-right that I know intimately is not populated heavily with haters. The haters that I see tend to be on the left: Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, et. al.

People like David Duke and Richard Spencer (and many of us here on this site) simply want to be able to live a different life than the American federal government will allow. Our culture is filthy, our government, academicians, and press demonize us for wanting something that our forefathers took for granted. Which is the right to live as we see fit, within the boundaries of the rule of law, based on natural law, not liberal Jewish judges interpretations of man’s law.

Actually, the Mandela quote that Obama Tweeted is not one I would disagree with. I hope the antifa and the left are listening. They are the ones who need to learn to love.


Following a violent day of protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, former president Barack Obama offered a poignant message about racism on social media Saturday night.

Obama took to Twitter to offer a reflection on the nature of hatred and love, courtesy of Nelson Mandela.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…,” the president tweeted in a series of messages. “People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love…”

“‘ …For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.’- Nelson Mandela,” Obama concluded.

The message came following a day of violent unrest in Charlottesville, after white nationalists descended on the city to protest the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Police evacuated crowds from Emancipation Park, where a rally was to be held at noon, after the white nationalists faced off with counter-protesters. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe was prompted to declare a state of emergency.

Notice that the “counter-protesters” (antifa, many wearing masks) did not “descend” on Charlottesville. Look for loaded wording in articles written by the MSM. There’s too much of it for me to call out every time, but I see plenty of it.

The violence culminated in a multi-vehicle incident during which a car plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters. One person was reported dead, and dozens injured, over the course of the day. Two Virginia State Police troopers were also killed when a police helicopter assisting with the melee crashed outside of Charlottesville. The incident is under investigation but police say that foul play is not suspected.

One more thing. Is Obama even remotely aware of the white genocide taking place in post-Mandela South Africa? The old Communist sowed the seeds of a modern holocaust that Obama has never said a word about.

Hypocrisy? Much.

21 thoughts on “Obama Responds to Charlottesville with Tweet Quoting Nelson Mandela

  1. Going to get some sleep now. When I wake up, if Facebook hasn’t killed all the links to the Heather Heyer post, then I’ll have to release some liberals’ comments out of moderation. I’ve triggered a bunch of them, for sure. Have fun commenting on that post if you enjoy triggering liberals. Bye for now.

  2. Obamacare so full of love …with his CIA background…funny thing how his grandmother and mother “died” just as he was becoming President….who gave the OK loving Barry ..they were white so I guess it’s OK

  3. Ironic, in that he says people are not born “racist” but yet the Jew’s narrative is that White people are born anti-Semitic/racist.

    Are white people the only soul with a conscience???

    • Yes, white folk ARE the only people with a conscience. Dont believe it? Just look around…
      oh, and btw, the Bible tells us that God ‘wrote his law upon the heart of His people’ ; so, even the dimmest among us couldnt see WHO we are.

      Like everything hussein obummer and the communist murderer mandela says, the ‘quotes’ are a lie. The jew is born with a htred of white, True Israelites. Its in their dna. [and again, the Bible tells us of this…] The chinks hate everyone else. The african is born with overriding hatred of others. ONLY white people have a sense of altruism. It takes the actions of the other races to eventually wake some of us up and begin our righteous hatred of them and their ‘culture’.

  4. Once again, Obama shows his ignorance and stupidity. Mandela turned a prosperous WHITE country into a lawless nigger toilet and the rape capital of the planet. Anyone stupid enough to quote a criminal nation wrecker isn’t qualified to be a shoe shine boy, let alone a leader with anything important or profound to say.

  5. The magic mulatto retard is the best friend Whites ever had. This dumb little special ego tripping monkey manages to hit every bad and sour note on purpose. If I was using this clod as a meat puppet, I wouldn’t change a thing. This clown from the Savannah is without doubt the dumbest thing on two legs that managed to be old enough to talk.

  6. Nelson Mandela is a communist terrorist who ruined a great country damn those White politicians who handed it to him. Janusz Walus is my hero!!

  7. The BS “color of their skin” line of crap is getting stale too. If coons had white skin I would still dislike them because of their BEHAVIOR, much as I dislike Jews for their behavior, despite their white skin.

    Skin has nothing to do with it. Honor, pride, industry, and dignity have everything to do with it.

    • RACE has everything to do with it. All you listed is made by the European race. They make us think we are now defined as “whites” just so that they can easily point and say that we hate others because of their skin color. Skin color is of no importance. The only think that matters is race and if everyone else has the right to their own countries, then so do european whites have the right to their own countries without kikes, muzzies, niggers or others interfering.

  8. “People like David Duke and Richard Spencer (and many of us here on this site) simply want to be able to live a different life than the American federal government will allow.”

    Then here’s an idea for you: Stop being a bunch of gay-bashing, Muslim-bashing, black-bashing, hispanic-bashing, fat-bashing fuck heads and start concentrating on the politics.

    • We here do not want or accept mud-people. God made countries for them in which to live. They can go live in those countries and be free of evil YT’s oppression.

      • I love everybody.
        Except Coons, Chinks and shitskins.
        I only hate one group. That is white people like Ricky with the skull pic, who hates whites and loves darkies and bum banging analists. Ricky actually must be a Jew because he left that group off the list. The jew gets named here and often.

        “start concentrating on the politics.”
        The destruction of the West as ordered by Jew Supremacists is working and is entirely due to Immigration of fast breeder Coons and shitskins, plus abortion of white babies, feminism etc. Why do the PTB think that no white person is going to be upset by such incredible change in only 50 years? This is not politics – it is the planned genocide of the white Race.

    • “Stop being a bunch of gay-bashing,”

      Ricky has a point. Just because sick degenerates like to eat each other’s shit and get filthy diseases doesn’t make them any less acceptable than the rest of us. Learn to be more tolerant of behavior that is turning our culture and society into a toilet, or be called a “hater” and a “fuck head” by pious people like Ricky.

  9. I am an ex South African and all I can say is that Mandela is the biggest curse ever that came over my beloved country. Thanks to the Western governments that made it all possible.

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