Leftist Nexus Legal Services Will Pay Bail for Charlottesville Antifa


Nexus specializes in giving illegal immigrants lawyers so they can fight deportation. The law firm files a lot of big lawsuits against government officials.

Excerpt from PR Newswire

VERONA, Va., Aug. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nexus Services, Inc., CEO Mike Donovan announced today that his company would free all pro-civil rights “counter-protestors” by paying for all bonds stemming from the arrests of those standing against the “neo-Confederates” in Charlottesville, Virginia today.

“We respect the constitutional rights of the citizens’ of Charlottesville, particularly the young people rallying against hate who attend the University of Virginia. We also know that many young people lack the money to secure and post bond. Nexus Services Inc. will help those counter protesting the neo-Confederate rally, particularly students, and get help them out of jail and home as soon as possible.”

Nexus Services, Inc. will not secure bond for anyone wearing masks in public demonstrations that are found to be in violation the “Ku Klux Klan Act” of 1871.

The bail-assistance hotline is 434-688-0036. Collect calls will be accepted.

Friends, faculty and relatives are encouraged to share this number with any one joining the counter-protest against the neo-Confederates and in need assistance paying bail.

CEO Mike Donovan looks like a goofball. His blog domain has expired. Who with any reasonable level of competence let’s his website domain expire?

I smell Soros money. The goofball looks incapable of making money the honest way.

Meanwhile, I have to laugh at the stupidity of the antifa bitch holding the sign below. If she ever decides to confront real “Nazis” she’s going to learn a whole new meaning of the word pain.

9 thoughts on “Leftist Nexus Legal Services Will Pay Bail for Charlottesville Antifa

  1. “stupidity of the antifa bitch holding the sign below”.
    Paladin, that bitch is a man! He is wearing a transgender “camouflage” shirt just in case anyone misses it. As almost always, the tranny is very tall and masculine looking. Compare height with real woman in front. The pervert is taller than the man with the beard standing next to the sick circus freak. Next, trannies love to dye their hair blond or orange just so they will look even more ridiculous.
    That is not enough craziness, so the male bitch has a sign with the Anarchist symbol on it.
    If real Nazis met this poof – there is no doubt who would be getting killed, and quickly.

  2. In all of history than have never been more than two or three million Nazis. That is less than the “missing” kikes. German conscripts were not Nazis. Most Germans never joined, just as most Soviet citizens never joined the Communist party. Ambitious crawling toadies were the ones that joined after 1933 and 1917 respectively.

    I will hazard an outrageous guess that there are more transvestites in the world right now than genuine Nazis. Maybe ten T to one N. Thus:
    10 x N = T

    Nazis are a mirage, like the boogey man, which Abo parents used to stop their children wandering off in to the night. I wish there were tens of millions of Nazis – but it will never happen.

    Just thinking aloud here. A Gay “pride” parade would be an ideal place for a Muslim motorist to “do the Muslim thing” in the name of Allah. Normally I never like to give teatowelheads ideas.

  3. There are many millions of evil YT’s still cucked and slumbering in The Jew Matrix. Lots of them get their shekels from the Christ-killers and do not care that they are race-traitor cucks.

  4. What is so funny is that these people don’t realize that their Idol…George Soros worked with his father and the Nazis in their robbing and stealing from the Jews during WWII. How do you think his father became so rich?

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