Images of Dead Pile of Charlottesville Blubber Heather Heyer Going Viral

No comments from me. I’m a nice boy.

Seen at Roosh V’s Twitter page. The comments at Roosh are mean. If you’re sensitive you may not want to read them.

And one more, seen at Microchip’s Twitter:

31 thoughts on “Images of Dead Pile of Charlottesville Blubber Heather Heyer Going Viral

  1. I tried to post my comment at Breitbart – **Live Wire** Charlottesville Protest Turns Violent as State of Emergency Declared – But it was removed, hence I will post it here –

    What the hell all these Lefturds are babbling about “supremacy” … I am sick of this “supremacy” mantra, who cares anything about “supremacy” … my wish is SEPARATION, DISSOCIATION from BLM Diversity and Homo-Left … that’s all. Homo-Left + BLM-Diversity is not my ideal, TRADITIONAL predominantly Euro-society is, and that is MY RIGHT.

    SEPARATION from Lefturdish Multicultural Integration is basic right, same as Lefturdism and BLM-Diversity are basic rights of those that prefer it. Hence, sort of DUAL Society, Dual System, and tensions would miraculously go away. Involuntary Synthetic political and cultural quasi-unity is eternal source of NEVER ENDING conflicts, which is why Globalists tend to destroy Monolithic White Nations or Euro-Race thru forced Miscegenation with Third World Aliens and Global Communism-Lefturdism

    This will not go just as GLOBALISTS wish … no effing way

    • There’s nothing wrong with your comment, but the faggots at Breitbart are trying to sell advertising. I’m not. You might also try posting at Amren. As long as you don’t criticize Jews, you’re generally OK over there.

      • True dat homey. JewBart, American Ren, and Gateway Pundit have all banned me permanently. Too lazy to make up another email address for the Disqus fags. Once these sites get big and popular, they start a shekel flow. They will let nothing interfere with the shekels. I will say that the best large site out there is Zero Hedge. No snowflake moderator cunts to be offended there. There, I can share the truth about niggers, kikes, and sodomites all I want.

    • I like to read JewBart but got banned for the tenth time several days ago. Usually, it is just a time-out, but I think I am banned for good now. Oh well, keep spreading the truth on other forums.

    • Can you imagine the guilt she had at Thanksgiving time when the kikes run all of those gimmie commercials for the poor disadvantaged Africans? She probably hoped that she could die like she did to make atonement for her white guilt.

      Mission accomplished .

  2. ……and the Conspiracy Theorist of the Day Award goes to Al Sharpton. On an MSNBC panel earlier today he demanded to know who financed the killer’s trip from Ohio. I didn’t realize gassing up your car and turning on your GPS was supposed to require a shadowy network of helpers. Hell, last year I drove 700 miles to Florida with a rambunctious cat crawling all over me all by my lonesome.

    • I could tell she was large, but I didn’t expect what I see in this post. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to reading her obit in the local paper when she’s buried. Her mother is out talking her up big today. Gotta see if “like mother, like daughter” applies.

  3. Wow I can understand the anguish of the librards in losing such a valuable land whale. R. I. P. Heather. Your bloated carcass shall not be forgotten.

  4. I will speak in favour of some beached whales that are white and maybe even vote left, hell most women vote left anyway. I have seen many female dugongs or whales (with two legs) in Sydney aged about 35 or so, with a very attractive small baby. They start late, and too little, but even one white baby is much better than none.

    This woman should have been at home looking after a baby, not protesting in the streets knowing that her march was illegal and the other side are very brave men who will defend themselves, not run away. Maybe she did not know that since she watched the (((MSM))) to learn her facts.

    All of these people should have been arrested and in custody before the car hit them. If the cops had been doing their job.

    • It’s even worse. The cops herded the WNs into the crowd of antifa so that the WNs would be assaulted. I wonder if whale lady had weapons when she was hit in the chain reaction car crash. I’m calling it a car crash from now on since it’s become clearer that Fields was trying to leave town and took a wrong turn which got him attacked. We should contact his lawyer. We could craft the perfect defense for him.

  5. The kike mayor will be sued and investigated. He will throw under the bus his creepy-looking high-yellow mulatto police chief.

  6. You are all sick and ****** up. You are the minority. Give up you will not win your horrible sick war against peace and equality!!!

  7. Let me tell you something! I seldom bother to tell people how disgusting they are but when it comes to this bullshit you’ve done to girl murdered by an insecure, coward, white supremacist mama’s boy, you’re just as weak, disgraceful & suffer 100% as much as he does from little-man syndrome. What’s your real name? You won’t say cause you’re too cowardly to say so! Just another on title punk acting like a tough guy online. All you are is a pathetic little wannabe. That girl did more for the people in need in this world in 1 year than you will do in your lifetime. Shame on you! You’re a disgusting little punk ass boy and you KNOW it, otherwise you would not talk shit about others. Where’s your picture, Romeo? You Mr. perfect? No guy who has a good self-confidence would write the cowardly bs you wrote. You owe her a apology, or a douchebag you will forever be.

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