Baked Alaska Had Acid Thrown in His Eyes and is Now BLIND

During the Saturday attack on White Nationalists by violent antifa members, prominent alt-right activist Baked Alaska had acid thrown into his eyes. He may be permanently blinded. Millenial Matt explains in the short Twitter video below.

The left rejoices when a man is blinded:

H/T to Wullfe for tipping me off to this story.

23 thoughts on “Baked Alaska Had Acid Thrown in His Eyes and is Now BLIND

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  2. Now Fox is calling them “White Supremacist Terrorists.” Who are the terrorists? Someone on Twitter is offering $100, another $1,000, for information on who did this to Baked Alaska.

    We should see some burns around his eyes if it was acid. Mace is temporary.

    With pepper spray he might be experiencing corneal epithelial swelling that could cause temporary blindness. Normally eyesight returns within one day to one week.

    Not sure why doctors thought he might have permanent damage unless the spray was something much more harmful or he has diabetes, dry eye, or has been sprayed before. Repeated sprays can cause permanent damage.

    They need to wear protective goggles next time.

  3. Welcome to Civil War II. Long anticipated, War has come. Join the Mobile Infantry, Get Citizenship. Do not delay. When they call you terrorists, they are already mobilizing. Fortunately Dumbo Obama has reduced ZARDOZ and the Amerikwan Legions to a pitiful force full of his divershitty. However, they will try to break you up and use police units since the Legions are tired and ineffective. Do not associate with IKAGO tokens. They are the enemy. Tribe is all the Stone Age Savage knows. Enemy is worse than traitor. Some of you may be surprised or shocked. But War is here. If you do not fight, your enemies do not show mercy to you and your kind. Stand up Men of the West. The Eye of Soros has an orc army to kill you and rape your women. Fight or die.

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