Antifa Names Comrade Heather Heyer as Victim of Charlottesville “Terrorist Attack”

That photo above of the now deceased Heather Heyer is the photo the left is pushing out on Twitter. There must be some symbolism to the yellow tint, but I don’t know what it is.

Here’s a few more pics that I found this early Sunday A.M.

Heyer even looks like a lefty race mixer. As of this writing, not much is known about her.

Excerpt from IBT

A young paralegal from Greene County, Virginia, was identified as the victim of violence that broke out after hundreds of white nationalists converged Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, to participate in the Unite the Right rally held against the city’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the Emancipation Park.

Heather Heyer, 32, died when a car with an Ohio license plate rammed into a crowd near the city’s downtown mall after the rally at the city park was dispersed, according to reports. Heyers was one of the counterprotesters marching in jubilation near the mall after the white nationalists dispersed from the scene.

Condolences poured in on social media, with many Twitter users saying Heyer died fighting against racism and hate.

One of the posts read: “Rest in Power #HeatherHeyer we will remember and celebrate you and the legacies of other victims of hate as we continue to #resist.” While another Twitter user said: “Her name was Heather Heyer. Killed by a coward in cold blood. Thank you for your heroism Heather. You won’t be forgotten. #Charlottesviille.”

The IBT piece goes on to lionize her as a hero. You’ll read here some of the left’s finest bullsh*t. These dumb asses don’t even know who the f*ck Heyer is.

Twitter Left:

She died. That’s about the only part of the left’s narrative that’s verifiable. The rest is garbage.

Really, to white taxpaying Americans, Heyer isn’t much of a sympathetic figure. If she had children left behind as orphans it would be a different story. It appears that she was a feminist, into the purple hair thing, and bloated by a junk food diet.

34 thoughts on “Antifa Names Comrade Heather Heyer as Victim of Charlottesville “Terrorist Attack”

  1. Dude. May you grow to find peace in your life to write words like this about someone who needlessly died. You don’t have a daughter yet but someday I hope you understand. I really do

    • Do you believe it’s real? Look at previous Sabateur article where “reporters” inform the killers mother what he had done ..her last name is (((Bloom))) she has NO emotion what so ever and just sits there …the police didn’t inform her REPORTERS did …. No one died in Sandy hook …911 was staged (people did die in 911) but not by Crazed Arabs….your emotions are what they want that’s how they got into endless wars after 911

    • Ray, all of life is about survival. In the 21st century, we do not think of it in those terms, because in America we have plenty of food, clean water, electronic Icrap, medicine, and law/order and suffer only First-World problems (my Iphone took a shit). We are being race-replaced by the Christ-killers who are using our own laws/legal system against us. The kikes are also using their colored pets/minions as the foot-soldiers in their effort to destroy us. Plus, our own jew-owned politicians e.g. Terry McAuliffe, the Charlottesville jew mayor, cucks Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, et al, who have sold us out for jew campaign cash/shekels to turbo-charge the whole effort. Charlottesville, among cities all over America, is removing all of our evil YT cultural symbols/heritage to assuage the niggers. The niggers are actually too stupid to initiate these efforts, but their jew cohorts: ACLU, NAACP, $PLC, George Soros and Co., are all the jews behind the curtain fomenting these efforts. I too have a libtard daughter who right now is not talking to me, because I am an evil YT racist. I love her and hope she comes to her senses, but survival/necessity take precedence over all else, even sappy love. Jesus himself said that he came to earth to turn children against their parents and spouse against spouse and friend against friend (in the context of Christians against pagans/atheists). The principal here is the same. This Heyer woman was working against your interests as a human being and an American. Respectfully submitted.

      • Truth-hammer, I have some bad news to break to you. Take a seat. You may think you’re a free, white man, but the truth is that you are my slave, my puppet.

        I run the Neo-Nazi/White Nationalist/Whatevers.

        The Communist ANTIFAS likewise fantasize that they act freely, but they too are my slaves, my puppets.

        I am the puppetmaster, and you are my playthings.

        Parentheses? I don’t need no stinkin’ parentheses!

        Nicholas Stix, CEO, President, Chairman of the Board, and chief cook and bottle-washer of ZOG

  2. “Heather HIRE” maybe (if it’s all a crisis-actors scam).

    She was cute in the top photo, but big changes in her appearance in the lower photos.

    You do know that about ONE YEAR after Sandy Hook, ie, late 2013, the Social Security Death Index changed their rules, supposedly due to budget, that no one can look up a person’s death (to confirm they are actually dead) UNTIL THREE YEARS AFTER THEY HAVE DIED.

    What a “killer” because many of us used to use the SSDI all the time as one way to confirm if these people are real & if they really died. The SSDI is who originally listed Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook “shooter”) as having died THE DAY BEFORE, 12/13/12 vs. the 14th, the day he supposed shot up the school.

  3. Third pic down. Lol, that IS the coal burner look! I thought the same thing too after seeing that pic elsewhere, before I even came in here.

  4. Wow you’re an asshat. She was a local standing up for equal rights and you assault her character based on how she looks and rumors from your white supremacist underground. Crawl back in your holes.

      • Maybe when she was standing up for JUish supremacy she should of done it from the sidewalk! Her last ((( name))) also suspicious..all the players can now collect their sheckels

      • White genocide, LOL. Never let it be said the Extremist RIght isn’t the biggest pile of snowflake pussies the world has ever seen.

      • Can we bring the genocide over to your house? Just so you know what I look like when I show up:

        There’ll be a whole mob of us at your place at 11 so you can genocide us. We all look pretty much the same. We’ll be wearing plaid PJs.

    • Isn’t against the law to block the roads! Sooner or later this was going to happen ..haven’t you seen those hordes of paid Antifa Communist rioters blocking major roadways and streets beating on people’s cars..what would you do can’t get out cause if those racists don’t like what you look like they will beat you up or maybe kill you. Maybe the kid driving the car was frightened..have you ever been in your car and approached by a pack of masked idiots …let me tell you I am not getting out ..I am plowing thru!

  5. This (((Heyer))) woman was a childless, fat mud-shark. All of the signs are there: she was a libtard jewess, her physical appearance, the purple hair, mud-shark physiognomy, a spinster, supporting the kike/nigger anti-YT agenda. People who are race-traitors are not worthy of empathy.

    • She also has that thousand cock stare.

      One thing I have noticed about most SJW retards is they all look like degenerates and perverted freaks. You never see white working men among them because, well, they are all at work.

  6. i think the attack was real. What is unreal is how did the driver get such a free run and especially another free run in reverse? Either he had an accomplice in the car behind who blocked traffic, or he had accomplices in the police who stopped any cars behind him from moving. Possibly, most cars stopped well back to avoid being stoned by antifa or burned Paris style.

    This may be a road rage incident unrelated to politics. One thing drivers can not stand is being stopped especially by a herd of illegal pedestrians. This is like a red flag to a bull.

    Owning a gun us a privilege. Driving a motorised private car fast is a right, probably in the Constitution of 200 years ago.

  7. It’s too funny that the comments policy “forbids insulting other commenters,” but that’s the way things are in America. The sad thing is that as humans are lives are over in the blink of an eye, and it’s a shame when we can’t realize that responding to hate WITH hate just perpetuates a cycle of fear and violence. If you really want to live with that kind of dark cloud over your head, I feel a great deal of pity and sadness for you. Your focus in life is simply wrong.

    If you find yourself – and I speak to any commenters to which this applies – getting enjoyment in life posting demeaning retorts to absolute strangers, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about what is going on in your real life. Commenting to strangers does nothing – every retort you throw back at them just cements their beliefs further. You have made no progress in changing anyone or society, and for the most part, have only received joy in a very selfish way. I encourage all of you to examine yourself closely – is your approach in life doing anything productive? Will it even have the end result you want? I can say with certainty – it will not. Good luck.

  8. The frighteningly deluded mind of the white supremacist, the biggest snowflake of them all, representing whiteness with such embarrassing entitlement that white genocide kinda sounds like a decent option. Don’t you realize that you’ve doomed your cause from the start just by being who/what you are? Lol.

  9. Anti-White lawfare-activist Heather Heyer was too fat to run fast enough to get out of the way of a car. She was probably pushed aside by fleeing negroes. I guess she shouldn’t have been illegally parading in the middle of the street.

  10. I kept reading because from the writing it looked like you’re gonna reveal some sinister plot twitst about her, and I was curious if other people know something about her, other than we’ve been seeing on twitter etc. Well turned out in the end she deserved to die because she’s “feminist with purple hair, and fat”. Fuck, you people are evil and you don’t even know about it.

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