Antifa Flyer Cites Plan to “Purge” White Children from the Planet

Jeff Sessions is reportedly investigating White Nationalists. We must pressure everyone to investigate the Antifa too.

There’s a psy op here. The “Heebs” actually control the Antifa, although they also control the banks, movies, TV, higher ed, etc.,–every aspect of the lives of white people. I’m not sure why the Heebs are mentioned as masters of all whites. It may just be Kike bragging because I’m reasonably sure that a Kike wrote the flyer.

Seen at Microchip’s Twitter.

23 thoughts on “Antifa Flyer Cites Plan to “Purge” White Children from the Planet

  1. Trolling mocking antifa.
    The “heebs” know that dead “beautiful children” can cause the most sane men to do stupid things.
    There is some accidental truth.
    “White supremacists”, who admit to believing in this badly outdated idea, are often lead by Jews, including Nazi parties. Jews love infiltrating all extreme groups both left and right. The left ones they help, the right ones they destroy.

    So yes, the Heebs should be purged and shunned from all right wing groups. They should never be leaders and spokespeople of the Right – as they often are. Do not watch their videos or click on any of their writings, never donate money to a Heeb or buy their book. Starve them. Never vote for one.


    They have a problem with words that sound similar, but have a different spelling.

    This gutter man means too, not to. He means too late, not to late.

    As most are dropouts.

  3. “There’s a psy op here.”

    THAT is a true statement if there ever was one, & it is so obvious > an “American Spring” is in the works with hired anti-White provocateurs everywhere, stirring up trouble.

    How long & how far will they let it go on is the question.

  4. Heebs and Worker’s Paradise are over the top. Credibility plummets. I suspect this is the work of a troll, not a leftist. The buzz words are too buzzy.

    • These idiots would have made “Uncle Joe” proud. Workers paradise….$#!t. Venezuela is their idea of paradise coming to an American city near you….

  5. AMBUSH.

    Good write up here as to why these rallies are a bad idea > the wrong side is being painted as the Evil Ones by (((design))); good comments in the comments section:

    8/13/17: “The Alt Right was Led Into a Trap in Charlottesville, Pro-Whites Now Seen as Terrorists”:

    By “led into a trap,” he was not referring to the mayor, governor, police, etc., but to the (((provocateurs))) who are part of the Alt-Right. He names names near the bottom of the article, most of which I am not familiar, except he did include Baked Alaska.

    I wondered about the Kessler guy who got the permit so far in advance that it gave the anti’s & their handlers plenty of time to plan trouble. Kessler sounds like it could be a Jewish name.

    Comments suggest >

    –Moving North +60th parallel; another said farther North above the 90th parallel (how far North is that?) & just let the crazies have below that as all H will break loose eventually.

    –Stunt actors were those “victims” thrown into the air by the “ex-military looking stunt driver” who could not have been the weakling named Fields.
    *The tint on the attack vehicle has a VLT percentage much lower than what state law permits, so dark that you can’t even see a silhouette of a driver. Here is a link on Ohio window tint laws: tintcenter dot com/laws/OH/.

    The one good shot of the driver through the windshield shows the chiseled face of a obvious ex-military type, not the weak jaw of that alt-right half jew. When bodies went flying and his car was getting beaten with bats he would have sharted his pants, not rip down 3 blocks in reverse in order to get a safe spot.

    The interview with his jewish mother Samantha Bloom was very odd and needs to be viewed. I think AP was the first to interview her and its up on youtube.

    The helicopter watching the chaos from the skies crashed into the ground killing both officers and destroying any video evidence.*

    • CAR TAGS in the 8/12/17 Charlottesville, VA, PsyOp are providing more message-clues than the signs the protesters carried.

      First it was the Dodge Charger-or-Challenger (?) that mowed down the crowd, with tag of GVF 1111 (two 11’s).

      Then during the AP interview of the driver’s mother, Samantha Bloom, the car in her garage had the tag of GVF 1122 (11 + 22 = 33; plus date of JFK murder 11/22).

      A third message on the tag of the crushed white Toyota with black-top says, “GOD KEEP ME”:

      • Good find with the license plate. The son’s and mom’s tags would be sequential if they bought them at the same time. Once, when I bought two vehicles at an auction, I got sequential tag numbers.

      • Yeah, I thought of that previously. What’s odd is the fact cars & their tags seemed to be the “theme” of this “event.”

        If it had only been James Fields’ “road rage” car/tag that was noticed & its 1111, then that would have been the end of it.

        (Years ago online there was a lot of talk about people kept seeing the number 111 &/or 1111 or 11:11 everywhere; discussions in forums & groups, etc. Google results are still out there, going back to circa 2008, just type in “Seeing number 111 everywhere”).

        What really perked my radar was AP interviewing the mother in the GARAGE where HER car & tag were clearly visible. Why didn’t they interview her in the yard or the house, etc. But they filmed it in the GARAGE where HER car/tag could also be seen.

        “This device is known as an ‘occult blind,’ that is, it is designed to ‘carry an open symbolism acceptable to the uninitiated, yet at the same time, to hide a more profound meaning accessible only to those familiar with Arcane symbolism.'” (Ovason, p. 218).
        –David Ovason, 1938-2013, was an English esoteric author who hung himself in January 2013 at age 75, supposedly because his wife had taken up with another man. He wrote numerous books under several pseudonyms:
        –Books List:
        –Death: cravenherald dot co dot uk/news/10584198.Man_killed_himself_after_marriage_breakdown/

        1111 is two 11’s to them. 11 is a big deal. Many articles about the significance of the number 11 (in occult thinking) were online after 9/11. And two 11’s = 22 amplifying its significance; and of course, 11 + 22 = 33, their Master Masonic number (occultists take 33 from the fact Jesus died at age 33. They base a lot of their occult crap on Biblical events — the devil is a copycat — which is why I “keep watch”).

        “New Age” (an arm of the “Deep State”) sites say:

        –“The number 1111 meaning is often considered to be something of a WAKE-UP CALL. If you keep seeing 1111, the universe is sending you a very clear message: PAY ATTENTION.”

        –“Number 1122 asks you to STEP OUT of your COMFORT zone, LEAVE BEHIND THE ‘OLD’ AND OUTDATED, and make a concerted effort to steer your life towards a more spiritually-based life and lifestyle.”

        Now read between those above lines:

        –1111 > Wake Up & Pay Attention as we [Deep State] are up to something big (Alt-Right sites I’ve been reading tonight are saying that Charlottesville was the BEGINNING OF THE END for Whites).

        –1122 > We [Deep State/occult/controllers] demand you Whites, Christians, Conservatives, Nationalists, etc., STEP OUT of your long-held COMFORT ZONE & leave everything you ever believed in BEHIND because it is OLD & OUTDATED, & join us in our “New World Order” a/k/a [New Age/Theosophy] “Christ Consciousness Utopia.”

        That’s what I get out of it anyway.

        Then add the third car tag, “GOD KEEP ME” > all smashed & crashed. If that isn’t an “occult message” to reject God, I don’t know what is. Or they could be saying, “If you believe in God, this is what we will do to you.”

      • Wow! I’m too tired and sleepy to process all this. I do get your last sentence right off the bat. As to 1111 I’ve seen that at GLP forums, but never paid much attention to it. It bears more looking into, I see.

        I may get back to you on this after a few hours of rest.


        PJ had said: “The son’s and mom’s tags would be sequential if they bought them at the same time.”

        The numbers are 11 numbers apart > 1122 – 1111 = 11. So did mother & son stand in the DMV line with 11 other people in between them getting their tags as well?

        Wouldn’t the tag numbers, if truly sequential, go like so:

        Son’s Tag – 1111
        Next – 1112
        Next – 1113
        Next – 1114
        Next – 1115
        Next – 1116
        Next – 1117
        Next – 1118
        Next – 1119
        Next – 1120
        Next – 1121
        Mom’s Tag – 1122

        What are the chances their two car tags would be exactly 11 numbers apart? (#11 already being the focus of both their tags: 11 – 11 – 11 – 22)

        The fact that their two tags ARE 11 numbers apart is in itself yet another #11 “sign/signal.”

        Or do DMV’s always create tags with ALL tag-numbers exactly 11 numbers apart? (sort of like buildings leaving out a Floor #13, lol).

      • Interesting. Where I get my tags, the Mexican clerks are slow. The son bought the car in 2010. It was out of state, from Michigan. There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out. What they do here is sit you in an area to fill out the paperwork so that other customers can be served. So, mom got hers. Then sonny had to spend a half hour going through rigamarole before he got his. Meanwhile the other customers in line got the intervening numbers.

        That’s my explanation. There could be some conspiracy going on, but I doubt it.

      • OK, thank you! I haven’t bought too many cars in my time as I always kept them for a dozen years at least. I don’t think FLA County DMV clerks were as slow as those in Texas (or they did not USED TO BE, they were mostly white then).

        All I remember having to do is show proof of insurance/card & driver’s license & that’s it.

        No doubt Big Daddy Police State probably now wants tons more info from people which would take longer.

      • There’s more red tape if you bring a car in from out of state. I was getting mine when an intelligent black guy from California who had moved to Texas was trying to get his Texas plates. They wouldn’t give him anything because he lacked some piece of paper from California. I can’t recall what it was. Anyway, it’s simple if you buy an instate car, but not so simple if you buy out of state. The Dodge came from Michigan. The buyer was in Ohio.

      • Thank you again! Twice I’ve moved with cars to different states but that was so long ago I can’t remember the DMV process, so I’ll take your word for it. 😉

  6. What stupid HEEB put that flyer out? This is what I mean about the stupidest generation EVER! Maybe multiculturalism has made this brown stew really stupid! Heebs are the ones who fund and organize Antifa tards as they have all IDIOT uprisings around the world! We could sacrifice these shit heads …it would be like cleansing tainted DNA

  7. I noticed in Charlottesville that there niggers galore committing violent acts. The kike media makes no mention of the niggers.

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