White Mom Confronts Negress Who Stole Her Debit Card Info and Drained Her Bank Account



Tattooed single mother of three, Courtney Parks, assumed that the Nog window worker at Steak n Shake who stole her debit card info to go on a spending spree could be shamed.


Nogs have no morals and no conscience. The only thing that phases them is getting caught and punished, and even that doesn’t phase them that much.

Courtney has filed a police report, but it would be surprising if the justice system does much with Peandra Winn so long as Courtney gets her money back.

Apparently the Nog was too stupid to understand how easy it would be track unauthorized purchases back to her.

Daily Mail

A North Carolina mom-of-three did her own detective work when she noticed $600 missing from her bank account with charges from clothing and beauty store, as well as care insurance and electric companies.

Courtney Parks, 27, tracked down a worker at a Kannapolis Steak n’ Shake, where she was eating just the night before, and confronted the thief in this six-minute viral video.

In the video, the worker apologizes saying, ‘I’m sorry about that, I’m willing to pay all your money back’.

Video of the confrontation was posted to Facebook and has almost half a million views.

Parks, 27, went through the Steak n’ Shake drive-thru where she bought dinner for her family.


The next morning she woke up with $600.68 missing from her bank account.

Purchases were on the card from Guess, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Allstate Car Insurance, and an electric company, leaving Parks with $12. There were even two pending PayPal charges.

All of the charges were made between 11pm and four am.

Parks did some investigative work, first calling the bank and then tracking the purchases that were being shipped to Kannapolis.

She noticed that the charges began an hour after the Steak n’ Shake visit. The mom-of-three then called the burger restaurant to ask the name of the worker who was at the drive-thru the previous night, saying she wanted to write a costumer survey.

Peandra Winn, 28, who goes by Charnelle on Facebook, is the worker who allegedly stole the debit card information. Parks searched the name on Facebook and the photo matched the drive-thru attendant.

Once she had the name, Parks called the electric company who confirmed that the payment was made with her card information. The other retailers confirmed that they were also shipping products to Winn’s home.

Debit Card Charges

11:48pm: Guess Factory- $151.93

11:55pm: Allstate- $143.00

12:04am: Duke Power- $121.50

1:19am: City Gear- $136.16

1:39am: Sally’s Beauty Supply- $48.09

TOTAL: $600.68

It was then that Parks went back to the Steak n’ Shake with her kids and a friend to confront the thief.

‘I was buying burgers for my family and you stole everything I had in my bank account’, she said in the video.

Parks even said the check for her children’s daycare had bounced back.

The woman was apologetic saying she has two kids and offered to pay the money back. A store manager asked Parks to write down her information, but she was too shaken to do so.

Parks told Dailymail.com: ‘I know people are wondering why I decided to go up there with my children, but I wanted her to see who she stole from.’

She has filed a police report and is hoping to be reimbursed soon.

The Kannapolis Steak n’ Shake declined to comment on if the alleged suspect was fired or not.

12 thoughts on “White Mom Confronts Negress Who Stole Her Debit Card Info and Drained Her Bank Account

  1. Who cares if this woman has tats or is a single mom. She has gumption. Wtf does the Alt Right and WN do? Hold bogus rallies and fight with paid Antifa.

    • This is a very true statement. I used to work in a field that had me inside housing projects. You DO NOT want to eat food that has been handled by these niggers. The average white can’t conceive of the filth those people live in.

  2. Wow, brave woman! Got more balls than me. I’m guessing dad took off on her. That’s sad, at least she is fighting fo herself and her family. Good luck.

  3. This is why I avoid using my debit card for retail purchases. Pay cash or occasionally a paper check. And the cops usually send this sort of crime or any property crime right to the circular file. We’ve had a couple of incidences where I work of stolen credit card fraud, one of them for $3000, and the police didn’t do jack. That $3000 was racked up in a neighboring suburb – the city cops said go to the suburban police, that’s where the money was stolen. The suburban cops said go to the city police that’s where the card was stolen. The bank and card companies usually make the theft good so no one cares.

  4. The police are so nigger-cucked and fuxxated that neither they nor the nigger-cucked jewdicial system will do anything to the ghetto ape. I personally would like to force that nigger to bob for french-fries.

  5. This woman should’ve had the Life Lock protection it would do the job well done much quicker than the nog done kept on the spending spare. this nog should be in prison for the thief.

  6. Quote: Tattooed single mother of three, Courtney Parks, assumed that the Nog window worker at Steak n Shake who stole her debit card info to go on a spending spree could be shamed.??
    Shamed ?? You must be more stupid than a lamp post ??
    They feel on top of the world, when they can cheat a white person ?? To them it’s like a win in a lottery ?? They feel smarter than the dumb stupid whitey ?? Their EGO goes to 100 & up !

  7. This website is bullshit. It’s wrong to steal anyone’s money but this racist bullshit has to go. Fuck the piece of shit that wrote this and fuck the pieces of shit racist fucks that commented that bullshit and won’t stand by what they say.

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