Unite the Right Rally Shows Leftist Thugs, Government Unite to Violently Exterminate White People

Spencer was responding to Melania Trump:

The Donald weighed in too:

Microchip responded:

Today’s state of emergency in Virginia merits more than one post. This one is the first.

Microchip is monitoring in real time on Twitter the best alt-right insights into today’s victory in Charlottesville. His extensive bot network gives him access to thousands of Tweets an hour.

Not only did we get the attention of the POTUS, but also the FLOTUS.

We will be using Twitter to push back against the MSM, united in the lie pushed by an enemy government, that we were the thugs. Today’s events show that the USA is an antiwhite police state.


Cuckerservative Laura Ingraham:

Microchip’s response to Ingraham:


Finally, cuck Paul Joseph Watson:

And Microchip’s response:

More later.

13 thoughts on “Unite the Right Rally Shows Leftist Thugs, Government Unite to Violently Exterminate White People

    • I disagree. The evil YT nationalists/alt-righters in every instance have shown up to their rallies/protests and have been peaceable. It is the controlled opposition, jew/George Soros-type/backed libtards and niggers who have always started the violence. The evil YT’s realized that they had to be ready to fight to purvey their views and protect themselves. None of this is new tactics. It was the jew Marxist/Bolshevik/Communists who developed and perfected these tactics. The kike press/media simply supports their actions and the anti-white narrative. Everyone who watches the Christ-killer media gets the lying/skewed jew/libtard/nigger narrative that it is us evil YT’s who are the instigators and perpetrators. Classic jew tactics.

      • I havent been watching on main stream media i have been watching the alt right live streams, I do not support the alt right in any way shape or form. They allow in everything I stand for as a white nationalist. They are ok with homosexuals they have jews among them and they now wanna mow down people just like a muslim terrorist does. Last time i checked we have been standing against allowing The Muslim terrorist into this country to keep terrorist acts like this from happening. If this is indeed the actions of the left to make our folk look bad I will be a little less upset, But it will not change the fact that they share the line with persons whom I would never stand with. They have distorted the white nationalist line of integrity. They may be able to but their way out of it but the one who cant afford to will pay the ultimate price and our pows already behind the wire will suffer as well because of this careless selfish behavior….

      • Softer Side you can not blame all white right wingers for one Jew driving a car. He may have been intentionally trying to damage the movement.

        Also their is no formal membership of the alt-right. I may not be a member at all. I am a free thinker that has moved further to the right due to my nation Australia being intentionally destroyed by Jew inspired invasion of millions of yellows, browns and now blacks.

        One thing I found curious about this alt-right rally was how young the people are. Most right wing males would be over 60 years old on average. This car driver was only 20 years old they reported – too young to have any serious and well thought out political views. With a Jewish background he is not a Nazi.

        The only thing missing is the bowl haircut and waving the Confederate Flag.

  1. I have been watching this all day on Faux Jews, I mean Fox News. Every word and meme out of the Faux News Jews-crew has been a lie. Faux Jews was always a jew news organ and pretended to be traditional/American conservative. Today’s coverage reveals that they are now subsumed/compromised completely by the Jew Narrative/Meme. (As though they were not already that at the outset).

  2. “We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for.”

    Broad statement. Seems to me that the “hate” is coming from cultural Marxist antifa that hate the white race and white men in particular. Was that your point of reference Mr. President? Bravo good sir, bravo.

      • President Trump is not stupid. He spent most of his life in the most jew-nigger-mud race and libtard fuxxated city on earth. He grew up when white America was white America. He also knows that millions of wakened race-realist evil YT’s voted for him to MAGA and MAWA (Make America White Again).

  3. Standing against “hate” is about as ridiculous as having a war on “terror”. It means nothing. My view from here is that each side is quite well defined, and knows who they consider to be their enemy. This is just beginning.

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