The Alt-Right Marched Through Charlottesville Friday Night, Thousands Expected to Rally on Saturday

Race traitors dominate the comments at the source site for this story, the Washington Post. One of them accidentally spoke the truth however, when he or she wrote disapprovingly, “This is only the start.” That’s correct. We have started down the road to total victory. No one could have imagined even two years ago what’s going down with whites around the USA.

Remember, what WaPo calls white supremacists or the alt-right is really just race realists and patriots who understand that you can’t have a nation if you have no borders.

Wait until thousands of real “Nazis” (or whatever they want to call us) take to the streets.

As we know to always be true, it was the leftist scum who attacked our people Friday night, leaving some of them injured. As usual, no arrests were made by traitor police who were surely ordered to stand down.

Washington Post

Chanting “White lives matter!” “You will not replace us!” and “Jews will not replace us!” several hundred white nationalists and white supremacists carrying torches marched in a parade through the University of Virginia campus last night.

The fast-paced march was made up almost exclusively of men in their 20s and 30s, though there were some who looked to be in their mid-teens.

Beginning a little after 9:30 p.m., the march lasted 15 to 20 minutes before ending in skirmishes when the marchers were met by a small group of counterprotesters at the base of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, the university’s founder.

A short brawl erupted after at least one of the counterprotesters apparently deployed a chemical spray, which affected the eyes of a dozen or so marchers. It left them floundering and seeking medical assistance.

Screw WaPo. There was no brawl. There was an attack by the enemies of free speech.

Police officers who had been keeping a wary eye on the march jumped in and broke up the fights. The marchers then disbanded, though several remained and were treated by police and medical personnel for the effects of the mace attack.

It was not clear if anyone was taken into custody. There were no immediate reports of any arrests.

No arrests. As usual. I suspect that the left was losing when the police jumped in. I also suspect they would have stood down longer if the left had been winning.

The march came on the eve of the Unite the Right rally, a gathering of groups from around the country whose members have said they are being persecuted for being white and that white history in America is being erased.

The Saturday rally is being held at noon at Emancipation Park, formerly Lee Park, home to a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that the city of Charlottesville voted to remove earlier this year. The statue remains in the park pending a judge’s ruling expected later this month.

Many city leaders and residents have expressed concern about the prospect of violence at Saturday’s the event.

Estimates have suggested that one thousand or some protesters may take part in the Saturday rally. Expectations were that counter protesters might turn out in larger numbers.

Citing the crowds expected and safety issues, the city ordered the rally moved to a larger park away from the city’s downtown. But Jason Kessler, the rally’s organizer, filed a lawsuit against the city that was supported by the Virginia ACLU, saying that his First Amendment rights would be violated by moving the rally. On Friday, a federal judge ruled that the rally should remain at Emancipation Park.

Saturday’s rally marks the second time in six weeks that Charlottesville has faced a protest from white supremacist groups for its decision to remove the statue. On July 8, about three dozen members of a regional Ku Klux Klan group protested in the city.

The torchlight parade drew sharp condemnations from Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer and U-Va. President Teresa Sullivan.

Sullivan described herself as “deeply saddened and disturbed by the hateful behavior”shown by the marchers.

Signer said he was “beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus.” He called the chanting procession a “cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance.”

I sourced the pictures for this post from the Daily Mail, where you can see more photos and read their version of the story, plus far more balanced comments than at WaPo. Please note that WaPo only allows a certain number of articles to be read for free each month before they block you until you pay.

As Richard Spencer has said, “Hail Victory.”

More on the events in Charlottesville tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “The Alt-Right Marched Through Charlottesville Friday Night, Thousands Expected to Rally on Saturday

  1. I have reservations about Spencer he may be a double agent paid opposition of JU divide and conquer! White Europeans need to educate all races (legal ones) to (((who))) is controlling us. According to your article it appears some were chanting about the JUs. All races must be aware of the JUish supremacy problem. If everyone could come together against the (((problem))) then we could win. These paid Antifa communists are a problem …they are so stupid they don’t even know they are fighting for their own demise! The stupidest generation EVER! They remind me of the old crazies who stood behind Bush and the lie of “he has kept us safe” after he was complicit in JUed up 911. Everyone should live in peace, even if its with your own groups …but we must out the satanic JUs or were screwed.

  2. Virgina is going to be a huge mistake with horrible back lash on the true white nationalist who will in the long run pay for there the alt rights ignorance. And anyone who compromised there integrity with in this movement to stand with race traitors and homosexuals is going to regret it in the end. There ignorance is outing us all at risk and harming everyone including our POWs.

  3. State of emergency declared. This is going exactly where it was intended to and what Trump is here for- to make Whites look bad.

  4. All day Fox implying Whites responsible for the violence. Siding with Antifa and BLN!

    Republicans condemning the “White Nationalists.” Calling them racists and bigots. One said he can’t believe there are so many in this country.

    Very few Alt-Righters commenting on @foxnews. Whites must go there to protest Fox.

    One host said “No air time for David Duke.” All air time given to White haters.

    BUT…this wasn’t the time for chanting “Jews will not replace us!” and “Hail Trump” by the Alt-Righters. That gave the media including FOX just what they needed to condemn the rally.

    Fox hosts are foaming at the mouth in horror that Whites are marching. Good! Let them foam!

    But, finally, Whites are getting media time even if it is negative. It shows Whites have had it. I suggest Spencer and Heimbach continue the rallies.

  5. Trump speaking about racism and bigotry existing a long time in this country not caused by Obama or Trump.

    Says the racism and bigotry must end and true affection for each other. No matter our color, creed, we are all Americans. We must study Charlottesville to see how we can stop this. We must cherish our history, love and respect each other.

    That can be interpreted 2 ways.

    • Trump is strictly a civic nationalists. He could care less if most whites were murdered tomorrow as long as his stock and business interests were still making him money.

      • Totally! No one cares about real people evident with Trumpenstein member of the Kosher Nostra..surrounded himself with Zio swamp monsters, war mongering generals and greedy scum crony capitalist multinational corp heads ..then he pays zero attention to healthcare, removing the Nazi JU Patriot Act and the NDAA crickets on NAFTA and China trade ..etc another elite Zio tool

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