RINO Senator Marco Rubio Blames White Nationalists for Charlottesville Violence

The propaganda war is in full swing this fine Saturday afternoon.

14 thoughts on “RINO Senator Marco Rubio Blames White Nationalists for Charlottesville Violence

  1. Does Rubio actually even KNOW why the driver of the car hit the gas? They’re reporting that someone provoked him by throwing a big rock at the car. But yeah, okay, automatic White supremacist, sure.

  2. I swear, if it turns out that the driver really was just some random guy who got mad over a thrown rock, Cucko Boobio needs to resign from the Senate before the sun goes down tonight. Ditto all these other fucking aliens in the Republican party – McCain, Jeff Fake, Lindsey Graham – who keep bearing false witness over and over again. Enough is enough. The Clintonist wing of the GOP should have been out after the ‘Russia’ hoax. Hell, the Clintonist Republicans should have been out the day after the election.

  3. Little Cuck Marco is not white. He is Cuban, which is a mix of nigger and Spanish. F*ck him. And, to think that he might have been our president. God help us.

  4. The driver was one man. So how could he be “white supremacists”?
    At most, he could be a “white supremacist”.
    If he was a “member” of this jew named mystery group, why kill white people even if they are antifa or other such?

    I would guess that less than 1% of all right wing people are “supremacists”; let us say one in every 200 voters. Almost all whites know those glory days are long gone, due to WWI and WWII and joo control of finance for about 200 years. Now it is white survival at stake. Joos never say “white superiority” because it is true, and they hate the truth.

    WWI – suicide of almost all European Monarchies
    WWII – suicide of all white ascendant Empires
    1945-2016 – joo destruction of the Wests culture and demographics starting with “token” yellows, then other tinted people, Musloids, abortion of white babies etc.
    2017 – extermination of all whites by importing Coons from Africa

    White supremacy never existed. Maybe WWI and WWII prove that whites deserve to die out though I hate to say it.

  5. A lot of fighting that goes on is white vs white. Why do whites in antifa think that blacks are unable to fight for themselves?

    The wars for and against Communism in Africa were often fought between white South Africa soldiers and more or less white Cubans. Very few blacks were fighting and dying for their “liberation” or “Communism”.

    WWI and WWII happened because Germans were jealous of the British Empire, which existed long before Germany was even a nation. The failure of the Brits to share their wealth with their ambitious German cousins is now leading to the total annihilation of both white nations – for ever.

    Wars between whites should have ended for ever in 1865. New weapons meant war was just too deadly and too destructive.

    While whites are fighting and dying, joos are accumulating much of the earths real wealth. Left wing whites should unite with right wing whites against this jew theft.

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