Low Energy Cuck Jeb Bush Blames White Nationalists for Violence

13 thoughts on “Low Energy Cuck Jeb Bush Blames White Nationalists for Violence

  1. The name Jeb Bush always reminds me of Jed Clampett, but without the wisdom. Jeb and Dubya are both on the same intellectual level as Jethro Bodine.

  2. Little Jebbie hates America and cowboys like John Wayne, cause he is a low testosterone idiot. He and the other lispy toadies like Lindsey Crackhead do not fit into the Pioneering Spirit of the Founding Fathers or John Wayne or Wyatt Earp cowboys that stand up for their freedom. They feel more comfortable on their knees as their lowly ghey sexlives have made them do so often.
    They call the foreign rapists an Act of Love not War, cause treason is how they get spending cash. Read the papers and enjoy the trash, that is how he makes his cash. Do not push them out the door, they are all Political Whores. What is That? Its not a Patriot like the Founding Fathers that’s for sure.
    They light the magic lamp that brings in invaders. That moldy green statue symbolizes their Amerika. A decadent immoral flea market that enriches the lazy and steals from the productive. A Chinese Dollar Store of cheap plastic Barbie raping invaders stealing and looting your future to rape your girls and women and breed low brow dark skinned slaves that have never had freedom and so they will never miss it.
    They welcome Attila and his Huns and say they just want a better life. Welcome him and his hordes. They will kill you and rape your women so losers like Little Jebbie can get their Lifestyles of the Diseased and Decadent. Fight for your Right to Party. Pick a Party, any party. All your parties are belong to (((them))).
    THE ILLUSION OF CHOICE. Democracy. Where the Only People who do not get a fair hearing are the Wise, Responsible and Sensible.

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