Charlottesville: We’re Making Memes

Memes are still a key weapon we have to use in our battle for freedom. I expect people will disagree on whether this kind of material helps or hurts. I think it helps, but you can disagree and it won’t hurt my feelings.

38 thoughts on “Charlottesville: We’re Making Memes

  1. It’s so bad on Fox, can’t watch it anymore. Jew on now discussing how car had no license plate…clearly planned attack. I see a license plate on that car. GVF 1111. Saying car was going about 40 mph…. With brakes on!!!!

    • Fox is the enemy. I’m glad I don’t have TV. I’m getting more truth, plus the leftist lies on Twitter. At least on Twitter you can easily spot the lies and not get lulled into thinking that they’re the truth. David Duke is trending there now and the left is going furious on tying him to Trump.

    • –Grey car > Death: “And I saw a Grey horse, and the name of him who was seated on it was Death; and Hell came after him.” (Revelation 6:8)

      –Dodge Challenger: “Get out of Dodge, Here Comes the Challenger.”

      –(1970 Dodge Challenger was used in the 1971 car movie, Vanishing Point, that ended in a ball of flames when the driver drove it at a high rate of speed into two bulldozers the cops had set up in the road to stop him.)

      –“One dead, 19 injured” = 119 or the mirror image of 911. (Saturday’s “car attack” is 30 days before 9/11/17).

      –GVF 1111 > How many tags have four of the same number? Maybe it stands for “Govt Verified Fake 1111” (or two 11’s).

      • Alex Fields, Jr.’s mother (Samantha Bloom)’s car tag number is GVF 1122 !!! (Total Masonic number, like JFK death date, 11/22, equals the Masonic major #33!!)

        His mother’s car & tag can be seen in this video where, just by “chance,” reporters caught up with her as she arrived home, so they are sitting in her garage talking.

        She didn’t know anything about the “car attack” until the reporters told her. She at first seemed upset for a split second (shock?), but seemed to be able to easily continue talking after that.

        Two-minute video of the mother in this post:

      • Alex Fields, Jr.’s mother’s car & tag GVF 1122, in her garage during her interview with reporters, still-frame from AP video at above coed link:

      • MUSINGS re MOTHER & her SON-the-car-attacker:

        Michelle Fields was Jewish. I wonder if Alex Fields, Jr.’s father may be Jewish (son Alex nor his mother look Jewish to me).

        His mother’s last name is Bloom, but his last name is Fields. So I put the two together in google to see what would show up… Interesting…

        The BLOOMFIELDS – a short-lived English rock band 1969-1970, included one of the BeeGees after they had broken up. The Bloomfields produced one main song, THE LONER, for a joint ISRAELI+English movie called BLOOMFIELD (no S on the end).

        Note the Masonic symbolism on their THE LONER record:

        –Circle above the A = Eye above Pyramid (as on back of $1 bill)
        –PYE = Hippie Peace Symbol.
        –“Soundtrack of the film Bloomfield.”

        The flip-side of THE LONER single was “Homing in On the Next Trade Wind.” They recorded two more songs for the BLOOMFIELD movie, “Men of Men” and “Ballet of Freedom” but neither was released as records.

        The band, The BLOOMFIELDS, at Wiki:
        en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/The_Bloomfields

        THE LONER song info at Wiki:
        en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/The_Loner_(Maurice_Gibb_song)

        The BLOOMFIELD movie at Wiki:
        en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Bloomfield_(film)
        Bloomfield (released in the United States as The Hero) is a 1971 British-Israeli drama film directed by Richard Harris and Uri Zohar.

        No plot info provided at Wiki, only cast members, though NIMROD is the name of one of the characters. Bible students will know that NIMROD was an early big bad guy in the Bible, who attempted to build the Tower of Babel in defiance of God, & who is a forerunner of AntiChrist.

        Rotten Tomatoes only has this one-line [boring] description of the BLOOMFIELD movie: “A soccer player, a child and an artist find their lives entangled in a story which achieves its climax in a pivotal soccer match.”
        rottentomatoes dot com/m/1009547_hero

      • Replying to PJ above: I had read in the past that the name BLUME could be Jewish or German, but wasn’t sure about the BLOOM spelling as Jewish.

        However, I did wonder if the son’s name FIELDS was Jewish, maybe his father, like Michelle Fields was Jewish.

        Or maybe both Bloom & Fields are Jewish names! 🙂

  2. Word out, but not verified, is the car was driven by an Art student, rap playing, nevertrumper, that the BLM and Antifa mistakenly thought was the enemy and was swarming and hitting his car with clubs and whatever they had… he freaked. The nevertrumper was a White guy not in Antifa garb. His leftie father was in the car with him.

  3. The victims are not wearing masks so they are not professional antifa warriors (useful). Just do gooder lefties (expendable). Most libturd whites hypocritically think that blacks are so weak and cowardly they cannot protest on their own behalf. Even though all skin colours are the same! Actually most blacks are not worried about the alt-right – it is the joos and their white Running Dogs that are angry.
    That driver is very skilled and gets away – which never happens in these situations. Maybe a professional false flag? Police later find the patsy, i.e. the owner of the car?
    Or the car owner is an enthusiast of such American values of the game Carmageddon where killing babies in prams gets extra points. Games have moved on and are now probably much more violent than that one.
    How many drivers in real life have ever driven in reverse at high speed while being chased by an angry crowd? Only a cool head expert could do it – not an angry white soopreemaciss.

    • That truly was very Hollywood-esque (stunt driver?) the way he sped the car in reverse for that length of road; then he even parked it at the curb quite neatly while still in reverse!

      He gets an A+ for parallel parking in reverse in a riot zone.

    • “The victims are not wearing masks so they are not professional antifa warriors…”

      In that case they must be temp hires, aka “CRISIS ACTORS.”


      The word has been that there have been NO “shoot ’em up” FALSE FLAGS since Trump has been POTUS. Maybe there HAVE been but the “presentation” (script) has now changed, ie, instead of shoot ’em up false flags (because they had become so obvious), they are now using opposing-group confrontations.

      The goal either way is the same, martial law.

      • A bad internet connection can really ruin a hot news day. 😉

        I don’t really know if the car attack was faked or not. As I wrote in one of your newer posts, I would believe he freaked out when they attacked his car with pipes further up the road than I believe he did it on purpose. Videos of his car being attacked are supposedly now surfacing on the internet but I haven’t looked for one yet.

        If you have a chance, scroll up to my two comments re his mother who was interviewed by AP reporters before she knew anything about it; they had to tell her. There’s a 2-minute video of them talking to her in her garage. Her car tag is GVF 1122 !!

        From the way she talked, you could get the feeling that she & son were somewhat estranged; she had “put him in an apt.” & she watches his cat; she doesn’t get involved in his politics; she never heard of Alt-Right; she thought it was a Trump rally, etc.

      • On second thought, she may have been acting a little off-ish because she was probably thinking, “Why the hay are these reporters here to talk to me?”

  4. The use of an American car is part of the image intended. Is the guy a Confederate Flag waver? One hopes not. If the driver was a right winger, he should have used a Jap car and painted the Star of David on all sides and the roof. I.e. damage the image of your enemy – not your own side and your own values.

    In the future, car owners will have a lot less freedom than they do today, thanks to idiots like this guy. Everybody will have less freedom, at all times.

    The good news is that pedestrians will have a lot more protection from cars – the bad news is that the car drivers will have to pay for all the new work required as at London Bridge. City centre office workers and shoppers are especially vulnerable to maniacs driving cars, busses or trucks. In Sydney last Xmas they parked huge, heavy vehicles to block all vehicle access to the busiest area – which was a Christmas display in a dept. store – ideal location for a Muslim wishing to show his religion is a peaceful one, while out for an evenings motoring. Anyone on foot could have carried a bomb in a backpack of course, or a much larger suitcase.

    • “The use of an American car is part of the image intended.”

      Probably so. It was a Dodge, right? But what kind? Was it a Challenger? (Note the name!)

      The 1971 movie, VANISHING POINT, featured a 1970 “muscle car,’ a Challenger, driven by a guy (Barry Newman) cross country via SouthWest USA. I forget the storyline, but the final scene, beginning at approx. 2-hours-04-minutes is him “plowing” at a high rate of speed into two bulldozers set up by the cops to stop him, & bursting into flames:

  5. Who pasted in this faked chubby youngster in the yellow jacket on the ride side of this photo?

    Compare the above version with the same photo right below it… (next)…

  6. Explain this photo… it looks like a faked “crisis actor” photo…

    Whose white hand is that under him, palm upright, with black wrist-watch on wrist. How does that hand/wrist get in the picture under the black guy? Where is the white body that goes with that white hand?

      • Ha, ok, that makes sense. But which arm of his? His right arm under his back, I guess.

    • The same photo higher up in the post at the exact same moment has a man with blue cap blocking part of the Coon. So how could this photo of all of the Coon have been taken by anybody? There is nobody with a camera standing in front of the man with the blue cap – except at the side of the road – their photos would be very different. So there is fakery and photo shopping going on.

      Also the tatted up white man upside down bouncing off he hood. If this actually happened – might the guy be an expert circus performer? The white man was very close to where the car stopped completely.

      Note the several lace-up sneakers on the ground, some flying in the air. How did they separate from their owners without the legs or feet being amputated? That will teach kiddies to do up their laces in future.

      In the middle is a man’s leg upside down in the air – so his head is on or near the ground. How did he not get killed in this deadly position, crushed between two cars?

      Who owned the car in front which was rear ended, also a grey car? This may be important – get to it, PC Plod.

      (((Who))) took these expert photos and why were they standing were they were with high quality expert camera gear with telephoto lenses etc? The (((Zapruder))) coincidence. Or the dancing Israelis on 911 with their movie cameras set up before the attacks started.

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