Why I Like Google

My favorite is Google Street View. It’s so great to know where a tourist can meet up with nice African American gentlemen.

And would you look at those nice people in the group photo below who make the decisions to demonetize all those mean racist videos. Patriotic Christians, all of them.

Yep, we’re never without Google at my house. You shouldn’t be without Google too.

11 thoughts on “Why I Like Google

  1. Ya that pic of the Google staff pretty much sums it all up. This is where some of the crazies start saying White Men need to embrace White Women and work together right? It’s White Women who have been enabling the Black and the Brown orcs. Do you really think they are smart enough to do it on their own? It’s White women like that group pictured above who have been tipping the scales for decades against the White Men and it has to stop or we are doomed as a race.

  2. “this is why your video isn’t monetized”

    I saw a Mitchell tweet that said the black Pro-Trump duo, Diamond & Silk, has had their youtube channel DE-monetized by Goog/YouTube because it is “not suitable for all advertisers.”

    No wonder the fired-Google-engineer & others are now calling it…

    • Wow. MY coauthor and I wrote all of our textbooks that we published. No ghostwriters. I knew that these celebs used ghostwriters. After reading the story, Andrea should be shamed for her deception. Using a male ghostwriter is extremely stupid. I have to admit that the $150,000 she owes him looks attractive.

  3. Years ago stopped saying “just google it”. I say “do a web search”. I use startpage, even though they incorporate jewgle.

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