Roger Stone: McMaster Reporting Directly to Soros

Roger Stone breaks the biggest story of his career in the interview with Alex Jones below. If true, this is huge. He claims that Israel’s Secret Service, the Mossad, has intercepted regular communications between Trump’s National Security Advisor and Jewish billionaire George Soros. Stone also claims to be part of a secret group devoted to turning Trump back toward sanity in foreign policy.

Be careful here. Stone has admitted to lying in the past in order to achieve his political objectives.

Keep an eye on the McMaster story. Also keep an eye on Trump’s actions relating to the military option.

The McMaster-Soros connection is real. It’s documented.

Israel Nation News

White House National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster served at an England-based think tank financed by a George Soros-funded group. The Obama White House identified the group as having been central in helping to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the public and news media, reports Breitbart.

From September 2006 to February 2017, McMaster is listed as consulting senior fellow for the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). The IISS defines itself as a “world-leading authority on global security, political risk and military conflict.”

This week, after questions addressed to them by Breitbart, the IISS site added George Soros’ Open Society Foundation to its list of donors.

The fund has appeared on this list in the past but was deleted from it on an unknown date. Plowshares is also on the list of donors, although both they and the Open Society Foundation include the IISS in their list of contributors.

Plowshares played a vital role in marketing the nuclear deal with Iran to the American public, as revealed by Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, to the New York Times Magazine. Rhodes said the fund helped recruit a network of experts who spoke to journalists “who often had no idea between their right and left” and sold the agreement through them.

McMaster objected to the use of the term “Islamic terrorism,” and recently fired three members of the National Security Council who held a firm line against Iran. Caroline Glick reported this week on her Facebook that he replaced them with characters like Kris Bauman, whom she described as “Israel hater and Hamas supporter.” McMaster is the man who convinced Donald Trump not to allow Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to accompany Trump when he visited the Western Wall.

The Zionist Organization of America announced that it would conduct a comprehensive investigation into McMaster’s positions on various issues throughout his career.

Among US conservatives a negative opinion is forming against McMaster, and on social networks one can hear voices calling him a “traitor” and demanding his dismissal.

Thursday afternoon at his press conference, Trump again expressed confidence in General McMaster. Read more at Politico. If Stone is right, Trump is supporting McMaster without knowing all the facts.

10 thoughts on “Roger Stone: McMaster Reporting Directly to Soros

  1. IMO, the greatest enigma these days is – What REALLY is going on in Trump’s mind, did he or will he surrender to Deep State, or will he rebel and try to turn Vile System upside down. How he would like be remembered in the history. I cannot imagine him of not being aware what rats around him are doing.

    The FACT is, whoever might have intention of draining the Washington-swamp, the one has to have full picture of how deep are the deepest sections of that swamp. Let’s hope Trump’s eventual collection of swamp-sketches will be completed soon, and he would remain on the PROMISED course.

    If not, our civilization is FUBAR, for good.

    • It’s not exactly comforting to know that he’s advised by Jared Kushner and Ivanka. Plus, he’s seems to love Generals who may have their own Deep State ties. I share your concerns, Lew. Let’s pay close attention to all the details and get Trump figured out. If he is now under the Deep State’s control, like you say FUBAR.

  2. When has Iran ever bothered us? The whole warmongering vs. Iran is a lie. So McMaster is screwed up in the head there.

    However, he was smart re this: “McMaster is the man who convinced Donald Trump NOT to allow Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to accompany Trump when he visited the Western Wall.” In other words, keep them apart as much as possible (though I know they dined together afterward).

    Whoever Roger does not like in the Trump Camp, he minces no words about it. He’s been attacking Trump people all along, from Corey a year ago to Priebus recently, & now McMaster. I agree Roger may be a game-player, whether CIA or just out for his own promotion.

    As for POTUS, there’s a video clip out there of him thanking Putin for thinning the USA Govt.’s budget by kicking out those 755 USA ambassadors that were living in Russia (total 1,200, so there’s approx. 450 left over there). Trump added, Who needs that many anyway? 😀 But he was not joking, he said it in a serious tone.

    The replies to that is my point: People were saying, Wow, Trump no longer acts whimped out/controlled, but seems to have gotten is game back; & they wondered what had changed “behind the scenes.”

  3. The part that is true is that the Christ-killers are involved in every bit of our affairs via their gov’t/intelligence/security/counter-intel services and the kikes in the U.S. (citizens or visitors) who work with them against U.S. interests and to the benefit of Israel.

  4. I saw a headline & read a few lines of an article last night saying that SHELDON ADELSON is wanting POTUS to fire McMaster.

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