Mulatto Halle Berry Says Her High School was RACIST, Old Classmates Set the Record Straight


Academy award winning actress Halle Berry’s mother was white. The sperm donor that resulted in her being born to the mudshark was a Nog. Naturally, after a few years of abusing everyone in the family, the Nog took off, according to Halle Berry’s Wikipedia.

You might think that she would be grateful to the white race for accepting her mulatto person.


She’s stuck on that “all white people are mean racists” sh*t.

PJ Media

Is it just me or does it seem like every last celebrity has a story about his or her miserable childhood? It’s almost like having a sob story is a job prerequisite for these people. Actress Halle Berry is certainly no exception. For years she’s been giving interviews recounting tales of the racism and bullying she experienced as a biracial student in a predominantly white school. Most recently she complained to People about her high school, where Berry claims there were only “like 3 out of 2500 students” who were black.

The X-Men actress says she was bullied “because of the color of my skin.”

“Because my mother was white and my father was black… we got called Oreos and names, and kids just didn’t understand, so we were different. We were the brunt of a lot of jokes. So, I think my need to please and my desire to achieve was because I was constantly trying to prove that I was as good as the other white students. I felt very ‘less than,’ and I thought, ‘If I can beat them at everything, then I can be as good as them.’”

Only that’s not the way her classmates remember it and they took to Facebook en masse to set the record straight. It all started when someone posted the People article on a private Facebook group called “You know you grew up in Bedford,” which is the city where Halle attended high school. Former students immediately jumped on her comments. (I’m not including the full names because these comments below are from a private Facebook group.)

Heh, heh. There’s a good feeling seeing a Nog busted for its insane antiwhite bullsh*t. Not only did the whites not mistreat her, they literally turned her into a princess. Let’s expose the Nog’s lies.

“Oh please,” retorted Beverly C.

Jean M. said, “Never!”

“When did Bedford become (or was) all white???” asked Glenn R.?

After that, the comments started flying in, with dozens of her former classmates calling bull hockey on the Bedford High School graduate’s story. They were eager to vindicate their beloved alma mater in their comments. Here are a few of them (unedited):

Rachel W.: “Class of ’86 here…..I didn’t know Halle personally so while I certainly can’t speak to her individual experience I can speak to how I looked at her and how all of my friends looked at her in high school. My female friends (black and white) and I thought she was gorgeous and wanted to look like her while my male friends (black and white) had massive crushes on her and wanted to date her. Curious also that she left out the fact she was elected Prom Queen by the entire student body, black and white.”
Rob C.: “She’s crazy, Bedford wasn’t all white. I grew up in Bedford and Bedford heights 35 years, there are plenty of black folks then and still are.”

Shannon T: “I remember everyone always being in awww of Hallie. She was always gorgeous and everyone seemed to look up to her.”

James D.: “Bullsh*t, She was in my art class at Bedford HS, I talked to her everyday, she was a cheerleader too and treated like a queen! I always had respect for her until now!”

Jeff A.: “I remembered reading an article 10 or more years ago where she stated the same things.”

Cheryl M.: “She gave an interview on Lifetime about 20 years ago claiming all the same stuff”

Dawn T: “Halle is whining for attention. If she wanted to change the way things are she would be doing something, anything, for kids in her home town. She could easily afford to give a lot, but she doesn’t. What has she done in the last thirty years to help Bedford cheerleaders? Any scholarships for local disadvantaged girls? Has she built a playground? A shelter? Put any Oakwood kids through college? Seriously? What has she done for the biracial kids walking the path that was so tough for her?”

Erna B.: “She is not telling truth as she was Prom Queen voted by the entire class. Bedford schools have always been mix and everyone was happy was pretty friendly.”

Paul T.: “Class of 84. We were at least 40/60 and never heard anything other than how pretty she was. She was our prom queen in 84. Hollywood distorts things.”

Cindy K: “I know her very well. This is another ‘Hollywood’ story that makes for a good interview. She was NEVER picked on! She was popular and very outgoing… Years ago in another interview, she said she was beaten by a high school boyfriend and went deaf because of it, that never happened! On Oprah, she said she was accused of “stuffing” the ballot box because she won prom queen, that never happened! She tied with Vicki and won the coin toss! See the pattern here?”

Karen Z.: “I totally agree. She was popular. She was a cheerleader in the band as a flag girl I believe. Everyone likes her. It’s all a story to get people to feel sorry for her. So sad she has to act that way.”

Wendy P.: “This isn’t the first time she has LIED about Bedford- 10 years ago in a Cosmo article she talked about how she experienced racism- I gaduated in ’81 she graduated a couple years later w/my sister and my dad was her mailman- as previously stated she was super popular, all the guys wanted to date her, all the girls wanted to be her, I don’ t know why she continues to say this- maybe for attention but I hate that it makes Bedford look bad”

Debbie M.: “Bedford was 35% minority when she attended. Being the principals daughter, I was called every name in the book. I had one student, who only knew who I was because I was “bud’s daughter” call me bit*h every single day in the hallway. I had bottles and rocks thrown through my house windows. Bomb threats were called to my home. That’s discrimination. But I dealt with it and I’ve never boo-hooed about it all over the media/Facebook. My brother was one of her best friends. He will attest that she is exaggerating. She needs to find something new to try to regain the spotlight.”

On and on and on it went, with some people even including pictures:

To understand the reasons for the fury, a bit of the backstory is required. Halle graduated from Bedford High School in northeast Ohio in 1984 (two years behind me). During her tenure at BHS, she was class president, a cheerleader, editor of the school newspaper, and prom queen. We were in the band together during my senior year (she was a flag girl), so I saw her nearly every day at school. She was well-liked by students of all races and I don’t recall anyone ever saying an unkind word about her. People knew she was modeling and in pageants, which gave her semi-celebrity status at the school. At the time blacks made up about 15-20 percent of the 1500-member student body (maybe more), which was higher than the general population in the U.S. at the time.

The psychology of the mulatto is a thing to behold. As a practical matter, mulattoes should never be thought of as white. Our ancestors knew this when they created the famous “one drop rule.” White women who give birth to these miserable creatures should be ashamed of themselves.


There’s more story and pictures at the link to PJ Media, above.

36 thoughts on “Mulatto Halle Berry Says Her High School was RACIST, Old Classmates Set the Record Straight

  1. ““Because my mother was white and my father was black… we got called Oreos and names, and kids just didn’t understand, so we were different. ”

    Around here, we call them “mudskippers”.

    It just goes to show that you can give them everything and they will still whine. I don’t think she is much of an actress either. To mannish.

  2. Aholes gonna be Aholes. Got to please the lefties in order to stay employed. Doesn’t matter if life compensated by giving her fame and riches. Got to be down for the struggle. What a waste of oxygen.

  3. This is a very strange phenomena. Why do mixed races always associate and or defend their non-white side?

    James Black — professional tennis player — is a perfect example. The guy has a white wife and lives essentially a white lifestyle. HOWEVER…..he continues to defend the black race.

    What is up with that???!!!

    • I think that white race have some characteristics that make others envious.
      In fact white and pure , good , beauty as symbols go together .
      But human nature prefer the dark site of his soul so antiwhite born .

    • How about Kaepernick? That POS is living a life that white kids can only dream about and the ungrateful SOB still whines. They all make me sick.

  4. Well, she wouldn’t have that problem today. Bedford is now 82% black, with 8% white students. Look up Ohio cupp report. Bedford is another town the negroes have destroyed. They get D’s and f’s now from the state board of education.

    • Here in Marxachusetts nd other Jew England states, if a kneegrow gets a D or F, it magically becomes a B. If a white get a D or F, it remains a D or F and the nignogs still bitch about YT racism

  5. She pulled this victim BS at the Oscars …. nary a word for the white mother who raised her, reference aplenty to her nominal ‘black’ status, courtesy of her fuck n flee nog inseminator

    • Poopedia….. “Berry has said in published reports that she has been estranged from her father since her childhood, noting in 1992, “I haven’t heard from him since [he left]. Maybe he’s not alive.” Her father was very abusive to her mother. Berry has recalled witnessing her mother being beaten daily, kicked down stairs and hit in the head with a wine bottle”.

  6. Why would any white woman customer of a sperm “bank” demand nigger sperm? Surely mental illness disqualifies both male “depositors” and female “borrowers” from the Bank? I know a male depositor and he is legally a midget, a boozehound, and not too bright. Women pay $1000, so naturally no questions are asked except “Do you have the cash in folding readies”?

    When ethnic cleansing starts, skin colour is the uniform. That is why half-bloods tinted things must choose the Coonside – they have no choice. It will be kill or be killed and it cannot start too soon for my liking. Rwanda and Yugoslavia showed how it is done by real men. “I am sympathetic to your side. Urrrrkkkkk”. Says the dying do gooder.

  7. Mixed race women with white mothers tend towards being conflicted as ‘white’ is essentially patriarchal. Africa and other places have been de-patriazized.

    Goes to show that it does not matter though in the final analysis because women who are ‘white’ still wield power to dethrone the not so hawt Mud Men who given the right to vote FIRST over white women, but still, despite adversity, white women elevated THEMSELVES and this what angers so many Mud Men because we do t have privilege…. WE EARNED IT.

    Of course Halle’s father was abusive. He had no power despite being GIVEN power the government.

    Power is innate.

    • But now, naturally, ALL MEN appear to have unified against The Witchy White Woman as she has elevated herself despite being eunichsized by media, porn, and other debauchery.

      Go Taylor. Fight the entitled Patriarchy girl! Show how greedy the Corrupt Tyrants with Dicks are!

      • I take it then, that you didn’t think much of the Third Reich.

        BTW, this is what you have when the “patriarchy” is defeated:

      • How does what I have written have anything to do with the Third Reich? How does a rich scumball who shoves his hand up a woman’s skirt and then sues her for saying something about it have anything to do with your response?


      • How does what I have written have anything to do with the Third Reich? How does a rich scumball who shoves his hand up a woman’s skirt and then sues her for saying something about it have anything to do with your response?


      • Good pic miletrader. Those lady Defence Ministers should all be at home looking after kiddies, cleaning house and cooking for their husband. That Russian guy could fight all four of those women at the same time with one arm tied behind his back. He would still win. Those women would not even know what a fight is. It is an insult to the military to be led by such softies.

        Another duel idea. Put the Russian Minister with a handgun at one end of a pistol range of say 50 meters. The four women with identical handguns at the other. No cover or shelter, running is allowed in any direction but there is no escape – fight or die. A barrier is lowered suddenly. All four women would be dead within about 20 seconds, maybe up to a minute or two if they run fast enough. The Russian guy would not get hit by a single bullet. Most of these women have probably never fired a gun in their lives.

        Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Germany might as well dismantle their military and reduce the budget to zero. Why not spend all the money on housing Niggers?

      • That’s right there Robert. Those bitches should be st home while ‘da menz take over and start more wars so we can kill off more Nordics.

    • History, Germanic Slav:

      1. Liberals gave the Negro the right to vote to punish the south. It had nothing to do with women.
      2. White men formed the KKK to keep the incompetent Negro from ruling over him and his family.
      3. White men gave white women the right to vote.
      4. Genetically, Negros are irresponsible.
      5. When women got the vote, the immediate effect was to begin to expand the role of government. Women prefer socialism. Men prefer free markets. Women have been winning.

      • But to answer her question, patriarchy is a Jewish euphemism for Fatherland, and nothing puts the fear of God into the Jew like the subject of racial Fatherland and National Socialism. That was the foundation of the Third Reich.

        The Jew will always fight any notion of “patriarchy” with every means possible. He knows he cannot survive within one.

      • White men have been getting free labor off the backs of white women for years. Ever heard of the double shift? Read about it.

        My father noted already in the late 80s all these women out there working jobs outside home and then doing homemaker work while having kids and then looking after the Man Child known as their husband. Are all men like this, no. But many guys were and white women got sick of being used so know these same douches are running through the hordes of brown women out there. Hey, it’s all pink on the inside isn’t it? Pu$$y is pu$$y.

        The white race is going down the drain due to race mixing and their is nothing to do about it. Fuck it. I don’t feel sorry for most whites as they bashed Northern Europeans all to hell. Fuck most white people- they are idiots. Really. Most of them are marshmallow whites who are just pink nogs. Fuck em. Most have not been nice to me and most hate women like Taylor Swift. Hell most white men hate women like Taylor although they’d hate fuck her. Most white men would fuck Halle Berry because she is an Oreo and feel good about themselves because they think their penis injection will ‘uplift a sistah’ Shyte Trump parades a token black Woman around and fucks a Tranny Slav who looks half Gook. At least the leader of France chose a True White Woman with class and a good attitude. So what is she is older? They are emotionally connected and probably gives him good head. He is smart unlike that dipshit Hugh Grant who paraded down the ghetto to get his knob polished by Divine.

        Yeah Marshmallow White are racist, they racist against Nords, and non nog mixed Whites.

        When I look at most whites in the Kwa today, all I see is a nog peering back. They walk the same and give you the same once over. It’s bizarre.

        Go Whites! What a fucked wretched group you are!

  8. Halle Berry procreated with two white men, both good looking They must have been terrible racists to make her do that…..

  9. Wow germanic slav…letting your hurt feelings over rejection by white males get a little out of control there?!?

    It is true that the white race in general is cucked and has their collective heads up their bottoms. But like us or not, we , the True Israelite people, descendants of Adam, are the only people inventing anything, maintaining any semblance of order, and are paying all the bills. We really need to try and stick together ; educate the morons to the truth and support one another if and when ever possible.

    • Hmmmm… rejected by white males. Yes! That is exactly why I am angry. Gawd it must have taken two brain cells to come up with that witticism. How profound and smart you are!

    • Luke my mom’s father’s brother died in WWII and my dad’s dad was a Boer. Do you really think that after the lives that were taken by Jew inspired wars and their Jew dick sucker supporters in my family that I would ever unify with marshmallow whites today?

  10. I come here to listen and learn…and I suppose thousands of others do too…I wonder what informative arguments they get to take away and mull over apart from FU and people with serious personal issues. One of the biggest revelations I take away from this site is that many awakened whites are incapable of coming together in common purpose. Keep this up,and may as well roll over for darkie as he has already won! I suppose I will get many FUs, but you all know there is some truth in this. Don’t scare the visitors away,how else will you get seeds out there?

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