Feminists: Smart Homes are Sexist “Boy’s Toys”


Don’t tell the Nogs that smart homes are sexist. Since they’re designed by white men, smart homes will also be labeled racist. At which point some liberal federal judge will ban them as a violation of the 14th amendment.

Feminism has been in the toilet for decades now. It just keeps getting more ridiculous. Read this and weep.


Smart home technology has been dramatised and anticipated for years now. Like much technological foresight, however, smart home technology has struggled to keep up with its projections.

The Conversation undertook some analysis regarding who smart homes are really targeted at. They came to the blunt conclusion that smart homes are designed for men, and men alone.

Because the STEM industry is dominated by men, it makes sense that this is the case. Women continue to struggle with discrimination and under-representation in male-dominated industries. If men are envisioning the blueprint, the resulting product will naturally incline more towards their wants and needs.

This perhaps explains the awkward absence of domestic chores, often assumed to be ‘women’s work’, from smart house designs. While a smart fridge will text a shopping list to a dweller, it won’t do the shopping for her. A washing machine will send out an alert when its cycle is finished, but someone is still needed to operate that cycle.

Blueprinted smart houses will be connected to the internet. This means a person can communicate with their house online in a similar way to other humans or bots. Lights, television, security procedures and air conditioning, for example, will be operated via a smart device both inside and away from the home.

The outsourcing of domestic labour has a long history. The most prominent aspect of this is electricity. The electric refrigerator, along with appliances like irons and vacuum cleaners, was marketed to women as a means of saving time around the family home. The IoT refrigerator is marketed to men and connected to leisure time; the fridge can inform them how many cold beers are available.

It is not yet apparent whether the smart home will shift in design toward the house-keeping spectrum or remain a ‘boy’s toy’. More women ought to be included in the research and design process in order to create domestic technology which can be utilised for both genders.

Competition in the marketplace ensures that women will not be left out. The feminist argument that the free market leaves women barefoot and pregnant is the argument of ridiculous children.

Grow up and learn how the world works, you nasty, stupid feminists. I’ll bet those variable speed, choice of colors vibrators you freaks use on each other were designed by “sexist” men too.


14 thoughts on “Feminists: Smart Homes are Sexist “Boy’s Toys”

  1. Most engineers and architects are men. One reason – the strongest by far – is that men are better at this than women. The other reason is that very few women are interested in engineering as a job. They prefer gender studies, psychology, teaching and so forth. These days also many high paid jobs where high marks at school are essential (and girls do better at high school than boys who would rather be somewhere else) – doctoring, lawyering and dentistry as an example.

    So that means that all roads, bridges, houses, factories. skyscrapers, railways, dams, pipes, air conditioning, planes, trains, automobiles, rockets – are all designed for men.

    Imagine what a backward and weird world we would have if all the above infrastructure and technology had been designed by women. I shudder at the thought. What if WWII had been fought with all military plans being made by women? For example, General Guderian and Marshal Admiral Yamamoto would have been replaced by the best women available for the job. The Germans would not have defeated the French, and Pearl Harbour would not have been reached by the Nips – in my not humble opinion (IMNHO). The Germans would not have developed jets and rockets during the war.

    • I just posted a video on the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. I suppose these stupid women would claim it too is a boy’s toy because it was designed and built by white men, using materials manufactured by white men.

      White men have proven their worth, even if today’s modern woman thinks he’s a POS.

      • 11 men died building the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the 1930s vs 0 women. Architect and boss of the project – a Scottish male engineer.

  2. The “Smart” propagandists of the Surveillance State must feel the women are not jumping on board enough for their “Smart” Slow Death via EMR, so I guess they are hoping to “rile them up” with that article.

    And all the “Smart” men who saturate their homes with this crap will be slow-killing their wives & children first (most susceptible) & themselves last.

    1976 DOD report, 35 pages .PDF:


    Today 8/11/17 is the last day to catch the free showing of the updated 2017 documentary re the Smart Grid, 1-hour + 23-mins. The documentary is embedded at the top of the Mercola article here:


    • Here’s another govt. oldie but goodie from 1972:

      Naval Medical Research Institute


      Research Report

      Report No. 2 Revised

      Zorach R. Glaser, Ph.D. LT, MSC, USNR

      Naval Medical Research Institute
      National Naval Medical Center
      Bethesda, Maryland 20014, U.S.A.
      4 October 1971

      Second Printing, with Revisions,
      Corrections, and Additions: 20 April 1972
      (Supersedes AD No. 734391)

      stetzerizer-us dot com/research-Naval-Medical-Research-Institute-Outline dot html

      • I hadn’t thought about smart homes from the health angle before. You may be on to something to think in that way. Where I’m at there’s a cell tower that I know within a mile. I’m not sure about the effects. I also have a wired in smoke detector. Again, not sure.

  3. I’m totally off my game today; this is twice I’ve left comments with too many links. Sorry about that.

    There’s 1 comment here re Smart Homes w/2-links;

    & 1 under the Golden Gate Bridge post w/too many links.

    Ever thought of changing the WP settings to allow more than 1 link? 😉

  4. I have a nerd spouse. Our home is wired for tech, cameras, alarm, lights, doors. Runs from our android or panel in house. I can see the license plate of anyone coming or going. I know who cleans up after their dog. I love that he can and will fix anything I ask him to even when I’ve messed it up dreadfully. We enjoy our traditional roles of husband and wife. I’m grateful that we still can.
    Let’s face it feminists have made most women nut cases. I’m hoping they wake up soon and realize the valuable commodity that white men are. And that men wake up and realize they need women…

    • So, the smart home owner can watch his wife banging his friends via his hidden cameras in his smart home while he is still at work? Technology, is not not a miracle? He can turn up the heat to annoy them just a little, or maybe ring doorbells and oven alarms when the guy or his wife is about to orgasm. .

      Joogle, the future is in safe hands.

  5. As a retired engineer/master electrian I occasionally do contract work for companies warranting these homes. It’s usually pilot error that mucks it up so they can call it whatever they wish. I haven’t seen too many ‘smart’ people who can operate the technology.

  6. It’s not that more women should be included in these careers as much as men need to include features that will attract women to buy. A little research goes a long way. I think most manufacturers know this.

  7. Song: Lament for the Earth (video):

    “On cell towers and their impact. Written and recorded in 2010-2011 with the advent of 4G, this is newly relevant with the push to convert utility poles into “death poles” — 4G/5G cell towers.”

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