Every Part of The “North Korea Threat” is a Fabrication by the CIA et. al.


By now, Americans know or should know that their government is quite willing to lie to them. From the Kennedy assassination to the claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, used to justify the Iraq war, the lies come at us fast.

One subject where where Americans are not skeptical is Kim Jong Un. His comical appearance, combined with reports of all sorts of menacing remarks, has created a belief among the public that he’s a for real nut job who threatens world peace.

My own theory is that he’s a CIA operative, paid to act stupid in order to justify American troops in South Korea.

When I was browsing a prominent conspiracy forum a few days ago, I copied these thoughts since they partly dovetail with my own.


Every single story about the “North Korean threat” told by the US government and MSM is a FABRICATION made by SK and Japan.

All the videos of “ballistic tests”, all the lame provocateur speeches and the “news reports” made by retard women dressed like Japanese geisha sex slaves, are made in JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA and I bet all my money that former SK’s president Park Geun-hye was deposed and arrested because she was going to spill the beans.

Nobody EVER saw or recorded Kim Jong Un or anybody from NK’s government making any threats to America. The hoax being perpetrated by America’s bitches SK and Japan works flawlessly and easily because nobody outside the Korean peninsula speaks their fucking language and nobody OUTSIDE the Korean peninsula, like Korean immigrants worldwide, will say SHIT because they are pussies and know they WILL be hunted down and killed by silent ninja assassins.

I ALSO bet my money that Kim Jong Un doesn’t know half the shit happening outside his fantasy garden, he probably thinks Dennis Rodman is the US foreign secretary or something.

I’m afraid the Chinese cunts don’t exactly give a fuck on whether NK is going to be nuked because their government is run by lizards as well.

Among the replies to the above post was this one:

I’ve been saying it for years.

North Korea is a puppet state controlled by the west, and made to look like a rogue crazy state. They like to make Kim Jong look like a crazy mofo, and also use NK as an inside joke state.

It’s like the DR EVIL is taking over the world type of theme they are trying to portray with NK.

Biggest scam they have ever portrayed.

And all you idiots swallow it and think NK has any capability of anything.

Any missile test done was done by the west

and any attack that “kim” launches, will be a false flag launched by the WEST


You may recall that Obama claimed to have taken out Osama bin Laden, while there’s strong evidence he was already dead from his kidney disease.

If the American government says that Kim is taken out, be skeptical. He may end up in China living the good life while America claims he’s been incinerated. He may be just another crisis actor.


11 thoughts on “Every Part of The “North Korea Threat” is a Fabrication by the CIA et. al.

  1. I don’t know a lot about him, but I know he’s a horrible racist. Look at that last photo. Not one coon in it. They all look like him! Insane! It’s reason enough to make war on them!

    Seriously though, what does he gain by his alleged comments and actions? No, I think the media is full of crap too. It’s just too easy to keep the kwan preoccupied with boogeyman threats. Bear in mind that if this truly is a charade, then obviously Trump is in on it, because his rhetoric has been even worse.

    I have always thought that if the American people spoke German in the 1930’s, WWII would have never happened. Same here. No one is ever going to hear NK’s side of it and that’s just the way our rulers like it.

    • That’s an interesting and valid point about German. Hitler wanted the Jews in Palestine because they were wrecking Germany. But he was portrayed as just an irrational Jew hater. He had good reason for wanting them gone, but Americans never heard that part.

  2. Totally..it’s a good thing for the lying MSM and the war propaganda machine that some Americans have the attention span of a flea. My God they have been fabricating lies to get into war since I was born and before. I read an interesting article the other day saying that all ISIS beheading videos came from an Israeli firm…typical right? All lies …I wish people would wake up! It is sad that in this day and age men have not evolved enough to figure out how to get along without war and death. A few satanic war mongers ruin everything

    • I too have seen the theory that the ISIS videos are fake, done by actors. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find out that an Israeli firm was doing them for propaganda value to keep the war going. It seems like we keep finding a new enemy. Osama bin Laden, al queda, isis, saddam, quadaffi, kim, putin. Who’s next!

      • The name of the Israel company that makes ISIS videos is Site Intelligence Agency..I haven’t had time to look it up yet..I think the technical term for all emerging enemies, past & present is “Boogeyman DuJour”

  3. I’ve been saying/joking for some time now — North Korea is a Back Lot at Universal Studios!

    Seriously………….this whole thing is one giant propaganda hoax. (((They’ve ))) been keeping North Korea on the back burner for such a time as now. Iran as well.

    We’ve all but run out of Boogeymen. Chaos is the Jew’s seed. War is the Jew’s harvest.

    • Back lot at Universal Studios–I like that analogy.

      Listening to Hannity on the car radio this afternoon, Trump is still talking up his “get tough” attitude. Apparently, the public loves it since his approval rating has spiked up.

  4. North Korea is a true enemy, and its leadership is crazy as a sh*t-house rat. No other nuclear-armed nation in history, besides NK, has ever threatened to utilize nuclear weapons. The NORKs are rabid animals. You kill rabid animals.

  5. Please see the attached YouTube clip to gain an appreciation for President Trump’s situation with the North Korean dog-eaters.

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