Building The Golden Gate Bridge – 1950s Educational Documentary


White engineering did the impossible. I learned a lot watching this 26 minute color documentary. Go back in time to when America was a true industrial power. BTW, the Golden Gate Bridge was built with American steel.

Published on Jul 4, 2017

Bethlehem Steel built the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, and it was an obvious source of pride for the Bethlehem-headquartered company, so much so that the company produced this film about the construction.

Includes stock shots of the completed bridge while an informative narration and illustrations describe the structural aspects of bridge design.

Never forget that the white race has shared the technology of bridge building with other races around the world. I don’t know. Perhaps we should have kept that knowledge to ourselves and left the other races to figure it out on their own.

7 thoughts on “Building The Golden Gate Bridge – 1950s Educational Documentary

  1. Back when I still watched TV, I had seen a PBS documentary re the building the Golden Gate Bridge which was fascinating & tragic at the same time (due to the amount of people who were killed in the process). I will definitely be saving/watching this.

    Other PBS documentaries were regarding:
    –Laying the Trans-Atlantic cable (many people killed in that process as well, but also a fascinating story).
    –Henry Ford & The Jews (I was shocked they made a documentary about it with that title or similar).
    –Building the Interstate System
    –The Radio Wars (human tragedy re how they screwed over the one guy, Armstrong was it? Memory fails me on that; the one who killed himself, supposedly over his wife rather than the Radio Wars).
    –Early Automobiles, before “Safety Glass” was invented (the horror of the wrecks & deaths due to the shattering glass; people’s heads would go right through the windshields & be “stuck” in the shards, etc.).
    –Edison & the Electrification of New York, etc.

    I miss PBS documentaries, they were great.

    • Don’t quote me on this, but I think some of the PBS docs are on youtube. I generally try to pick short films to feature since I don’t have the time to review the longer ones. All the ones I’ve posted are a half hour or less. I prefer 10 to`15 minute ones.

      • Well duh on me, ha, I never even thought to look at YouTube for PBS documentaries. Thanks for the tip.

        And yes, time is short for everyone these days, so I understand shorter videos are more likely to get covered & watched. I often don’t want to stop to take the time to watch either; I prefer to just set aside a whole day once in awhile as “video day” (vs. “reading day”) & catch up on videos.

  2. I was in San Francisco in January, and we took a tour of the Golden Gate and drove over it during our visit. It is a marvel of evil YT’s intelligence and engineering, though I read that the negroes designed it and built it.

    • I’m surprised the blacks have the intelligence to be able to drive over it. They may or may not have worked as janitors at the building site. That would be the extent of their involvement. I’d like to know if Indians (feather kind) were working on it. They allegedly specialize in high altitude work, such as building skyscrapers.

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