Victoria’s Secret Style Lingerie Show for Little Girls Sparks Controversy

A fashion show for scantily clad child models seems like pedophilia to me. The girls in glamour outfits would find approval among American liberals who think that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation.

If you want to have sex with these girls, guess what? You’re a pervert!

It’s a shame that China is copying the worst of the Jewed western culture to copy.

A Victoria’s Secret-style catwalk show with child models has caused controversy in China.

Young girls dressed in bikinis and fluffy underwear have been pictured walking the runway at a show in a shopping centre in Chengdu, China’s Sichuan Province

The child models are also sporting full make-up and their lingerie is accessorised with feathers, jewels and even wings – just like the famous Victoria’s Secret angels.

The girls, some of whom are believed to be as young as five-years-old, take to the catwalk in small two-pieces and headresses as people in the audience take photographs.

The show attracted criticism from many on social media.

One user on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, said: ‘I do not support children to participate in such activities too early!’

Another added: ‘I would rather my daughter play in mud.

‘I do not want to let her wear bikini and then twist the body with a variety of shapes to please the audience.’

And somebody else commented: ‘If I had a daughter, I’d never let her.’

There are child beauty contests in the USA where reportedly little girls are similarly sexualized.

How about letting children be children!!!

7 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Style Lingerie Show for Little Girls Sparks Controversy

  1. Never cared for the idiots behind Victoria’s Secret or the idiots who buy into it! Appears they are trying to appeal to a new demographic the Pedofile..isn’t that special! It’s just business..right… give them what they want! UGH! Boycott…plenty of other underwear out there no need to support supporters of pedofilia

  2. Now this is an all new low for these sex saturated pervs. Sure, little girls like to play dress up but to prey upon their natural innocence to this extent is a crime against nature. I don’t know about others but I’m tired of the pervs rhetoric and think it’s time we stop debating them and start hauling them to gallows!

  3. I see little kids running around on the beach just as exposed – all the time. A lot of times, girls under 4 don’t wear a shirt at all when they’re on the beach with their parents. It’s not a problem in my view, but then again that might just be because I don’t view them as sex objects.

    • Maybe it’s because Victoria Secret is branded as sexy…sexy girls sexy commercials ..some men even get the catalogs to do who knows what…so we know they are kids and if it was a Sesame Street underwear show it would be perceived differently ..this is appealing to a different unsavory group..they even have those stupid wings on the older women wear..It proves your ok because you can’t see the market target crowd these aholes are trying to appeal to.

  4. If an adult male in the West took pictures like these of very young strangers he would be arrested, at any location other than such a show .e.g. if he took them at the beach, or kindergarten pre-school etc. If he stored the images on his computer he could be charged with pedo activities. If he distributes them his penalty can be bigger.
    Yet the media can take and publish such photos and nobody ever goes to jail. The media commits child abuse every day “in the public interest”.
    “Why is it so”, said (((Julius Sumner Miller))).

    They say that Victorias Secret is that all the models are males dressed as women.

    • Absolutely correct. A couple of years ago I did a post or two on a guy who took pictures of high school cheerleaders at foorball games. He was demonized, and maybe arrested. He sold videos of the girls to pedos over the Internet.

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