Twitter “rooms” Help Supporters Amplify Trump’s Message, Attack CNN, and Spread #MAGA


Twitter star Microchip has shown that he can make a hashtag trend on Twitter by using the DM rooms to multiply the power of Trump supporters. When a hashtag trends on Twitter, the MSM is then forced by competition to cover it. In this way, a pro-Trump message is propagated to the general population.

I get the idea even if I don’t understand the technology behind it.

Excerpt from Politico

“THESE 3 GOP Senators Just KILLED #RepealFirst Replace Later,” wrote @ChristieC733, tagging the senators who stalled the push as well as the official accounts of the Republican National Committee and the Senate Republicans. Her tweet was shared hundreds of times within an hour, eclipsing many of the more famous pundits inside the Beltway.

Given her 238,000 followers—100,000 more than Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media director, and more than three times as many as famed white nationalist Richard Spencer—you might guess Christie is a prominent activist. But besides listing her membership in the National Rifle Association and ownership of a small business, Christie’s profile offers little information about her offline life or any explanation for her impressive following.

Christie’s clout comes from her presence in some of the leading pro-Trump “rooms,” private spaces on conservative Twitter that allow followers to coordinate messages and then retweet each other—dramatically multiplying their impact. One of her fellow “Twitter patriots,” as they call themselves, tweeted and retweeted more than 4,100 times over a recent four-day period.

The pro-Trump rooms are an outgrowth of Twitter’s group direct message function, which was introduced with little fanfare in January 2015, just as the presidential campaign was getting underway. At that time, Twitter was considered a decidedly liberal bastion. But the platform—as well as its group direct message function—proved to be especially useful for the type of populist outsider movement spurred by Trump, whose denunciations of elitist figures and institutions were easily conveyed in no more than 140 characters.

The invite-only rooms have names like “Patriots United” and “Trump Train,” and many have accompanying hashtags to track members’ tweets as they propagate. Each room can accommodate as many as 50 people.

Most people in the rooms are not native internet users. Many joined Twitter or dusted off dormant accounts just to stump for Trump. These novices were coached by more experienced compatriots on tending their feeds and cultivating followers. Those who spoke with POLITICO were virtually all older than 35 and predominantly female.

“The whole idea is to share tweets and retweet people in the group’s tweets,” explained Brian Fraser, a central node in the network who manages one of the “Patriots United” rooms. Since last summer, Fraser’s following has increased dramatically, from 13,000 followers to nearly 170,000 today.

Another room manager told members that mutual retweeting is “the cardinal rule.”

A single room can quickly disseminate a given post to its members. But the real strength of the pro-Trump rooms is in their interconnectedness, since one user can be in multiple rooms simultaneously.

This piece goes on to explain the strategy employed by Microchip to force the media to cover what they’d rather not cover.


Chaos is Microchip’s metric of success, not voter turnout. His rooms put out a mix of outright vile and what he calls “boomer approved” messages without the gross-out element.

“Most of this is contrived to force outrage and trigger new MSM journos to cover shit because they buy the meme,” he said. “They should have already figured this out and stopped covering us.”

Microchip and his crew were giddy at hearing President Trump’s declaration that the military would no longer accept transgender soldiers. In between mulling ideas for inflammatory messaging, Microchip marveled that Trump “is going to force the Left to remain drenched in identity politics through 2018.”

“The Left still hasn’t learned to ignore this trigger game,” he added.

Like the “normies,” as he calls Trump supporters in the mainstream rooms, Microchip fears concentrated government power and shares frustration with leftward shifts he saw under Obama. But he sees the network of rooms as a vehicle to spread right-wing content that triggers “extreme” response from liberals, and Trump himself as but “a tool in this purpose.”

He hopes extreme actions from either end of the political spectrum will scare more people to the center.

Whether their aim is earnest advocacy or to foment backlash, the rooms are now an entrenched part of conservative Twitter. New offshoots continue to spawn, additional members join daily, and their overseers are weighing next steps.

Ever volatile, Microchip suggested last week that he might shift his attention away from using the rooms, although he was characteristically cryptic.

“I’m dumping most groups, turning inward,” he tweeted after decrying everything from globalism to the New Right in a missive comprised of hundreds of tweets.

The mainstream rooms, meanwhile, are scrambling to anoint sufficiently pro-Trump candidates nationwide while taking aim at the president’s detractors, particularly moderate Republicans.

We’re going to have to scare the hell out of RINOs as 2018 approaches, so that they deliver on Trump’s agenda and/or they’re replaced by a Congress responsive to the populist message.

3 thoughts on “Twitter “rooms” Help Supporters Amplify Trump’s Message, Attack CNN, and Spread #MAGA

  1. I am impressed by this guy’s activity and energy, but for me all of Twitter is a waste of space and time. If still waters run deep, twittering jabberers are the extreme shallows. How many people are going to change their votes based on trends on Twitter? Too many, one supposes. What a world. The word twitter was always meant to describe meaningless jabber by birds, or human twits. The birds of course might find it useful, but to humans listening it is just plain stupid. The same for Twitter as far as I am concerned. How about a new site called “Thinker dot com”? No doubt the name is taken and for sale for $100 or so. Maybe $50. Not much demand for thinking these days, indeed it might even be illegal before too long.

    “famed white nationalist Richard Spencer”.
    So “Heil Trump” and filmed Nazi salutes posted to anti-social media are actually a good idea? Who knew? Spencer, obviously. Somebody said “there is no such thing as bad publicity” and I think Trump agrees. At least half of all “followers” do not exist and are created by bots. Dare I say the more followers somebody has the more stupid they are, and their followers? The reverse would not apply. No followers does not prove genius.

    Homer Simpson “Celebrities. Is there anything they do not know”?

    v. twit·tered, twit·ter·ing, twit·ters
    1. To utter a succession of light chirping or tremulous sounds; chirrup.
    a. To speak rapidly and in a tremulous manner: twittering over office gossip.
    b. To giggle nervously; titter.
    3. To tremble with nervous agitation or excitement.
    To utter or say with a twitter: twittered a greeting.
    a. The light chirping sound made by certain birds.
    b. A similar sound, especially light, tremulous speech or laughter.
    2. Agitation or excitement; flutter.

    • I haven’t mastered the art of Twitter. I use it to Tweet when I post a new item. Once in a great while, I’ll weigh in on a Twitter war with a Tweet here and there. I also use it when there’s breaking news and to find pics of cute puppies, kittens, etc.

      I suppose it’s a very powerful propaganda tool. I understand that @Cernovich receives a million looks a day at his Tweets. That’s way more looks than he gets when he writes on his website.

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