Paul Craig Roberts: Facts Replaced by Propaganda Everywhere We Look


Coed has published a good example of the propaganda that Paul Craig Roberts discusses here. The Coed piece claims it is “sexist” and denigrates women to acknowledge differences between the sexes. And the young feminists eat it up.

Since this piece was written, James Damore has been fired.

Lew Rockwell

Russia is under economic and propaganda attack from the US. Additionally, the US is surrounding Russia and China with military and missile bases, leading both countries to the conclusion that Washington is preparing a surprise nuclear attack. Despite the high level of threat that Washington represents to the two nuclear powers, the English language Russian press can still find time to alert us to the increasing persecution of male Americans in behalf of feminist myths.

RT reports on a memo sent by a male engineer within Google. The memo committed the impermissible offense of challenging the feminist allegation that women are paid less than men in science and technology because of male discrimination against women. The engineer expressed a cogent argument, once understood as the obvious truth, that, despite sexism and all that, there are “differences in distributions of traits between men and women.” He lists male traits and female traits and nowhere says female traits are less important, only that they lie in different areas.

The engineer says that truth about male/female differences can no longer be uttered, because of “our shaming culture” that feminists and Identity Politics have created. We are obliged to ignore all factual evidence because the evidence does not support the ideology.

The engineer, so far undiscovered and not yet fired, was denounced by Google’s new vice president for Diversity, Integrity and Governance, Danielle Brown—a woman of course—for advancing “incorrect assumptions about gender.” There is no known scientific evidence attesting to the incorrectness of the engineer’s exposition, and even if there were there is nothing unusual about Americans having incorrect opinions. What Danielle Brown means is that what we all know to be true is inconsistent with the feminist ideology and therefore impermissible.

The unasked and unanswered question remains. How does a culture, or merely ordinary competence, survive when propaganda is elevated over fact?

10 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts: Facts Replaced by Propaganda Everywhere We Look

  1. Anyone want to bet that this guy fucking LOVES Obama’s booty, multiculturalism, etc?

    Frankenstein’s Monster kills its maker.

  2. Once again stating the truth or the obvious in our Orwellian world gets a person demonized,fired, jailed …whatever it takes! It’s sad that thoughts are stifled in favor of enforced group think. No wonder men are emasculated, the sight of those ugly gender fluid multi cultural creatures would give any man “shrinkage”

  3. Among all this lunacy, I wonder what average people are thinking. I feel especially sorry for children in public schools. They are told “You are different, therefore special.” “There’s only one you, you are unique.” But then feminism tells them “You are just like a man, you can do his work.” “We are all equal”
    Some of the greatest peace in life comes from realizing that one had a place and a function. This young man simply pointed out facts. An intelligent person would reflect for a time on his discourse and use the truth to their advantage.


    He should bring in experts. He should bring women and ask them on the stand to write a few lines of code, recursive function for the fibonacci series for the jury to see. He has to fight the fight.

  5. I read his letter. He seems to be objecting to meeting employee race and gender quotas, but talks mostly about women. He says Google doesn’t allow conservatives to express their views.

    He says women are being hired because of their gender when they are not qualified for the job. Well, agree not all are qualified if Google is hiring them based on their gender. He goes on to describe why they are not qualified.

    Where he got into trouble was his generalization of women. He seems to be implying all women are weak and prone to neuroticism and anxiety. Nothing about their intelligence, knowledge, experience, or capability. Jobs at Google are too stressful for them, he says.

    All jobs should be based on merit, but then, more men would get them in traditional male fields. Men would be accused of discrimination. What about the few women who are actually very good and thrive at that type of work? Don’t tell me there are none. What’s the answer…and it isn’t the male default, “They should be home having babies.” (Maybe, some already had their babies…now what?)

    Rarely discussed, not by this guy, or White males, are the black, Mexican, and other minority males, less qualified than White women, taking those jobs away from qualified White males.

    • The value in James Damore is not so much in the accuracy of what he wrote specifically, but rather in his exposing Google to be an “echo chamber” (his words, I recall) that has enraged and energized a lot of people because they fired him. I saw a Fortune magazine headline that said he needed to be fired. That’s one of the few that are taking that position. In other words, our job now is to try to destroy Google like we did CNN by harping on the idea that the company is the enemy of free speech.

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