‘No f— cops’! Gym bans police officers, military because they might offend minority members


Atlanta’s EAV Barbell Club looks like it might be owned by an ex-con. Jim Chambers has a tat by his eye that is associated with prison life.

His ban on police raises an interesting legal issue. No business can legally bar Niggers from entering. What if a Nigger cop goes into the gym and gets kicked out because he’s a cop. Which law would apply? The law that says a business owner can ban cops or the law that says he can’t ban the Negroid race.

While Chambers can’t be legally denied police protection, if I were a cop called to his place of business because Chambers had been robbed or beaten up, I would respond, but s l o w l y.

Certainly, during a Negroid riot, I would expect the cops to stand down while Chamber’s gym was looted and burned to the ground. He may think his “No cops” sign makes him in with his Nog buddies, but he doesn’t know the Nog that well.

Fox News

The owner of a gym in Atlanta is coming under fire after posting an obscene sign outside his business that states in part: “No f—— cops.”

The sign, which has since been removed, appeared outside of EAV Barbell Club on the east side of Atlanta, according to 11Alive. The full sign said: “Rules: Do whatever the hell you want, correctly, except Crossfit cultism. No f—— cops.”

The notice started to gain attention after a military veteran saw the message and reported it to media outlets.

Jim Chambers, the owner of the gym, told 11Alive he took responsibility for the sign and wanted the message to be clear.

“We’ve had an explicitly stated ‘no cop’ policy since we opened, and we also don’t open membership to active members of the military,” Chambers told NBC4i.

Chambers said law enforcement agents were not allowed in his business because their presence made his minority clientele uncomfortable.

The Atlanta Police Department did not comment on the ban but said, “Were we to respond to an emergency there, this sign would not stop us from lawfully doing our job.”

Chambers added: “If they have a warrant, they can go anywhere they want, but we’re not breaking the law.”

Chambers said he would put the sign back up at some point but claimed that he and his clients would not need the help of law enforcement in the future.

“It was really just that the vulgarity in that sign that seems to bring it out for people,” Chambers told 11Alive.

Chambers looks like he’s on illegal steroids. Is he dealing?

Enquiring police minds might want to know. LOL.

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