Negro “Sovreign Citizen” Who Sued State for $11.5 BILLION Arrested for Shooting at Cops


The Sovereign Citizen movement must seem like a dream come true to the black man. Here’s a chance to stick it to the white man’s law. Except the white man’s law isn’t bending, much less breaking.

Indy Star

An Indianapolis man who believes the laws don’t apply to him and once sued the state for $11.5 billion was arrested Monday after a three-hour SWAT standoff.

John Jones Bey, 52, is facing three counts of attempted murder and three counts of criminal recklessness for his alleged role in the incident that played out Monday morning in the 3400 block of Kinnear Avenue.

According to a police report of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Bey fired gunshots at three Center Township constables as they attempted to serve him an eviction order.

MPD officers responded around 9:30 a.m. Monday, and the SWAT team was called in to assist when the armed Bey refused to leave his home.

After more than three hours, Bey peacefully surrendered, police said. No one was injured during the incident, and officers at the scene recovered the handgun that Bey is accused of firing at the constables.

Bey was booked into the Marion County Jail on the preliminary charges of attempted murder and criminal recklessness. A final charging decision will be made by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

According to a February decision from the the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, Bey considers himself a “sovereign citizen,” meaning that he does not believe the laws apply to him. He also does not believe that he can be lawfully taxed in the absence of a contract between him and the state.

Bey, who describes himself as an “Aboriginal Indigenous Moorish-American,” previously filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana what he labeled a “Writ of Mandamus.” Within it Bey was seeking to enjoin state and county officials from taxing property that he owns in Marion County.

Court documents said Bey also asked that state officials be ordered to refund the taxes that he’d paid and to compensate him for their alleged wrongs. He determined that the district court should award him $11.5 billion to cover the 40 years of taxes and the mental anguish caused by the taxation.

The court of appeals in February affirmed the decision of the district court, ruling against Bey.

As we always advise here, there are legal ways to go stealth and avoid paying at least some taxes, without resorting to illegal, fraudulent Sovereign Citizen arguments. Bone up on tax law and learn how to reduce, if not eliminate your taxes, if that’s important to you. Challenging government directly is rarely wise. Quietly withdrawing from the System is far better in terms of outcomes for you.

2 thoughts on “Negro “Sovreign Citizen” Who Sued State for $11.5 BILLION Arrested for Shooting at Cops

  1. “He also does not believe that he can be lawfully taxed in the absence of a contract between him and the state.”

    ‘Render unto Caesar that which is his.’

    I researched this subject and basically found that if you accept and use Federal Reserve currency without objection, there is a contract in force and you ARE subject to all of the terms and conditions including income taxes. Anything you obtain with a notice of debt does not lawfully belong to you because the purchase debt has not been lawfully satisfied (paid for with gold) and only legally deferred with a legal tender debt,(FRNs) and is thus subject to the creditor (FED). That goes for everything, including your house and the food you eat. That is why they can tax you.That is why they can tax your property, and that is why they can legally take it if you do not pay.

    The signatures of the Treasury Secretary and the Treasurer of the United States on notices of debt (bills) are evidence of debt signed and agreed to on your behalf. By using them, you imply agreement to the debt incurred and the conditions thereof.

    If you use the King’s money, then you agree to the King’s terms and conditions. Render unto Caesar.

    Bottom line, you can’t be sovereign if your money is not. Forget it, pay the taxes, and do your best to keep them low.

  2. I have no problem with sovereign citizens – the provlem is the people who demand that I take care of them. That being said, the government’s power of the sword is an invincible argument for its power to lay and collect taxes. If you and your neighbors ever obtain a bigger sword, then you won’t have to pay.

    Agree that people should find legal ways to reduce/avoid taxes. Sounds like the sticking point here was the (state) property tax. Hawaii (of all places) has the lowest property tax in America. Less than half of one percent.

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