Fired Employee James Damore Talking About Google’s Secret Anti-White, Anti-Male Diversity Programs

Terminated Google memo writer James Damore isn’t hiding out the way most people fired for being politically incorrect do.

He’s talking.

And what he says about (((Google))) just confirms that the company is a piece of sh*t politically correct, anti-white, anti-male operation.

He’s given at least two interviews to prominent alt-light (or right) figures, Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux. Both interviews are embedded at the bottom of this post.

Daily Wire

Google deploys “potentially illegal” human resource management policies directed toward left-wing “diversity” objectives, said James Damore during a Wednesday-published interview with Jordan Peterson.

Damore is a former employee of Google, recently terminated following his questioning of the company’s “diversity” policies.

Damore spoke of “super-secret” and unrecorded “diversity summits” held by Google to push neo-Marxist politics on its employees. Partial transcript below.

PETERSON: Why did you do this? [write this memo]

DAMORE: About a month and a half ago, I went to one of our diversity summits — all of it unrecorded and super-secret — and they told me a lot of things that I thought were just not right.

PETERSON: What do you mean “unrecorded” and “super-secret”?

DAMORE: They were telling us about a lot of these potentially illegal practices that they’ve been doing to try and increase diversity.

PETERSON: What kind of practices?

DAMORE: Well, basically treating people differently based on what their race or gender are.

PETERSON: Oh, so you mean racism?

DAMORE: Yeah, basically.

PETERSON: I see. So it was ultra-secret and unrecorded in what manner?

DAMORE: Most meetings at Google are recorded. Anyone at Google can watch it. We’re trying to be really open about everything, except for this. They don’t want any paper trail for any of these things.

PETERSON: Okay, why?

DAMORE: Because I think it’s illegal, and as some of the internal polls showed, there were a large percentage of people who agreed with me on the document. And so if everyone got to see this stuff, then they would really bring up some criticism.

PETERSON: What were you being told [at this “diversity” meeting]?

DAMORE: There’s a lot of ways in which they pressure people to increase the diversity of their team, and there’s no way to do that besides actually choosing someone based on their race or gender, right?

PETERSON: What do they mean by “diversity,” precisely?

DAMORE: More women or underrepresented racial minorities.

Business Insider lets us in on what Damore said to Molyneux.

Damore said: “I went to a diversity program at Google. It was … not recorded, totally secretive. I heard things that I definitely disagreed with in some of our programs. I had some discussions there. There was lots of just shaming and, ‘No you can’t say that — that’s sexist,’ and, ‘You can’t do this.’

“There’s just so much hypocrisy in the things they are saying. I decided to create the document to clarify my thoughts.”

Damore lost his job Monday after a turbulent 72 hours at Google. The saga began when he released the memo, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” internally. It accused the firm of holding a left-wing, progressive bias and took issue with the effectiveness of its main diversity programs.

The document is dated July, but it was leaked to journalists on Sunday after more Googlers read the document and expressed their disgust on Twitter. CEO Sundar Pichai described Damore’s views as “offensive” and “not OK.”


During the interview, he said he wrote the memo to fill his time during a 12-hour work flight to China.

He also said he had received more messages of support than criticism.

He said: “There may be a lot of negative responses in the public. But very few of them actually send me messages. They just want to virtue signal to all their followers: ‘I’m a great person, I share your morals. This person is bad.’ But they don’t really want to have a debate on why I’m wrong or even confront me — they just want to show how self-righteous they are.

“I’ve gotten a ton of personal messages of support, which has been really nice. I got that at Google before all of this leaked. Lots of upper management was shaming me.”

Damore had been mostly silent over the past four days, saying only that he planned to take legal action against Google. On Monday, he filed a complaint with US federal labor officials. Speaking with Molyneux, Damore didn’t comment on any legal action against Google or on what he plans to do next.

But during the conversation he continued to back his viewpoints from the memo. At one point he said, “I’m not saying any female engineers are in any way worse than the average male engineer.” But that message may be compromised by the fact that Molyneux has published videos with titles such as “Why Feminists Hate Men: What They Won’t Tell You!” and “Why Feminism Hurts Women: What They Won’t Tell You!”

Damore said he was also prompted to write the memo by other Google employees “not in this groupthink” who felt “isolated and alienated.” He said more conservative employees were thinking of leaving Google because they thought the company had a left-wing bias that was “getting so bad.”

“I really thought it was a problem Google itself had to fix,” he said. “Hopefully they do.”

Jordan Peterson interview:

Stefan Molyneux interview:

7 thoughts on “Fired Employee James Damore Talking About Google’s Secret Anti-White, Anti-Male Diversity Programs

  1. This is been going on in high-tech for over 30 years. These people were essentially outcasts in grade school and high school — rocket club guys AV Squad guys Boy Scouts people who didn’t go to prom — and if it weren’t for High-Tech they would be teaching Algebra 2 or physics at some high school somewhere and Moonlighting at Radio Shack.

    To them strong White males are the enemy, which they associate with the jocks who knocked their books out of their hands all the time and made fun of them.

    In a very real sense Hi-Tech has always been a Revenge of the Nerds thing.

    And eventually women and minorities started to draft off of this, and it became a giant force of negative energy.

    What this Google fellow is discussing is really just the tip of the iceberg.

    • I was a programmer more than 40 years ago. All were chosen by an aptitude test designed by IBM, then personal interview, and all hired within the large organisation and then trained – nobody ever hired directly into the “EDP” department from outside. The team of 100 were all white males. Not one tinted person and not one nerd that I ever met, all were brainy however. A few years later the first female joined, due to AA, then a huge number of Asians more than 30 years ago and all downhill from there.

      One thing notable about many of the males I worked with in Programming was that most had dropped out of Tertiary Edification (sic). I.e. highly intelligent but perhaps a tad lazy. Like me. Nobody was interested in rockets or Radio Shack (ok there were one or two hobbyists). Most had wives and children.

      I am talking about a large commercial organisation, which hires young normal people “for life” (in those halcyon days). A lot of nerds would never have been hired in the first place. Nerds go straight to Google, IBM, and Cisco etc. from University and are most welcome there. They get big money even if they are Autistic arseholes.

  2. In a way it is a shame he is fighting Google. If he wins, Google will be more competitive. If he loses, Google will go bankrupt.
    If free competition exists – and I do not think that it does – the best companies that hire the best will thrive and those that hire Coons and women and LGBTQHIV in high tech programming jobs will go broke.
    The playing field is not level however and that is why so many Jew companies do very well. They have access to finance. For connected companies like the (((MSM))) they can lose money every year and never go broke. This is a miracle in a genuine free market. But not in a rigged (((market))).

    I have had a policy for several decades. If a shopkeeper (owner) or employee is rude to me or tries to cheat me, I never go back. If they have an employee who is an idiot who knows nothing and makes stupid mistakes, I say nothing, and never go back. Especially if the idiot or rude person is tinted. I never complain and I never tell the owner of manager. I hope that the business will go bankrupt on the basis that they knowingly hired rude people or tinted idiots, and did not supervise them properly. Often, the business does collapse, which is highly satisfying to me. My policy is not so much fun short term as complaining – but why help an arsehole?
    I took my favourite green tea (from Eastern Europe) in to a Chinese tea seller in Sydney and asked if he had a similar tea. He said rudely “This is not tea, this is herbs”. He then gave me a taste sample of his tea priced at $20 a packet. I said nothing, and never went back. I wanted to say to him a Chinese proverb “man without smile on face should never open shop” – but this may have saved his business. I said nothing.

    “Do not fight your business enemies, allow them to go bankrupt”.
    To paraphrase a famous saying.

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