Conflicting Claims Mark $3 Million Former “Aryan Goddess” Taylor Swift Groping Lawsuit


For awhile back in 2016 I believe it was, Andrew Anglin had declared Taylor Swift to be an Aryan Goddess. He and his crew produced memes that showed Taylor spouting the words of Adolf Hitler.

Then Taylor’s lawyers sent Anglin a letter. He removed the material from his site under threat of a lawsuit. That was wise of him, not cowardly, in my opinion.

Since then, his enthusiasm for the lovely Miss Swift has diminished and he’s done many fewer posts on her.

Taylor is back in the news in regard to a legal issue, although Anglin is not involved. A DJ who may be a Jew and may not be has filed a $3 million lawsuit against the diva for falsely accusing him of sexually assaulting her by groping her bottom. She’s counter-suing him on principle, asking for $1.

Look at the position of Taylor’s left arm in the photo. Is she touching Mueller’s bottom? Look at David Mueller’s right arm. Is he touching her bottom. This photo is the key evidence in the case.

Would Taylor still be smiling if she were being sexually assaulted? Could Mueller’s girlfriend have felt up Taylor?

What’s your opinion? Share it by commenting below.


A former radio disc jockey accused of groping Taylor Swift before a concert testified Tuesday that he may have touched the pop superstar’s ribs with a closed hand as he tried to jump into a photo with her but insisted he did not touch her backside as she claims.

David Mueller told jurors at the civil trial on dueling lawsuits filed by Mueller and Swift that he and the singer-songwriter were trying to reach around one another and “our hands touched and our arms touched” during a photo opportunity he estimated lasted no more than 40 seconds.

Under questioning by his attorney, Mueller said he may have touched Swift’s “rib cage, or rib, or ribs.”

The 2013 photo of Swift, Mueller and Mueller’s girlfriend taken at the pre-concert event in Denver is a key piece of evidence in Mueller’s suit claiming he was fired after being falsely accused by Swift. He is seeking at least $3 million.

The photo shows Mueller with his hand behind Swift, just below her waist. Both are smiling.

Her lawyers have called the photo “damning” proof that Mueller groped her.

Mueller’s lawyer, Gabriel McFarland, showed jurors the photograph during his opening remarks. Two jurors stared at the photo on their computer monitors while a few others kept glancing at it as McFarland spoke.

Swift has said she is positive it was Mueller who groped her.

Swift has countersued Mueller, claiming sexual assault. She is seeking a symbolic $1, saying she wants to serve as an example to other women who have been assaulted.

In his opening statement, Douglas Baldridge, an attorney for Swift. told jurors that his superstar client is “absolutely certain” she was sexually assaulted and will prove it in court.

Baldridge also asked what possible reason Swift would have to make up an allegation.

“That’s the one and only story we have to tell you — that Mr. Mueller grabbed her rear end,” he said.

Mueller’s attorney told jurors that inappropriate touching is wrong, but falsely accusing someone of the offense is equally unacceptable.

The trial continues.

18 thoughts on “Conflicting Claims Mark $3 Million Former “Aryan Goddess” Taylor Swift Groping Lawsuit

  1. Wish I’d known as a teenager you could sue for being groped. I could have been rich. In those days such lawsuits would likely have been tossed from the court due to the “boys will be boys” clause. :-/

    In other celeb news, Glen Campbell died yesterday 8/8/17 at age 81 from Alzheimer’s:

    Glen Campbell, the sweet-voiced, guitar-picking son of a sharecropper who became a recording, television and movie star in the 1960s and ’70s, waged a publicized battle with alcohol and drugs and gave his last performances while in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, died on Tuesday in Nashville. He was 81.

    Tim Plumley, his publicist, said the cause was Alzheimer’s.

    Mr. Campbell revealed that he had the disease in June 2011, saying it had been diagnosed six months earlier. He also announced that he was going ahead with a farewell tour later that year in support of his new album, “Ghost on the Canvas.”

  2. She looks like a creepy store mannequin, something from a Twilight Zone episode. She is only 34 years old in the photo but to me looks 44 or more.

    Her smiling face proves she is not being sexually assaulted. The photo proves he is innocent. However all photos from the 40 second shoot should be presented as evidence. Her bum has probably been groped by so many Jew promoters that she does not mind or even notice when another man grabs her by the crack.

    Also he should claim she grabbed his arse and thus he is a victim of sexual assault – not her.

    His “touched her ribs” statement seems to go against him. Maybe the photo was completely altered via Photoshop if he did indeed touch her ribs.

    • Good thinking by you to suggest putting all photos in evidence. If he were playing grab butt, then I believe that little skirt of hers would show some disturbance on the side. It doesn’t.

      The problem for him is why she would make up a story.

      • The problem here is that Taylor is trying to be polite. She should have pulled away and posed for a picture on the other side of his wife.

        Double bind- smile and try to be polite …. you ask to be groped. Make a scene …. you are not ‘nice’.

        Simple rule: keep your hands to yourself. We all learn this in kindergarten unless you are autistic and lack social skills.

    • There is actually legal precedent in the USA re: the use of photos, videos, etc where only one ‘frame’ is used …. one must present all frames in chronological sequence in order to get context.

    • Taylor does not look happy. She is obviously trying to distance herself from him and is much closer to his wife and moreso hugging her.

      He is a douche.

  3. For all people that like to mock short musicians like Bob Zimmerman, Elton John, and David Bowie.
    I have a theory that many musicians and Hollywood actors are short because small people are easier to assault sexually. Big men might fight back against Homo Jews trying to ram their cock up the musicians.actors arse. Or front bottom for lady performers like Taylor Swift. Promoters like to spot talent while they are still young – pedos that they are.

    • Look up the story of (((Lou Pearlman))) who set up the 90s boy-bands. Classic under-the-desk audition process.

      But they totally don’t control the industry, and only an anti-wotsit would say so right?

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