Social Justice Warriors Always Lie (PDF Link and Videos)

Link to 324 page book Social Justice Warriors Always Lie by Vox Day (2015)

Vox Day’s book explains how SJWs operate and how you can thwart them when they try to destroy you. I haven’t actually read the book, but have skimmed parts of it. The same is true of the videos. I’m presenting this material collected here for those who might need it. I know that I could have used it when the university came after me and demonized me in the national press. The now fired Google engineer James Damore could have used this information too.

When the left comes after you, their goal is always to make sure you never work again and that your friends and family reject you. In my case, the university tried to provoke a crazed feminist to murder me.

Knowing how to defend yourself from these f*cks is essential in today’s world. I hope the material is worthwhile. If it is, I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors Always Lie (PDF Link and Videos)

  1. I’m impressed that it’s available for free! I purchased it almost two years ago and found it very useful.

    The book spends too much time talking about Gamergate, which was fresh enough news at the time, I suppose.

    Its real value comes from explaining the toxic, creeping influence of allowing leftists to provide input into any forum or organization, and in its guide on what to do in your own organization once you notice a liberal fvcker has targeted you.

    Since the book was written, many examples have been shared online describing how things in such-and-such a workplace happened just as predicted in the book, including many white males forced to resign because they didn’t follow the advice in the book.

    Recommended for the foregoing reasons.

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