Oh Boy! Featuring The McDougall Alley Kids – 1927 Silent Comedy

A gang of mischievous white boys and their colored friend Bubbles (played by Tapioca) make life miserable for the neighborhood rich kid. Bubbles would be called “offensive” by liberals today because he acts just like colored children actually act.

15 minutes of silent comedy similar to the Little Rascals. An enjoyable look back at an era fondly remembered.

Published on Aug 7, 2017

Film review/synopsis by Motion Picture News:
Here are illustrated the social inequalities which wealth and poverty represent. Embodying effeminate wealth is Cuthbert, who gets chauffeured around town and wears a lace-frilled Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit with glasses—the McDougall Alley kids call him the heroine’s “little girl friend,” mutilate his clothes, and steal his girl and car. Poverty is embodied by Buddy, roughneck leader of the Alley kids, who Bubbles chauffeurs around town in a jalopy. Like his counterparts in Our Gang, Bubbles has a prominence and intelligence often denied to adult African Americans in silent cinema. Yet racial stereotyping remains: though one of the gang, Bubbles often takes a servant role, not just driving but also servicing the jalopy. He also launches into two impromptu dance routines and delivers a segregation joke about sleeping “in de lower berth.”

Read more about Hollywood’s Bray Productions at Wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “Oh Boy! Featuring The McDougall Alley Kids – 1927 Silent Comedy

    • It was a sad day when the old MGM backlot was sold off by the conglomerate that bought the studio. So much history was lost.

      This particular silent film is quite entertaining. Silent movies were an art form that no one appreciates today.

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