Memo to President Trump: I’m Not Supporting Any War to Defend South Korean Dog Eaters


Affection toward dogs seems to primarily be a Western characteristic. Perhaps early Euro man in the far north of the cold European climate found that dogs saved his life by providing warmth on cold winter nights and offered a good hunting companion during the day.

Western people call the canine “man’s best friend.” And rightly so.

Asians, however, view the dog as a source of food. As far as I’m concerned a race of people that eat dogs are a race of people I want no contact with whatsoever.

As tensions mount on the Korean peninsula and John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and others beat their war drums, I’m out of it.

If President Donald Trump succumbs to pressure to attack North Korea, he’ll get no support from me. No Americans should have their legs and arms blown off or die for a race of dog eaters.

Let the Koreans kill each other. Americans can work to evacuate dog refugees. Those are the only Asian refugees I care about. See photo above.


The consumption of dog meat in South Korea, where it is known as “Gaegogi” (Korean: 개고기), has a long history originating during Three Kingdoms of Korea, AD C. 57.[1] In recent years, it has been controversial both in South Korea and around the world, due to animal rights and sanitary concerns. Dog meat is also consumed in North Korea, but the extent or form of this activity is unclear.

Although 5 to 30% of South Koreans have eaten dog meat at least once in their lifetime,[citation needed] only a small percentage of the population eats it regularly. There is a large group of Korean people that are against the practice of eating dog meat.[7] There is also a large population of people in South Korea that do not eat or enjoy the meat, but do feel strongly that it is the right of others to do so.[7] There is a smaller group of pro-dog cuisine people in South Korea who want to popularize the consumption of dog in Korea and the rest of the world,[7] considering it to be part of the traditional culture of Korea with a long history worth preserving.

The BBC claims that in 2003, approximately 4,000–6,000 restaurants served soups made from dog meat in Korea.[8] The soups cost about US$10 while dishes of steamed dog meat with rice cost about US$25. The BBC claims that 8,500 tons of dog meat are consumed per year, with another 93,600 tons used to produce a medicinal tonic called Gaesoju (개소주).[8]

n 2010, the Korean Statistics Information Service reported there were 892,820 dogs in 100,191 farms.[15]
The majority of dogs are slaughtered by electrocution, hanging and being beaten over the head before exsanguination.[15]

Since 1988, international animal welfare activists – most notably, French actress Brigitte Bardot – have campaigned against dog meat consumption in South Korea. However, Korean nationalists on the internet have defended the consumption of dog meat, accusing animal welfare activists of forcing “Westernization” on Korea.[28] A 2007 survey by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture showed that 59% of Koreans aged under 30 would not eat dog. Some 62% of the same age group said they regard dogs as pets, not food.[33] Many young Koreans think those who eat dog are anachronists.[34]

6 thoughts on “Memo to President Trump: I’m Not Supporting Any War to Defend South Korean Dog Eaters

  1. I love kitties and puppies; last place I want to see them is one some 3rd world restaurant menu.

    When I was in the Navy (a real learning experience) I got to visit 18 first and 3rd world countries. In the Philippines, China, Hong Kong I got to unknowingly eat dog, cat and monkey passed off as “chicken”. In Mexico, Puta Rico Jamaica got fed dog passed off as beef.

    Then after getting discharged; at what I thought was chicken fingers in 2 separate Chinese restaurants that were later raided and shut down for serving cats and dog meat.

    The former USA now joins all the global turd world hell holes

  2. “I’m Not Supporting Any War to Defend South Korean Dog Eaters.”

    Add me to the list, but I am for the U.S. blowing NK off the map. Kim’s intentions are to bomb both SK and us.

    As far as the dogs, animal rights organizations are making inroads. Either way, those dogs will lose their lives from eating them or a bomb from NK. Maybe, we can save some of them by bombing Kim before he bombs SK and us.

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