House with Confederate flag Stormed by Negros in AL, Two White Men Beaten and Killed

Narrative Collapse reports that a Confederate flag was flying in front of the residence where two Negro intruders stormed the home, then beat and killed an elderly white man and his grandson.

The murders are receiving no national attention. But imagine if the two white men had brought their Confederate flag to the home of a Negro and murdered him. The case would be front page news for months.

Obama may be gone from the White House, but the race war that he fueled continues. Along with the media cover up.

Gadsden Times

Two men — a man and his grandson — died at their home on Rabbittown Road near Piedmont Sunday morning, apparently after someone broke in the house and shot them, according to published reports.

The two men have been indentified at Travis Frost, 73, and his grandson 23-year-old Joshua Moody, according to Calhoun County Coroner Pat Brown. He said the two men were pronounced dead at 5:10 a.m. He said authorities were summoned to the scene a short time after the incident occurred.

The investigation continues into what happened, and why, authorities have said.

Frost’s wife called authorities just after 4 a.m. Sunday morning and reported someone had broke into the house.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade told The Anniston Star the two men were shot; the woman hid in a bedroom and was not harmed.

A vehicle stolen from the residence was found abandoned in Piedmont later Sunday morning. Investigators and personnel for the Jacksonville State University’s Center for Applied Forensics were looking for evidence at the crime scene. The vehicle was being checked for evidence as well.

The alleged murderers ran, but not beyond the reach of the arm of the law. Good police work resulted in the capture of two of the three perps seen below.

U.S. Marshals captured two people Thursday night in Virginia, wanted in a July 23 Calhoun County double murder, Sheriff Matthew Wade said.

Jeffrey Jamall Briskey, 32, and Sicondria Michala “C.C.” Carter, 26, both of Anniston, were taken into custody about 9:30 p.m. CST in an Econo Lodge in the Petersburg, Va., area near the intersection of Interstates 85 and 95, Wade said.

Briskey has a warrant for murder, while Carter is wanted for hindering prosecution. The two are being held in connection with the killing of Travis Frost, 73, and Joshua Moody, 23. The two men were beaten and shot to death at Frost’s Rabbittown Road residence in the eastern part of Calhoun County.

The search continues for Rhimington Otarivs Johnson, 25, of Anniston. He is wanted for murder, standing 6 feet 1 inches tall, weighing 185 pounds. Wade said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

In Alabama, its likely the males will face capital murder charges.


12 thoughts on “House with Confederate flag Stormed by Negros in AL, Two White Men Beaten and Killed

  1. WHITE Alabama … it’s your turn now … get out and RIOT … incite lynching and havoc in general … get every URBAN ghetto Nigger and handle them accordingly …

  2. Yeah … German Shepherd is a Real Think … no wonder I love them

    Anyway, thanks for these photos … to ameliorate bad mood with what happened. I remember news from those times, I was around 16, 17, and even then, without personal experiences with Niggers, I felt good about how police used to handle Nogs … what the hell happened … oh yeah – DIVERSITY

  3. I hope they get the death penalty! Who raised these retards? These fools are so far done on the food chain they aren’t even relevant! UGH!

  4. I attended basic training at Ft. McClelland there in Anniston. Alabama was ground zero for trying to fight Snivel Rights and the jigs. Hopefully, these ghetto apes get turned into Mississippi Windchimes.

    • I went through Army Chemical Corps AIT at Fort McClellan. One Sunday we got “volunteered” for some half-assed parade in Birmingham carrying state flags. I remember silently cursing the black crowds watching us. Perfectly good Sunday ruined.

  5. The people that encouraged this crime should also be on trial for murder. I mean the big names that have slandered the Confederate Flag, #onlyblacklivesmatter, antifa and other scum.

    Any white flying a Confederate Flag at home is unwise not to have all doors/windows locked and a loaded gun ready for immediate use. This woman should have shot the invaders. The two white men should also have had guns, shot the Coons first and both survived. No shooting though until the niggers break in, then shoot all of them dead. No wounding. The whites also should go to target practice at least once a month, maybe join a gun club and get licensed pistols also.

  6. I guess it might be worth to bring back the death in a car “accident” of Anthony Hervey, a black supporter of the Confederate flag. Doubtful then it could be the same guys who did this to Anthony Hervey also did this to these 2 white guys but who knows?

    His book is still available on

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