Richard Spencer: Why You Should Never Send a D*ck Pic (Video)

America’s premier white identitarian talks about normal sexual attraction.

Spencer uses male vs. female psychology and biology to discuss why men should not send pictures of their junk to women. Women use dick pics to humiliate and use them against the sender, he says.

Twelve minutes. Spence is motivated to discuss this issue by the accusations against Eric Bolling of Fox News.

Published on Aug 6, 2017

Richard Spencer discusses why men should never, ever send a woman a “dick pic,” and why women don’t want them anyway.

29 thoughts on “Richard Spencer: Why You Should Never Send a D*ck Pic (Video)

  1. Someone on a particular dating website said, members often send photos of dicks that land on any female or male timelines. Some of them might use screen names of famous people.

    Ever notice on Twitter, those masquerading as Trump and others. I caught one using @StephenBannen. Notice the en. Steve Bannon spells his surname with an on.

    For Trump, I caught one @raeldonaldtrump. Notice the a and e in real are switched.

    It’s very easy to miss.

    He suggests this is what could have happened to Eric Bolling.

    So far, 3 of the women who supposedly accused Bolling of sexual harassment have come forward. One was on Fox the other night and said she never accused him of anything. In fact, he was always gentlemanly and kind.

    The other accused him of telling her she was beautiful. To her that was harassment.

    The third accuser Caroline Heldman is a far left anti-Trump activist who attended the Women’s march and gave a talk on the “objectification of women.”

    • My post on Bolling cast some skepticism but @langdaleca or perhaps someone else posted a Tweet saying that there’s a lot of horrible stuff about Bolling. It may have been Roger Stone, now that I think about it. Anyway, I’m rooting for Bolling to be cleared and back on the job soon.

  2. I guess I hope for too much from people. It seems to me in this day and age where technology makes everything you ever share, email, post, tweet or sext, forever, that people would have learned from others’ mistakes. Sadly, I am mistaken, people are always going to be stupid and send naked pics. SMH

  3. An 80% accurate lesson for the men presented by Spencer. Women are born as natural birth control measures. Under NORMAL circumstances, If they were as sexed up as men, we’d have 50 trillion people on the planet.

      • Sexual desire is typically higher in men than in women, testosterone accounts for this difference. Well-known and proven, testosterone levels are much higher in men than most women; therefore, it’s just common sense why men would have a much higher sex drive than women.

        Yes, there are some women who have frequent, intense desires for sex, and some men who don’t, but on average men want it more. Men think about sex more often than women and have more sexual fantasies.

        Women find it easier than men to go without sex. An adult woman who is between relationships can easily go for months, sometimes even years, hardly thinking of sex and not minding if she doesn’t have it. Men go nuts without sex (or at least some do).

        Research on this subject is clear. There is a substantial difference. Men initiate sex often and refuse it rarely. Women initiate it much more rarely and refuse it much more often than men. Given an opportunity for sex, men jump at it, while women say no.

        Just about every reliable study fits the pattern that men want sex more than women. Really, no research needed. It’s obvious!

      • It’s all conditioning. Men have allowed themselves to listen to Jew backed research that in fact debases them to being sex obsessed. This is a manipulation that is centuries old so as to excuse non positive behavior

    • Black Women are permitted to be sexed up, which is why they breed like fruit flies. The White Woman and especially the Germanic / Nordic woman has been neutered by a Pussified Patriarchy that is threatened by tall women, athletic women, women with calf muscles.

      ‘White men’ have become so penis centered they do t know how to fuck a woman properly anymore. Too much Porn Phallic Worship. Suck muh dick

  4. I watched the video. Essentially he is correct, though without many facts to back up his claims. That is OK, I do this also. He did not dare suggest women are monogamous, which would be logical with his argument about one egg a month driving female behaviour. He understates the male sperm production. He says millions – it is more like 200 million per ejaculation and was (may still be) 380 million for us oldsters.

    He says female strippers outnumber male strippers by a thousand to one. I doubt that so called fact very much.

    He says men must go out and get women. He is right there. Some of the nicest guys in the world will never get sex even once. Women hate nice guys. Although men must “get” women – some women are always on the make, always have a roving eye, even though they are married with children. This becomes truer with time (not the age of the woman but each passing year of our declining civilisation). Less common in a Muslim nation, where the women might be killed for infidelity (infidel-ity!) or even a secret meeting with a man. In the West, with women’s increasing freedom, women behave more like men than Spencer wants to admit.

    But – they still demand men chase them. Women use eye contact which only a stupid or shy man does not act upon. So women do initiate sexual relationships through this crafty glance – the male must take the risk and approach the woman afterwards.

    In the real word, male liars, braggarts, arseholes etc. do very well with women. “Nice guys finish last” is a very true saying.

    Are women worth the effort, to live with? Is sex in a relationship all that great, for all the insults received? Is losing half your money or more in a divorce settlement, and the kids, worth all the pain? For me it was/is worth it but many young men these days decide that marriage is not worth the risks. They might have sex now and again but are not keen to knock up women or live with them.

    As for dick pics, if only the erect dick shows, how can the woman prove who the man is? Do not include the face or most of the body, just send the dick. Who cares if women are offended? That is Beta style thinking. Alphas do what they want.

    Can police or the courts order a man to get an erection to forensically prove it is his cock standing loud and proud? No. How could any guy crack a fat while some elderly judge was perving at his Purple Headed Warrior? His blue veined custard chucker.

    Guys with high paid jobs should not send dick pics including the face. Married men should be cautious also. If a kiddie sees the dick pic or receives it the man could spend many years in jail, so that is another reason for caution. Oops – “sent the dick pic to all the kids at my child’s school”, or “my wifes entire contact list” or some such blunder.

  5. This 25 minute video proves that woman are attracted to rascals, braggarts and blowhards. The man is old, he is overweight, he is a drunk, he is very un PC, his clothes are atrocious and food stained, he has nicotine stains on his fingers, he has no “sixpack” other than beer. But – he makes women laugh. Watch the young women in the audience carefully and you will see that they are attracted to this man. Scientists would say it is impossible, but see for yourself. He is definitely the supreme Alpha. Even if he is a fictional character. I have watched this video several times for its useful education about women and what makes them tick.

    • Could only make it through 3 1/2 minutes. Obnoxious, not funny, and I think the audience was prepped to laugh at his jokes, often done here in the U.S.

      Your description of him is spot on!

      • In real life this author/comedian stopped drinking almost 50 years ago, as it was killing him. This video was made in 1991 and the guy is still alive at over 80. He is a conservative non drinker who mocks liberals by pretending to be one. He mocks the pig in the trough diplomats and politicians.
        Yes the shows is staged – like all documentaries! Yet the womens real reactions show, and the men in the audience also.
        He wears a huge false cock on stage – as does Mick Jagger.
        Why do this if women do not focus on mens cocks? The false penis is surely for women to look at rather then men.

      • I personally find Sir Les Paterson very funny, but am not so keen on Dame Edna Everage (the same comedian).
        The driver of the VW Kombi Van from this 1972 movie is the same actor. He plays a greedy Jew musician, who will later get beat up by the Aussies friends in a free for all where Bortosh gangsters try to steal the new find. In the same movie he also pays a crazy Jew psychiatrist – the lanky Aussie hero vomits on the head of the Jew. Bad taste but very fair.
        Jew Doc “what do you wish for”
        Hero “That you are dying of cancer”
        Doc “Well yes that is correct. But is there anything else you wish for”?
        This song is about “dick” so is on topic.

  6. Here is some science with may contradict Spencers dick pic idea. Human male dicks are larger than those of other apes, relative to body size. For most species, it is the female that chooses who to copulate with – except for harem style animals like gorillas and lions. Low status male baboons and chimps might get no sex at all.
    Most of human history we have been naked. Thus it is obvious to me that male dicks are big because for tens of thousands of years, women have preferred to have sex with guys with the bigger dicks. Aka schlongs.
    It is the obvious explanation and it means women are much more visual about sex than Spencer claims.
    So dick pics are a return to our “roots”.

    • When being rooted by a man I am not thinking about how ‘big’ his dick is. I am focused on what he saying to me… talking dirty etc.., how he makes me FEEL.

      I don’t know who that ugly man is in that clip and like Wulfe I made it through maybe 3 minutes before stopping it. Looked like manufactured Jew spew to me to debase men.

      Cavemen had more sense. They actually went out hunting and painted pictures. In our ‘modern times’ most men can’t even clean their own bathrooms.

  7. Germanic Slav,

    “It’s all conditioning. Men have allowed themselves to listen to Jew backed research that in fact debases them to being sex obsessed.”

    “Sex obsessed” is actually subject to opinion and age. Some think 5 times a day or once daily is sex obsession. From a female’s perspective, men might be sex obsessed because they want it more than women do. For White men, it might be normal.

    Testosterone gradually increases, peaks around 18, continues throughout the 20’s, spikes around age 30, then gradually declines. So, normal younger males would want sex more often. This age range complements women’s best time to have children.

    If I interpret your comment correctly, in reality, (((they)) want Whites to have less sex, the reason for feminism, a genderless society, and many other things that lower males’ sex drives.

    Despite the spoken GENERALITIES about (((conditioning))), abandoning their natural instincts and self control via brainwashing, we still have many normal White men walking among us of which I speak, despite constant bombardment by (((external))) influences to become abnormal.

    (((Conditioned))) White males most often can be found on the left, the weaklings, sometimes looking more like adolescent girls than males. If anything (((they))) don’t want White males to be “sex obsessed” since their entire plan requires eliminating Whites.

    I’ve yet to see most females in the animal kingdom chasing males. On the contrary, they engage when they are ready. A few nips, snarls, and evasive behaviors pretty much tell males to back off until they’re ready. Males normally retreat without much fuss; although, they may hang around until she is ready. Maybe, we don’t like to compare ourselves to animals, but we are members of that kingdom. This is perfectly natural inherent behavior. As for those White females who understand men, in many instances, they engage with their mates to PLEASE them. He wants and needs it much more than she does.

    Spencer is correct, most NORMAL White women are looking for love, warmth, and companionship, not sex, whether they admit it or not. Actually, women need to be warmed up, just like a car engine in cold weather runs better when it’s hot. The male who understands this has a better chance of keeping her. There are some hyper-sexed women, not the norm. Women who appear to be hyper-sexed and are not should be held in suspicion of having an ulterior motive. Most likely, to catch the man she is throwing herself at. Her fake drive diminishes after the catch.

    Not much would be accomplished if ALL men were obsessed with sex. We see them working at jobs and doing a multitude of other things occupying their minds every day.

    • Sex obsessed may be the wrong choice of words.

      I see people being conditioned today to want instant gratification without putting in the time. This applies not only to sex but jobs, school etc.

      Men sending out dick pics sends out the wrong message. If a guy sends me a dick pic, to me he is stating that his attitude about sex is about his dick’s pleasure and my involvement is secondary.

      • I agree about the instant gratification. They were taught they could get it. Prevalent among the millennials. Maybe, they can with certain women, but not the kind they’d want to marry.

    • Hugh Hefner, crypto-Jew, did more to damage the relationships between the sexes than any other single person I know. His magazine was fake intellectualism. So was his long screed called the Playboy Philosophy. I first saw it as a teenager and recognized it for the garbage it was.

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