Muzzie Who Raped and Murdered 3 Year Old Girl Shot Dead with Machine Gun at Point-Blank Range


You see why Muslim migrants who come to the West view us as weak?

Every U.S. state and every European country should have the death penalty for child rapists and murderers like this one. We might want to execute this sort of garbage more humanely, but executing all of them should be permitted by law.

A man who raped and killed a three-year-old girl has been executed with a machine gun.

Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, was killed as he lay on the floor following his conviction over the death of the little girl, Rana Yahya Al-Matari.

His execution, at point blank range, was broadcast on live TV across Yemen.

He was shot dead in front of a crowd of thousands of people, including many who recorded what happened on their mobile phones, in the capital city of Sanaa.

His hands were tied behind his back as he was led from a prison van before being laid down on a rug in front of the crowds of people.

A man, believed to be a police officer, then approached him and shot him in the back as he lay on the floor.

Murder, according to Sharia law, is punishable by the death sentence, but families of the victim can request that the punishment is less severe.

al-Maghrabi admitted to raping the girl in his hut to the south of the capital city on the first day of Eid al-Fitr.


There are more pictures of the execution at the link.

12 thoughts on “Muzzie Who Raped and Murdered 3 Year Old Girl Shot Dead with Machine Gun at Point-Blank Range

  1. That is probably more humane than laying a man out in a crucifixion pose and injecting him with a cocktail of drugs.. Delaying sentence for 10 years and more after conviction is not humane. Ten hours is about right, or two or three days in a bleeding heart country.

    Sweden and other white liberal countries sincerely believe that men like this do not know they are doing wrong when they rape a 3 year old girl, including if she dies.

  2. What would have been the penalty had the poor little girl been raped,and not murdered?Sharia law comes up with many reasons to apportion blame on the female party in most of the cases I’ve read about….adults though..what of innocent children?

  3. Wow. They don’t mess around over there, & the executioner didn’t even wear a black bag over his head to hide his identity.

    “…was broadcast on live TV across Yemen.”

    No doubt in order to “put the fear of God into” everyone else with similar ideas. There’s something to be said for quick justice…

    “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

    –Ecclesiastes 8:11.

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