Is Trump’s New Twitter Header Photo Sending a Message to the Resistance

When President Donald Trump changed his Twitter photo to one showing him with a large FEMA sign behind him, the Internet began to speculate that he’s pulling a psy op on his enemies. Specifically, he’s alleged to be sending a message that they’re all going to wind up in FEMA camps.

This speculation might have more strength to it if Attorney General Jeff Sessions were heading up a strong investigation into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s sale of U.S. uranium to Russia, and allegations of a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation by Russian minng interests.

I have no doubt that Trump is enjoying the discomfort sent by the FEMA banner in the pic, but it’s probably just a bluff–a psychological game–by a master troll. When Trump changed the picture he made no comment about it, so we’ll just have to keep guessing.

27 thoughts on “Is Trump’s New Twitter Header Photo Sending a Message to the Resistance

  1. If I remember correctly, it was a meeting re National Hurricane Preparedness, with which, I guess, FEMA is associated. POTUS did tweet about that meeting last week.

    Even so, suspicions of signs-behind-the-head, sunrays-behind-the-head (GWB), wings-of-Horus behind the head (one I saw recently w/Trump), 666-behind-the-heads (UN), & even the tip of the M (pyramid shape) in TIME magazine covers, being above Pastor TD Jake’s head (which Texe Marrs pointed out years ago as meaning Jakes was the Illuminati’s new puppet-pastor), etc. etc., has been going on for awhile, lol. We can’t help ourselves, I guess. šŸ™‚

    There COULD be something coming up, however. This morning’s tweet by Sean Hannity prompted gatewaypundit to write an article about it…

  2. Even though obviously the American Eagle symbol, it still reminded me of the “wings-of-Horus” behind Trump’s head:

    • From the “Ancient Mystery Religions” of Egypt & Babylon (which Ancient Israel absorbed during their 70-years in exile there) >

      Horus the Falcon Sun God & his wings vs. USA symbol:

    • Speaking of which…

      From the article, “traildustforum” wrote:

      “In my first year out of college I worked at one of the largest public high schools in America. It had its own internal phone system. It surprised me to see that the number for the head office was ā€œ666.ā€ We have now seen clearly how harmful the public school system in America has become, and that it is more a system of indoctrination than of education.”

      Ha! Who would want to dial your boss at #666 !

      • Ahhh, seven is a great number, biblically speaking. Seven is in the Bible over 700 times. Good little article here giving a quick rundown of the number seven in the Bible, which it says is “…often found in contexts involving completeness or divine perfection”:

        It’s first use was during creation, God created 6 days and RESTED on the 7th day. So you better start taking a day off to get some rest, lol.

        There are 7 things God hates, the Proverb says (see article).

        And in Revelation, the number 7 is used over 50 times, many verses re God’s (completing of His) judgments which come in 7’s.


        Other Bible numbers/meanings, off the top of my head…

        4-corners of the earth, having to do with the earth
        7-perfection or completeness
        8-new beginnings


        The Masons & other occultists take 6/imperfect man + 7/perfect man, add them together for their beloved #13 > the perfect Masonic Man (or so they think).

      • Haha. I’m spiritual perfection. Well, maybe spiritual, but not perfection. However, there is work to be done and I am dutiful in getting it done. I give myself credit for that.

      • For more info re seven, this old-time preacher E.W. Bullinger, wrote a book re numbers in the Bible, published in 1921, a free online copy here:

        “Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance” by E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913); Fourth Edition, Revised (1921):

      • The white elephant in the room too many are still not acknowledging. That’s too bad they don’t point out the biggest black mark on his record.

        I saw another Makow tweet earlier that said ex-Prez GW Bush appointed Mueller ONE WEEK before 9/11!

      • Of course it does (((they))) must all avoid the 6million ton elephant on Americas chest! Isn’t Drudge X Mossad?

      • That’s dumb to be mad at Bannon re a book somebody ELSE wrote.

        I remember that story (if it’s the same one) about the book & headlines pertaining to it, it was about 2-3 weeks ago. Then POTUS tweeted around the same exact time basically saying that NOBODY HELPED HIM WIN. I wondered at the time if he was irked at SIL-Kushner over that, as the headlines focused on Kushner being the brain behind the Trump win rather than Bannon.

  3. How do we know the FEMA message wasn’t for Trumps supporters! I would like to think he is who he says he is but most of his actions don’t line up! Why wouldn’t he lie about his political beliefs? Every other President has lied to get is Trump different? He’s an elite rich pig were all the others ..he loves money ..just like the others…too many JUish ties and may be JUish ..just like the compromised..let’s ask his good friend JU scum pervert pedo blackmailer Epstein!!! Why hasn’t he repealed the Nazi JU Patriot Act? He could use it on all his supposed nemesis’s ???? But nothing happening…time will tell!

  4. Just saw this video clip in Dan Scavino’s twitter. It’s re the Hurricane meeting w/FEMA on the wall which can be seen when they scan the room at circa 30-second-mark:

    However, it is odd that Trump would chose THAT PARTICULAR MEETING/FEMA-on-the-wall to use as his twitter banner photo & then LEAVE IT THERE for a few days now, at least.

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