Horrible Woman Hits, Bites Dog on Subway


No one on the Internet seems to know what happened to the poor creature who was so cruelly abused by a vicious woman in full view of passengers on the Toronto, Canada subway.

I hope that she’s been arrested and her dog has been given a safe place to live.

New York Daily News

A Toronto woman is seen biting and hitting her dog while riding on a subway full of disturbed passengers, a horrific new video shows.

The three-minute recording shows the dog calmly sitting on the woman’s lap as she grabs it by the hair.

“Do you hear me? Stop it,” she’s seen telling the dog several times, slapping it so hard that her whacks are audible on the video.

It’s not clear what she’s telling the frightened dog to stop doing as she bites the K-9’s head. She even appears to pull hair out of her mouth after clamping her teeth down.

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The video was recorded and posted to YouTube on Friday by a woman who says she witnessed the abuse on a Toronto Transit Commission subway.

“This trash non-stop hits her dog bites and pulled its hair,” the woman, Roxy Huang, wrote in the video’s description.

The woman — wearing a green top, yellow pants and green Crocs — squirms in the seat with the dog in her lap, making noises and shifting the abused pooch around.

When it tries to get away from her, the unidentified woman yanks its leash — so hard that it yelps.

Finally another rider comes along and tells her, “You’ve got to stop hitting your dog.”

The woman appears confused at first, asking “Pardon?” several times. She quickly becomes angry.

“Who are you?” she asks the man, whose face isn’t shown. “What the f— are you talking about?”

She then complains the man is standing near her, telling him to move to the other side of the train.

Meanwhile, another man is seen entering the train’s driver room.

“She’s biting his tail. She’s hitting him,” one rider is heard saying off camera.

The view of the woman becomes blocked, but Huang explains that she was removed from the train.

“The whole train stopped, more than 3 TTC staff walked to her and then she got off the train,” she wrote.

The fearful dog can be seen standing still as the woman calls for her. When he won’t budge, she’s seen picking him up.

“Someone like her should never own a dog or a pet,” Huang wrote.

8 thoughts on “Horrible Woman Hits, Bites Dog on Subway

  1. she looked like a crackhead or meth freak, didn’t she? Poor little dog. He was trying to get away from her. I hate people like that.

  2. Looking at her you can see she is mentally ill ..nutjob…someone should of grabbed the dog from that douche bag…if someone recognizes this twat hopefully they can report her to authorities and take her poor dog away from her crazy ass!

  3. Betrayal of trust between dog and man should be a felony crime. My dog is a Doberman Pinscher. He knows I will never leave or hurt him and I know he will never leave, hurt or bite me. The bond between us is like steel. If someone tried to hurt me, I know that my boy would definitely have my back.

      • “Naturally, I did not hold it against him.”

        Yes that is true, as I have seen it before myself.

    • I just want to add- The thing that bothers me most about these abusive dog stories is that to me, my dog is the closest thing I have ever known to be the very embodiment of the SS Creed: Meine Ehre heißt Treue – My Honor Is My Loyalty.

      I cannot fathom how anyone would betray that loyalty, but there we are. In America, where it seems there is no honor, and there is no desire for honor.

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