Trump Praises Tough New U.N. Economic Sanctions on North Korea


Since previous sanctions have not prevented North Korea from testing missiles and nuclear bombs, there’s not much of a reason to expect that the new sanctions will achieve the desired result.

Furthermore, how much cash would the West be willing to pay Kim (and whoever is behind the scenes controlling him) if he would agree to stop the tests. He’s been paid before. Reasonable people would call it paying off a blackmailer.

But aside from all that, there’s the question of the American (((neocon))) policy makers desire for war with the North. Nothing seems to get done in the world today unless there’s a shekel or two for the Ashkenazim.

Sky News

The UN Security Council has unanimously backed a new resolution imposing fresh sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for its controversial nuclear programme.

Among the sweeping measures is an export ban aimed at depriving Pyongyang of $1bn (£767m) in annual revenue – around a third of its export earnings.

Kim Jong Un’s regime will be banned from selling coal, iron and iron ore, lead and lead ore, fish and seafood.

It will also be prevented from increasing the number of workers it sends overseas – whose earnings are another source of revenue for the regime.

President Trump said the move would have a “very big financial impact” on the reclusive state.

He tweeted: “United Nations Resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever on North Korea. Over one billion dollars in cost to N.K.”

The resolution will prohibit countries starting new joint ventures with the North and any fresh investment in current joint ventures.

Nine officials and the country’s main foreign exchange bank have also been added to the UN sanctions blacklist.

But there will not be the cuts to oil deliveries initially proposed by the US – a move which would have dealt a serious blow to the economy.

The Security Council has already imposed six rounds of sanctions that have failed to halt North Korea’s drive to improve its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons capabilities.

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said penalties against the regime have now been taken “to a whole new level” and the Security Council had put the leader “on notice”.

She said: “This is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation.”

Meanwhile, UK ambassador to the UN, Matthew Rycroft, warned Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions could be “catastrophic for the world”.

“North Korea bears full responsibility for the measures we have enacted,” he said.

“By acting in flagrant violation of its legal obligations, by going against the will of the Security Council expressed in countless resolutions, North Korea has chosen the path it now finds itself on.”

The US has been putting pressure on China, which accounts for 90% of the North’s trade, to enforce the sanctions.

The effectiveness of the new measures will be mostly down to whether Bejing cooperates.

Despite eventually backing the resolution, China and Russia had resisted the US clampdown – arguing dialogue with the North was the best way to persuade Pyongyang to halt its military ambitions.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said he had urged his North Korean counterpart to abide by UN resolutions and end testing of missiles.

6 thoughts on “Trump Praises Tough New U.N. Economic Sanctions on North Korea

  1. Well, if those goddamned Norks won’t lob a bomb at us on their own, we’ll just starve them into doing it. Worked with the Japs.

  2. Have sanctions ever prevented war, or mostly caused a war?

    “UN Nikki Haley………….
    She said: “This is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation.”

    Which was the other unlucky country one generation ago? Iraq, maybe, or Afghanistan?

    Sanctions are a collective punishment on an entire population who have no right to vote. Dictators will never go hungry due to sanctions nor will their military.

    There are several countries which make big money busting sanctions. Israel is always on this list. They did a lot of trade with the “evil” Afrikaan Govt of South Africa, even helping them to invent a nuclear bomb, which project was wisely canned before the Coons took power.

    China will do well also by more busting of the sanctions. If China ever fights the USA, North Korea will send several divisions of “volunteers” who will be very tough, very keen, and will kick LGBTQF arse all the way back over the ocean,

  3. When are the U.S. and U.N. going to put sanctions on Israel for its mass murder operations in Gaza and squatting in the West Bank?

    • Have you ever seen “the Money Pit”? The scene where the tub falls through the floor and Tom Hanks laughs? That’s me after reading this. I’m sure it was rhetorical, but still.

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