50 Year Old Mudshark Who Married an Ape Now Expresses Extreme Regret

A white woman has learned too late that the Negro can’t remain faithful to a woman. She now says some things about him that sound like they could be coming from a Southern white “racist” back in the 1950s.

In all honesty, this stupid woman is only just now finding out what everyone on the planet knows to be true about darkies???!!! Give me a break.

The Sun

CHRIS Eubanks’ furious wife has launched a scathing attack on the former middleweight boxing champ, labelling him a “cheat, a fake and a liar”.

Her extraordinary rant lays bare the animosity she holds towards him after the couple’s recent split, having got married in 2014.

Claire Geary, 50, a communications manager based in Dubai, said she wished she had never fallen for him when they first met.

She described finding him in the early days of their relationship as eccentric, but this was not a turn off – rather, she found it endearing.

She told the Mail on Sunday: “He had the nerve to say on ITV’s Loose Women show a couple of weeks ago that our split was amicable, that he still loved me and we were friends.

“Well, we are not. It’s rubbish. As is his claim that our marriage failed because of the distance between us.

“It failed because he is a cheat, a fake and a liar. I suspect he cheated on me. He told me I was stupid and naive to think a man could stay faithful in a monogamous relationship.

“He is a prancing, poetry-spouting moron. I want people to know, so they are not taken in by him as I was.”

Eubank, 50, denies the cheating allegations, the paper reported.

Last month we reported how the pair had lived together for just two months over the last two years, and had not spoken for 12 months.

They married on holiday in Las Vegas in 2014.

But they grew apart with Claire staying in the Middle East while Chris concentrated on Chris Jnr’s boxing.

He is seeking a no-fault divorce with neither party guilty of wrong-doing.

Chris was previously married to Karron for 15 years until their divorce in 2005. The couple have four children together.

The Daily Mail is also covering this story. The DM reports that muh Nigga owes his wife approximately $140,000, which is money that she’ll never see again.

Serves her right!

15 thoughts on “50 Year Old Mudshark Who Married an Ape Now Expresses Extreme Regret


    First and foremost, just looking at black people like the man in the picture above makes me vomit. The ugly black skin is so repulsive, so disgusting, it is hard to imagine how one can stand being near such digusting pieces of manure.

    No wonder back in college, people often overheard even light skinned Indians calling dark skinned people kala kakoos (black sh..) in hushed tones.

    Kala means black, and kakoos means what comes out of the other end of the alimentary canal. It literally means black bowel movements, or black feces, or black sh…

    They said that black people are just a bag of kala kakoos. To touch a black man is to touch a bag of black feces. To kiss him is to kiss a bag of black feces.

    Even animals run away when they see kala kakoos. Dogs bark.

    Light skinned women who associate with such kala kakoos are sick, depraved mentally deranged coprophiliacs. Worse than animals.

  2. ““He is a prancing, poetry-spouting moron. I want people to know, so they are not taken in by him as I was.””

    I don’t think she married him for his poetry readings.

  3. Oh wow, who fucking woulda thunk that a black guy would be unfaithful and fake. It’s not like it’s a common occurrence for them to think they are smarter and better than whites while having the iq several dozens of points lower.

    Also, i’m just really tired of niggers. Really now. If they claim to be so smart, can’t they just make some spaceships and leave us alone on this planet?

    Is this niggerfatigue or what is it called. Same with muzzies though. Might be just (((diversity))) fatigue.

  4. The article did not say whether the muh dikker was unfaithful with another woman or another man. He looks like a fruit.

  5. His pants harken MC Hammer days.

    I don’t get this shyte. Really. I think there is a sort of ‘other’ fetish here.

  6. The black in this article has at least 4 kids.

    I’ve reached an age that I can’t wait to find a good father. I’m looking at alternatives.

    Everything is so expensive, though. Sperm is $500-1000 per vial. And that’s just the start of the process.

    It’s discouraging because I did everything that I was supposed to – education, religion, chastity…. The problem is that unless you are in a religious community, telling guys you’re waiting for marriage is worse than an STD.

    The nu!males don’t know how to teach manhood.

    Anyway, as always great job with all the articles!

    • Thanks for giving us a woman’s point of view in these matters. Germanic Slav, another commenter, has three children by artificial insemination. You might leave a reply to her to see if she can offer helpful advice.

    • Dear S.
      Go natural young lady. If you are young and attractive you can get sperm deposited inside you for free, as often as it takes until you get the jackpot. Find a nice older man aged over 60, tall and healthy and propose your idea,. Insist you do not want to know his name or address, no photos etc. You will get of volunteers, within about 5 minutes of trying. You could do this online also. It might help if the man is short of folding readies. Rich guys will wisely be extremely wary of this idea.

      A lot of l;lesbians use male homosexuals met in pubs for this “free” idea, without having sex with them, which is a disgusting thought for the future father (think about what that means re the child). That is a guaranteed way to get a mentally ill child – with two crazy parents.

      “Sperm is $500-1000 per vial” So far as I know, male donors get paid nothing, in Australia. I know a guy that did this in Australia – and he is 8 inches shorter than me and loves watching TV. Little man syndrome. Most tall, intelligent men would never stoop to sperm donations in my opinion. If you want my sperm you can have it – but only the old fashioned way, no wanking off and teaspoons like the lezzos do.

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