School Principal Turned Stripper Sentenced to 32 Years for Killing Black Cop in Drunk Driving Accident


Is a 32 year long sentence a fair sentence for killing a black police officer in a drunken driving crash?

There are at least two factors working here, I believe.

1. The person killed was a cop, not a “civilian.” That’s going to up the sentence in my opinion. I also speculate that because he’s black that the penalty will be more severe.

2. The drunk driver was a stripper. Her occupation contributed to her stiffer sentence in my opinion. She’s also a blonde. I think that may have also contributed to her stiff sentence.

As far as I can tell, the typical penalty for drunk driving in Texas would be 10 years in prison, but that’s just a rough estimate.

Daily Mail

An exotic dancer who killed a police officer in a drunken crash has been jailed for 32 years.

Amber Willemsen, who was an assistant principal before she became a stripper, was on the wrong side of the road and two times over the legal limit when she drove into Officer Endy Ekpanya’s patrol car.

The father-of-one, who was due to turn 31 two days later, died as a result of the collision.


Willemsen, 40, had previously completed two years’ probation for another drink driving offence committed in 2014.

She was convicted for intoxication manslaughter yesterday. She had previously been an assistant principal at an elementary school in League City, Texas.

During her trial, jurors were shown footage of Willemsen drinking vodka during her shift at Houston strip club The Ritz.

She was on her way home from work when the fatal collision happened.

Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne said, the Houston Chronicle reports: ‘Endy Ekpanya took the hit for another citizen who was coming behind him. In his final act, he was protecting and serving.’

Addressing jurors during the case, KHOU reports, Willemsen said: ‘There’s no excuse for the tragedy. I’ve sat in jail and realized how completely selfish and reckless I’ve been.’

And she added: ‘There was a time in my life when I was successful and wanted to help kids and was a good person.’

Ekpayna was the first Pearland officer killed in the line of duty in nearly 40 years after the June 12 tragedy.

His family and friends paid emotional tributes to him at his funeral in June, when hundreds of mourners paid their respects.

Lew Rockwell published an article in 2000 advocating the legalization of drunk driving. That libertarian position is probably not a popular one.

9 thoughts on “School Principal Turned Stripper Sentenced to 32 Years for Killing Black Cop in Drunk Driving Accident

  1. Sad part is she probably recognized that she made $ as a stripper than working in a school or being a wife and mother.

    Society puts its money into what I values. And people will always try to get away with not paying.

    If the West’s women are debauched they are simply conduits for the corruption of men.

  2. Our society pedestalizes white women and yet pays them shyte. Sure she helped people, but did they help her? White women are among scores of addicts.

    What did her heartfelt apology in jail get her? Nothing.

    It’s time for white Women to just shut up and just do what they want.

  3. She killed a cop, that’s why she got such a stiff sentence. In her case it wasn’t deliberate (sort of), but in many cases killing a cop in Texas is almost a guaranteed death penalty.

    It’s really too bad, but it’s her own fault. I partied a lot when I was young in Houston and I was well aware that Harris County Sheriff, HPD, and particularly the DPS are very hard on drunk driving. I saw friends get locked up. Houston is a very broad city, some 50 miles across and the main transportation is passenger car by freeway. DUI is a very serious offense there.

    If you drink, DON’T DRIVE. Especially in a Texas city like Houston. Uber and Yellow Cab go everywhere. You can always get a ride back to your car in the morning. I did it, and I never got a DUI. Getting nailed for DUI is just stupid, and this young woman learned it the hard way.

  4. I’m no Libertarian, but I I’m against “drunk” driving laws. The existing laws such as Wet Reckless Driving, vehicular manslaughter, etc, are enough.

    I and many people I know are better drivers at 0.16 than many average drivers are stone sober. If I make bad choices that precipitate harmful effects, by all means throw the book at me. But don’t punish me for factoring my superior cognition and driving skills into my decision whether or not to drive.

    • I AM pretty Libertarian, and drunk driving laws are not stiff enough ; you wanna get plastered every day and every night – fine. But when a drunk gets behind a wheel , he/she puts other highway users at enormous/needless risk. Most of the bozos out there driving shouldnt be anyway, and impairing what little motor skills and judgement they possess is an unacceptable risk. Getting behind the wheel whilst impaired is premeditated, and should be considered such. NO pity for drunk drivers; it should be considered ‘murder 2’, or ‘negligent manslaughter1’ at minimum. Personally, I dont have a problem with murder 1.
      Having said that tho, in the current system, if SHE was black, very little would happen. If SHE was black and the victim wasnt a cop, darn near nothing would happen. If SHE was a [white] HE, they woulda hung em. This is wholly political.

      • I lost my cousin, his wife, and their unborn child to a drunk driver who had 3 priors. He got off scott free because his dad was politically connected. I’m not insensitive to what a drunk driver can do. If you get behind the wheel drunk and kill someone you should spend the rest of your life in prison and, in my opinion, if you’re a lifer you should be euthanized, but that’s a conversation for another time. However, one can have a single beer at a cookout or something, go to grab a bag of ice and get pulled over by some prick cop revenue collector and have his life ruined. Thousands in fines. Unemployable. It’s bullshit. There has got to be some discretion.

      • Luke, my point was that existing laws already accomplish what you want to see happen, unless what you propose is that one drop of alcohol makes a driver an attempted murderer, in which case remind me to never read anything you post again.

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