Paul Craig Roberts Warns, “Trump will now become the war president”

I wonder if the radiation cloud over the United States will drift all the way to Australia. Maybe we should be thinking of moving there.

One unanswered question in PCR’s essay is how are the banksters going to profit from the ultimate war if they’re dead. They must be counting on holing up in those underground bunkers we keep reading about, or fleeing to their New Zealand retreats before the big bombs go off.

Paul Craig Roberts

President Trump has been defeated by the military/security complex and forced into continuing the orchestrated and dangerous tensions with Russia. Trump’s defeat has taught the Russians the lesson I have been trying to teach them for years, and that is that Russia is much more valuable to Washington as an enemy than as a friend.

Do we now conclude with Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that Trump is washed up and “utterly powerless?” I think not. Trump is by nature a leader. He wants to be out front, and that is where his personality will compel him to be. Having been prevented by the military/security complex, both US political parties, the presstitute media, the liberal-progressive-left, and Washington’s European vassals from being out front as a leader for peace, Trump will now be the leader for war. This is the only permissible role that the CIA and armaments industry will permit him to have.

Losing the chance for peace might cost all of us our lives. Now that Russia and China see that Washington is unwilling to share the world stage with them, Russia and China will have to become more confrontational with Washington in order to prevent Washington from marginalizing them. Preparations for war will become central in order to protect the interests of the two countries. The situation is far more dangerous than at any time of the Cold War.

The foolish American liberal-progressive-left, wrapped up as they are in Identity Politics and hatred of “the Trump deplorables,” joined the military/security complex’s attack on Trump. So did the whores, who pretend to be a Western media, and Washington’s European vassals, not one of whom had enough intelligence to see that the outcome of the attack on Trump would be an escalation of conflict with Russia, conflict that is not in Europe’s business and security interests.

Washington is already raising the violence threshold. The same lies that Washington told about Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad, Iran, Serbia and Russia are now being told about Venezuela. The American presstitutes duly report the lies handed to them by the CIA just as Udo Ulfkotte and Seymour Hersh report. These lies comprise the propaganda that conditions Western peoples to accept the coming US coup against the democratic government in Venezuela and its replacement with a Washington-compliant government that will permit the renewal of US corporate exploitation of Venezuela.

As the productive elements of American capitalism fall away, the exploitative elements become its essence. After Venezuela, there will be more South American victims. As reduced tensions with Russia are no longer in prospect, there is no reason for the US to abandon its and Israel’s determination to overthrow the Syrian government and then the Iranian government.

The easy wars against Iraq, Libya, and Somalia are to be followed by far more perilous conflict with Iran, Russia, and China

This is the outcome of John Brennan’s defeat of President Trump.

UPDATE: The escalation of the conflict with Russia has begun. US vice president Mike Pence made false allegations against Russia yesterday (Aug. 2) in Montenegro designed to panic Montenegrins into joining NATO. The two-decade march of NATO eastward despite Washington’s promise to the contrary, surely has taught Russia that no agreement with Washington can ever be trusted. So why does Russia continue to seek agreements with Washington?

Styx has an alternate view of the new cold war that the left has pushed onto America, with the help of John McCain and the Republican establishment. He notes that Trump stood alone in trying to find a path to peace.

Can we take up a collection to buy him a t-shirt?

5 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts Warns, “Trump will now become the war president”

  1. “One unanswered question in PCR’s essay is how are the banksters going to profit from the ultimate war if they’re dead.”

    It’s not like all of the globe will be nuked. Africa and other smaller countries will probably escape unscathed. They could easily buy a lot of things somewhere and move there. They could also afford good anti-rad treatment and clean food even if most of the population will die from it.

    And then they’ll just claim whatever is destroyed and build over it like nagasaki and have even more power.

    War NEVER has anything to give to the normal joes and janes of the population. Only death. The only ones who will profit from it will be those up high. Well unless it’s a defensive war ofc, but even then it’s debatable.

  2. Nat Kapner claims Paul Craig Roberts is clueless re Russia & Putin. True? I don’t know. This comment from NK’s site the other day:

    Brother Nathanael
    August 2, 2017 @ 2:05 pm

    Dear All,

    A word of caution (while I take a short break from my Street Evangelism here in Summit County this afternoon.)

    Do not read, or sift out the mostly chaff from the wheat, anything Paul Craig Roberts writes about Putin and Russia politics.

    Roberts doesn’t have a clue (like the Saker/faker), how Putin operates and the complexities of Russia’s international affairs. NOT a clue.

    I’m friends with people who know Putin personally, and as a member of the Russian Orthodox Church, have many contacts with inner-Russia knowledge.

    Putin wishes to maintain, among other footprints in the West, his two English websites: RT, and Sputnik. That’s smart, very smart.

    Stay away from Roberts and the dis-info know-it-all ass Saker.

    +Brother Nathanael @
    brothernathanaelfoundation dot org/pics/BNAffirm dot png

    • I usually agree with the Brother, but this time I’m going to disagree. Roberts is like an early warning system. He connects the dots reads the tea leaves, so to speak. I’ll take a look at your link in a little while and may get back to you if I see anything that stands out. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. “military/security complex, both US political parties, the presstitute media, the liberal-progressive-left, …. the CIA and armaments industry will permit him to have.”

    PCR sees a lot of monkeys but the (((organ grinder))) is invisible to him. The (((Federal reserve))) foreign private bank is the main beneficiary of the USA pissing borrowed “money” up against the wall with military adventurism. This fake money must be repaid at interest for ever – to Jews. The armaments industry only gets paid once.

    The (((USA))) is a rogue nation which cannot be changed from within. Probably the rest of the world must join together to stop this Imperialist violent (((fascist))) nation from dominating every last country in the world. All countries with US occupation forces should expel them. That is somewhere between 94 (Pat Buchanan) and 130 countries (Ron Paul).

    Old hippy saying “Imagine if they held a war, and nobody came”? All whites should never fight and die for any multicultural country. So Iceland and a few Central and East European countries are the only places where being a soldier makes sense for a white man. Let the darkies do the fighting and dying.

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