Inspirational Quote of the Day: One Tailor Made for Trump

One by the co-inventor of corn flakes. Read more at Wikipedia.

John Harvey Kellogg, M.D. (February 26, 1852 – December 14, 1943) was an American medical doctor, nutritionist, inventor, health activist, and businessman. He was the director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan. The sanitarium combined aspects of a European spa, a hydrotherapy institution, a hospital and a high-class hotel. Kellogg treated both the rich and famous and the poor who could not go to other hospitals. Disagreements with other members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church led to a major schism within the sect: Kellogg was “disfellowshipped” in 1907, but continued to follow many Adventist beliefs and directed the sanitarium until his death in 1943. Kellogg also helped to establish the American Medical Missionary College. The College, founded in 1895, operated until 1910 when it merged with Illinois State University.

Kellogg was outspoken on his beliefs on race and segregation, though he himself raised several black foster children. In 1906, together with Irving Fisher and Charles Davenport, Kellogg founded the Race Betterment Foundation, which became a major center of the new eugenics movement in America. Kellogg was in favor of racial segregation and believed that immigrants and non-whites would damage the gene pool.[94]

Kellogg was also anti-sex, particularly anti-masturbation. His Wikipedia entry is long and is one of the most interesting ones.

18 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One Tailor Made for Trump

  1. It’s so obvious, it doesn’t need to be said.

    It does take two to tango.

    There will be a lot of nail biting for Trump supporters watching a House and Senate unwilling to work with him.

    • Microchip has been on a huge Tweetstorm the last two days, advocating, taking the tack that we have to at the local level beat up on our reps to support Trump. Three of at least a hundred or two hundred themed Tweets:

      • HA! Does anyone think Whites will do anything in mass?

        I’ve been contacting my House Rep and Senators over 3 years. All I get are form letters, same message and verbiage, written for both Dems and Republicans. Both the Republican House Representative and Senator since then have gone more left. Both are against Trump’s immigration plan.

        The only time I received a personal response from the Senator was a few months before his reelection telling me he doesn’t support horse slaughter, but was for it years before he began campaigning. Recently, the House voted on horse slaughter returning, only 3 Republicans didn’t vote for it. He wasn’t one of them. Both ignored me on White issues.

        He welcomes Muslim refugees. Even had the nerve to locate them right in the middle of a Middle Eastern Christian refugee community! The Christians are very, very upset.

        Not voting hands the advantage to the Democrat candidate, so I voted for him. But, what’s the difference…none!

      • Microchip says he’s trying to figure out a plan. He’s suggested studying the Tea Party and learning some lessons from them. There are people who have expertise in this area.

        Interesting how those form letters work. Not surprising. But I wonder if rebellions at Town Hall meetings would do any good, as opposed to writing your Coongressman.

      • Yesterday I was reading a few hundred of the (800+ then 1000+ & now 1200+) comments over at the AG Sessions Press Conference article at The Conservative Tree House (CTH):
        theconservativetreehouse dot com/2017/08/04/ag-jeff-sessions-announces-just-dont-do-it-leak-prevention-initiative/

        The “tone” has definitely changed over there in the comments as MANY are increasingly upset, especially via yesterday’s subject matter, ie, Jeff Sessions, AND also especially the CORRUPT Congress/Senators who blocked any recess appointments by POTUS before they high-tailed it out of town.

        They, too, were wondering what could everyone do? Some of them also described “form letters” received from Senators/Congressmen as a total waste of time.

        Some said, instead, to keep calling them Every Single Day Non-Stop, filling up their voicemails again & again.

        Some also mentioned studying Tea Party tactics (until that joker Glenn Beck hijacked it). The **ORIGINAL** Tea Party was initiated in 2007 by RON PAUL fans. They all communicated at the Ron Paul Forums (I was there latter 2007-thru-2008, until Ron Paul bailed out of the Presidential race circa August 2008, which many of them were PO’d about big time, me, too, since he PROMISED to keep going as long as he had ONE SINGLE supporter left. NOT! He bailed after the Tea Party had done another “money bomb,” as they used to call them, & had accumulated $2 Million for Ron Paul! So he took the $$ & ran!)

        The Ron Paul Forums site was hot & hopping in those days, it was a blast. It went through a name change (“Liberty Forest”) after the 2008 election, but eventually went back to being called Ron Paul Forums & it’s still there:

        (Another great site in those days was called The Daily Paul; but I see they now have a FB & also Reddit.)

        Maybe Ron Paul Forums & their archives is a place to begin to “study” how to create a groundswell vs. anti-Trump Congress Critters (beware, though, not all RP-Forums people were for Trump so you will see some Trump-hate there. NOR were they for Hillary. They really did not have a strong Libertarian candidate for 2016).

        Comments at CTH had also said that what is needed is a separate site (I say a 24/7 forum-type site) focused on what everyone is doing, ideas, letters, calls, gatherings, rallies, promotion of future candidates, etc. (rather than just misc. comments spread across the CTH blog, or here, there, anywhere, etc.).

        –The RP people used the Meet-Up site in the old days to organize local gatherings/pow-wows/rallies, etc. In recent times, that guy, Robert David Steele, who has initiated the #UnRIG movement w/Cynthia McKinney, had his Meet-Up page blocked for some reason. So maybe it’s not a “safe online space” to use anymore.

        –Steele is also currently out on the road in a Class-A RV painted red-white-blue, etc., to bring awareness; same thing a lady named “Granny” did during the Ron Paul campaign (her RV was much OLDER, but painted up to the hilt. Boy was she ever PO’d when Ron Paul bailed out, because she had busted her butt on his behalf, driving all over the country, her time/money/energy.)

        LASTLY, the comments at CTH yesterday wanted to have a 62-Million-Trump-Supporters rally in DC on Labor Day, not solely to stand around, hold signs, & chant-in-unison, but to “swarm every congress-critter’s OFFICE” en masse to make them “hear the people.” (Wouldn’t Congress be OFF on a federal holiday? So that’s not smart.)
        –Then others, naturally, wondered HOW to make such a thing happen? HOW to get the word out? HOW to make sure a TON of people would show up? etc.
        –(Me: A dedicated FORUM is the place to start. Who can build one & run it? Call it “THE DAILY-ACTIVITY TRUMP” Forums, or maybe, TEA-PARTY 2.0 Forums, or Grass-Roots-TRUMP Forums, or TAR-&-FEATHERS-Congress-2018 Forums, etc.)
        –One CTH person said they attended a Trump rally in recent weeks/months (I forget where, it began with a “P”) & that it was a very poor showing. 😦

        That’s all I know as of now.

  2. “wonder if rebellions at Town Hall meetings would do any good,”

    Have been to a few. Problem in the past was getting enough ‘likeminded’ people to go, but Trump supporters might be so angry now, they might storm Town Halls. Will look into it.

  3. Great to “meet” Dr. Kellogg via your post. With his sanitarium + hydrotherapy, plus the fact he had been SDA, he was obviously one of the “natural health” pioneer doctors of the 1800s, early 1900s (before Big Pharma + AMA chased them off & shut down natural-health sanitariums, etc.).

    For that reason, Kellogg gets a gold star from me.

    The “Father of Natural Hygiene,” Isaac Jennings, MD, early 1800s, had also been SDA, I think. He’s the one who proved – via a 20-years-long experiment – that druggery cures NOTHING. 😀

  4. Sob-A-Tear

    “One CTH person said they attended a Trump rally in recent weeks/months (I forget where, it began with a “P”) & that it was a very poor showing.”

    He’s been getting record crowds at his state rallies. Maybe, this person meant something else.

    I hate to be pessimistic, but I’ve seen some try to get something started…few showed up. As you said it’s difficult getting the word out.

    For example: There’s going to be a rally about Southern monuments being removed on August 12, but few have looked into it, let alone spoken about it. There are a few patriots in the South who keep trying, but Whites down there evidently don’t care. It’s pathetic to see how few protest their removal.

    Here’s an EXCELLENT video about the rally presented by Matt Heimbach that should have been passed around on Twitter, it received few likes and retweets. Since then, I posted it several more times on Twitter. No responses. Pretty typical of Whites. See below the motivating video about 5 minutes, one of the best I’ve seen, done very professionally. I sent it to Trump several times, very unlikely he watched it. I posted it here about a week or two ago.

    Whites are mostly followers, the reason why they waited for someone like Trump to come along. He has been able to corral them. Good for Matt and Mike if they can get Whites and Trump supporters motivated.

    I do understand what Mike (wants someone else to do). Did you catch when he said he’s looking for someone to be the leader. Yes, flooding the phone lines works…but, will Trump supporters do it. When our access to them is very limited, most won’t even know to do it. It would take a massive effort. It can be done…but, I’ve seen very little coming from Whites.

    I see why Jared Taylor almost gave up a few years go. He couldn’t get his readers to do anything. Dr. Kellogg spelled it out very clearly. You can’t get others to work with you when they don’t want to.

    • Sob-A-Tear,

      One more thing (have been calling Micro, Mike. I think Cernovich is on my mind.), I called quite a few times about immigration. Guess who answers the phone…blacks and Hispanics, Democrats. Does anyone think my Senators and House Rep got the messages? Does anyone think our messages about Congress working with Trump will get to them?

      I began sending faxes. In response, I got generic form letters about immigrants being needed….blah, blah, blah.

      The same thing happened when I called about Muslim refugees.

      Micro is right, enough have to call to shut the phone lines down. It has been done on other issues. It works!

      • Wullfe, not sure if you saw the comment I left recently elsewhere, but Mitchell is moving this month from NC to WPB area, about a mile from Mar-a-Lago, & will be doing YourVoiceAmerica from down there.

        Also, he said in a recent program that they are planning a “New Media” social platform that will take about a year to implement, to counteract all the censorship going on at youtube, twitter, facebook, etc. (Facebook shut down his YourVoiceAmerica page without notice & for no reason.)

        He said their New Media social platform will not be a small-time tacky thing but will be well-funded, and that that’s all he could say about it for now.

    • That WAS an excellent video! The black & white old photos & video clips added to it’s past-vs-present reality-factor. The serious music helped as well. I missed it when you posted it here previously. That’s a shame it did not get more re-tweets.

      As for getting POTUS to actually SEE any tweets, it’s probably near an impossibility unless he has a full-time person monitoring his twitter feed, which he needs, imo, but probably doesn’t have. I heard not too long ago that Melania was deleting some of the horrible nasty troll replies from his feed. That’s a job I could do from home. I’d be thrilled to block or mute those creeps all day long.

      Virginia hardly seems like the South from where I sit, lol, though I know it was/is “south” of the Libtard Yankees.

      As for a leader to lead the Whites, I just saw this but have not listened to it yet:

      I’m not sure who Colonel Mike McCallister is, I’m not big on military men (Kelly, McMasters, etc.), but maybe this guy is down-to-earth & for real a true Trump supporter.

      • The full tweet content didn’t show up. It also says:

        “Col. Mike McCalister joins Roger Stone live via Skype to discuss his push to fill the Senate with Trump supporters that will, in turn, drain the swamp and help make America great again.”

    • Wullfe, re your 2nd comment re calling your Reps & Senators & having blacks + Hispanics answer the phone… NOT SURPRISED one bit, as govt. depts. are saturated with blacks. I agree it is not likely any Whitey complaints will ever reach the “boss” but those will go straight to “File 13” (trashcan).

      I also agree re Whites being asleep/unaware, &/or followers-vs-leaders if they are awake. More Leaders/Men are needed.

      Here’s the twitter hashtag tweets for #MAGA Meetups from cities all over (though I see one female posting “Celebrate Diversity,” ugh):

      And there’s a #DixieMAGA event in Atlanta, GA, on 8/12/17, that YourVoiceAmerica is always talking about. Mitchell, of course, lol, will be the key speaker. I just checked the direct #DixieMAGA hashtag url & twitter says it has been SUSPENDED! Grrrr!

      Found these…

      Winterfire KGB‏ @CrusaderForce Jul 18
      Come party with us in Georgia Aug 12 where we will be celebrating Truth, happiness and American exceptionalism! key speaker @mitchellvii

      From 8/5/17, supposedly sold out, but see further below, tickets can still be obtained…

      From tonight…

      JustBrenda‏ @Purrcival 2 hours ago
      Replying to @mitchellvii
      @CrusaderForce Am I too late to get in on the Dixie MAGA Meetup?

      Winterfire KGB‏ @CrusaderForce 2 hours ago
      Replying to @Purrcival @mitchellvii
      No DM me for a invitation

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